Opening for a ready to serve Secretary.
I am owner of a local small business and I have a need for a Secretary.? Of course, I can hire an admin through traditional channels, but I prefer to find one who enjoys the same kink that I do which as you might have guessed by my posting on the site is willing to provide sexual services free of charge as part of our arrangements.? It's critical that applicants be aware that money will not be paid for sexual services.? Instead, I am looking for someone who will be paid well and preform well in normal job duties.? That is what you will be paid for.? Any fun we have together will occur because we deem it to be fun.? This can start or stop at anytime at the applicants choosing.? No on the job rewards, dismissal or punishments will be dealt if the nature of our sexual relationship changes.??
Now that we have the disclaimer out of the way, let's get to the good part.
Please note.? The position will entail actual work.? You will do all of the things a secretary is expected to do.? We are a small firm so that can mean a lot of things.? If you are incapable of Secretary work, you should not consider applying.??
Other Duties:
1. When mistakes occur you should expected to be berated, spanked, humiliated (publicly or privately depending upon your limits) or forced to repent in other ways.??
2. I will have complete control over your attire worn in the office and elsewhere for work related activities.? I will provide said clothing or select things from your closet.? Although provactive at times this will be clothing that will be appropriate for a work environment.? Generally, I enjoy sexy but smart options like a blouse, skirt, stockings and heels, but other times it might be something a bit more degrading, and making it up as I go along is part of the fun for me.? For the right applicant it's part of the fun for you too.??
3. When requested you will fulfill my sexual needs.? They can be as vanilla as giving me head or sitting on my lap or as wild as you can imagine.? Generally, I like bondage but I'm fairly light on the sadist side,but, if you are true masochist I certainly can oblige you.? I have been in BDSM for years and have a good collection of gear and experience.? I am experienced in rope play and expect that any accepted applicant will bound for my pleasure regularly.??
4. Often my work requires me to travel.? When traveling you will be provided your own room but your duties expected in #3 will continue.?
5. At other times my work requires periods of intense research and analysis.? During these times I cannot be disturbed so the applicant should expect such.? Simply put your role is to support the business, this business does not exist to get you off on "playing Secretary".? This is real.? ...although I suspect you'll be getting off as much as a person would like.??
6. After work hour engagements do occur.? I am active in dating and may continue to do so, or perhaps you will be all that I ever needed and I'll take you on as my Secretary wife, who knows.? ...but that has to be earned.? One should expect no after work activity or relationship is what is most likely.? There may instances outside of the office where your attention is needed.? I can work around your life, if we choose only to engage in this activity at work, I can accommodate that.??
7. Not to state the obvious but attractiveness counts.? Your employment will include a gym membership, allowances for make-up / hair care, teeth whitening, etc.? ...I will take stock of the needs you will require when we meet, and handle arranging the services as required.??
I'm sure you have questions and I am happy to answer.? We will keep communication between the two us on this site until trust is earned and the applicant demonstrates direct communication is acceptable.? For obvious reasons I cannot reveal my identity here, so you will have to accept my apology for my lack of picture.??
I am told that I am handsome and suspect it is true as I have not generally struggled to attract mates.? I am successful, friendly, funny and can be kind.??
Looking forward to finding that special person, hope it's you.??
 Age: 18
 Alicante, Spain