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I am here looking for an LTR with the right subie for me.. someone whom isent hung up on all the trapings of the lifestyle.. ie, dosent have to talk about it all the time. nor sex.. dont get me wrong sex is awsome with the right person but at the same time it dosent need to be the main topic of our conversations.. if this is you. read on..

I am here to make a friend first, see where things go.. Im not going anywhere, take your time get to know a person. .. I do not expect anyone to call me daddy, sir or master. Call me JD.. its my name.. simply put. Yes i have a job, and take care of myself. Im a civilan cook for the army base up here in fairbanks.

Oh and if you play wow. tis a plus.


I am always on the look out for a domestic oriented girl. ;)

since no one is going to read my journels.. if your going to be rude, dont even bother.. if your not interested, just say so. i wont bother you.. if your going to act like a child on an adult website. just go the hell away.. simple as that.

 bad ass bands i like.. type 0 negative, theatre des vampire, system of a down, avenged sevenfold.. ect ect ect..
Im not crazy, I'm just Bipolar.. :P
i can now also be found on F e t l i f e dot com. daddyjad is my name on there. say hi ..
come join the fun. no sun for almost 6 months out of the year, and 24 hourse of sun for 2 months.. its fun and games up here.. oh and dont miss out on the -40  -55 degrees.. now that is the shit right there. haha. I love it up here. bugger off if you cant stand it..
go check out THE LONELY ISLAND, im on a boat.. epic song .. woot
hi ho , hi ho, its off to work I go.  my friday, your sunday. meaning i have off monday and tusday.. wooty woot.. ;)
if your a gamer check out split infinity radio on winamp.. I love it. good music and good people.
I have been informed that my general demeanor is that of a teddy
If all your going to do is hurl insults at me to get my attention and or try and start a fight becouse of your low self asteam. um. wrong guy for it.. i will just put you on ignore...

yes i know im a geek. damn proud of it..

yes i know im not the best looking guy in the world..

yes i know im an odd ball..

i know these things. i dont need some bored smug lil asshat to tell me these things.

and i am one whom can admit my faults.. are you a strong enough person to do the same ?

Hmmm. no i will not rent you. stupid whore.

I smoke cigs. so um yeah there it is..
Just a thought.. If you are not willing to take 5 mins out of your life to get on cam and prove to me you are who you say you are, and your pics are not fake.. well then.. Move on..

Its not like im asking for you to be on cam naked, nor for an houre or so.  5 MINS.. thats it.

And yet again. reading through someones profile..

I will not jump into anything.. only conversation and time will tell if we are a good match.. dont push.  :)

Reading a lilones profile reminded me i missed something..

If your looking for a one nighter , if your looking to play a few times and thats it..

I am the wrong guy for you..

I want an LTR. total TPE and I will settle for nothing less..