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This is a work in progress .I am in search of Couples and females , married or single, looking for a DADDY DOM or otherwise a confidant, strong ,confidant, teacher , mentor, disciplinarian persona who is firm fair and brooks no nonsense when it comes to obediance, project goals, school work and performance in general. I am in it for the romance and companionship not just for sex so fine dining, a glass of wine , good conversation,a Sunday drive, or some time to snuggle and cuddle all can be a part of our time together.
dancing slippers ? dance a ballet for my enjoyment ? You will be rewarded with control 
discipline and your obediance will be demanded. 

kneeling ? yes for sure?

Daddy Dom 4u

Jan 2015 

Its a new year and lets get  started in all kinds of debauchery .Of course safe and sane but if your up for it mild or wild . spankings your thing?  Mine too. Thats giving not getting.
feel like not being in control . try me.  He He 

feel like  feeling small and objectified..  Lets GO!

Daddy Dom 4 u