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Hetero Male Dominant, 46,  Here, South Carolina
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I walk in the door, after leaving work early because of a very crappy day, hoping to sit back and drink a beer and just relax and cruse at the world. I sit down in my favorite chair and I am almost finished with my beer when I realize there is music upstairs. I had not expected anyone to be home and I was thrilled your mother and my soon to be ex wife was out somewhere, probably fucking 20 year old boys. Talk about the bitch from hell, she has been fucking like a dog in heat for a year but has refused sex with your dad for a year. I sure did not expect you home on this warm afternoon. I walk upstairs and I see your door is closed, but the music is definitely coming from your room. I turn to walk away when I hear a quiet moan through the door. Now I am curious so I slowly open the door to take a peak and see what is going on. There is my beautiful girl, up on her bed, wearing a see through tank top and a tiny pair of panties. Your eyes are closed and your fingers have your underwear pushed to the side and you are fumbling around, trying to rub your pussy. I sigh. My beautiful 16 year old girl is so sweet and sexy but she has no clue how to rub her pussy. As I turn to leave, I notice your nipples are hard as rocks and your pussy is glistening with pre cum and I look down to see a hugh hard on in my pants. You need lessons today. If my girl makes me hard its her job to fix it. Your bitch mom will not do anything so you baby are now going to help Daddy and Daddy will help you. I slip in the room and I lock the door, looking to see if you have noticed, but you are intently rubbing your bald little pussy. I walk over and I sit on the bed as I say "Hey Baby. Daddy is home early. What is my girl doing?" You jump out of your skin and try to stop rubbing your pussy, but I but my hand on yours as I say "Don't stop now Baby. Your not doing it quite right but Daddy can teach you." I lean in and give my girl a kiss on the cheek and I slip my hand down to her hard nipples. I rub them for a minute and then I drop my hand on yours and I start to play with your lit. You throw your head back and a little scream of excitement escapes your lips. You look at me as I rub your pussy and you say "Daddy, we should not be doing this. What is Momma finds out." I smile and I give my girl a little kiss and I say "What if it is our secret and that bitch you call Mom never knows?" I am gently rubbing your clit, making you squirm and wiggle your ass. I smile and I say "Want Daddy to teach you all about sex?"











Last Online:


 Dominant Male


 South Carolina

 6' 0"

 200 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples

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