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-Somebody in between-

Im a bitch with a crown on a full head.

I am a french girl, quite sophisticated but simple, humble and modest, with a life filled with interesting things, based mainly on art making.

And dreams! I dream a lot.

Photo, I am not very talkative, I am quite shy and reserved and I am better to show what I feel and what is in my deeper me rather than saying it...
Music, I am Latin with Transylvanian blood in me, so pointless to say that fire flows in me and this is transcribed when I play, where instruments such as violin, piano and bass guitar become just the extension of my passionate soul.
Jewelery, I do love diamonds yes, but to set them in an original and personal design to make them shine for the pleasure of your conquests.

Apart this, I appreciate another million of things, I am a very curious and active mind, need to be constantly entertained and challenged, so the list would be too long, just ask...

I like sophisticated and refined people and things in general.

I am not really talented at chit chat, I am quiet and introvert but deep, I think any relation might start by a connection.

Trust is not a gift, its something which might need to beearn.

In need of care, support and guidance...

Make me smile, make me laugh and most of the work is done -)

PS Play smart, you can see my face, so show me yours.


(I forgot to mention, I am a pert piss taker....)

Mouth of fire!!!!
Damn it!
(See previous entry journal)

Please somebody send me some, water, an extinguisher, anything!!!
Tonight, experimenting tastes, food.
You perv!

Nice warm coffee with BBQ crisps.
Toasted salted corn with chocolate.

There is seriously something wrong with me!
But me like it!
And me doesn't give a damn!

Just "fell" on something: "The more you try to control something, the more it controls you." "You become what you seek". Quite questionable...

Diary of a crazy little one...

A carnivorous plant is still a carnivorous plant. And stay a carnivorous plant.
As pretty as "she" is, as wonderful name you can call "her", she is still a carnivorous plant.

She can speak any beautiful language and tell you kind words, denies and persuades you she is not a carnivorous plant, she stays a damn carnivorous plant.
A beautiful one, but a carnivorous plant.

He is the Penguin.
Diary of a crazy little one...
Nothing to say tonight, everything to feel ...
*edit journal*
Here she is. Again.
Diary of a crazy little one.
Here I am, sitting on the toilet, reflecting at life matters. And people. And me. 
So I have been told I am not a real sub and I shouldn't pretend to be one and my place is not here.
Fair enough. 
Just because I know who I am, what I want, and where I am leading and most of all because I am leading my life and myself....

The thing is, my little brain is thinking that we are all unique, in the way we think, in the way we are, in the way we behave, which corresponds (or not) to another unique person.
And if being an empty shell without any positions, decisions and thoughts in life, is being a sub, well, indeed I am no a sub.
So let's rephrase and re-situated everything, maybe I could "enlighten" yourself a bit more...
i have an emotional intelligence a bit higher than the average. I saw and heard a lot, maybe too much in my small life. Traveled a bit, hence I met different cultures, ate different food, heard different languages, I have had so many relations, and not just sexual, then had so many different point of view from different people, had so many jobs, dreams, hence I had a taste of so many different perspectives. Had the chance to "touch" different arts as well. 
Never think you will humiliate me or disrespect me, because I swear to god, i burn you. You, and your life.
I am fire, yet if you know how to handle it, you can play with it.
Beside, I am a fragile and vulnerable one who dreams to be taken cared of. Who likes to belong to someone.
So what all this makes me? 
(Sorry for the poor syntax of sentences, still a french I am and a dyslexic one)
and there is me, again, thinking we are all unique and precious, whatever the label you are going to stick on the box, (hopefully I look better than a box!)
And there is you, with your "show off" gallery and attitude and your trophies, but you deserve the label of a Dom. In my world, I call this a bully with insecurities who needs to prove to weak people what he is able to inflict so much pain to be able to gain obedience and respect. Do you need a medal, a reward, or maybe another pair of balls?
And what about go and fuck your self outside of my world?

Being a bit rude now, not going to make any friends now...

Oh, have to go, someone else needs the toilet!

Signed: The non sub in the wrong place who is proud and happy to be the one she is!

A ring is in the list. A ring on each fingers, not. A suit too short, neither. You look like gay or idiot. Not that I don't like gay people, my best friend is gay, but not really credible for a good spank. A too big suit, nope, look like a door man. And stop lurking at all the bums and boobs passing by. Hide a bit this starvation please! Brown shoes, I said noooo! Ah, silver R8 Audi, now we talk! Sorry, today I am not in a Sub mode, just piss taker. ;-P
Tall and slim is hot. Yawning mouth open is definitively NOT! Nice watch. Very sexy. Yes, watch is on the list now. Ok, I always hated blue, but dark blue suit or dark grey one is mmm... Oh god, orange socks! Wow! Orange socks with black shoes, dark blue trousers, pink shirt, grey jacket AND shewing mouth open. I'm done for now. c'mon, orange? Seriously???
So, just started a new game: observing people and try to guess who is sub or dom. Or dumb. Late for school as usual but having fun over here. Also started to do a check list of do and don't. Like and don't like. God, London business men really turn me on... Ginger hot one right in front of me in the train. But why, why the hell you men have brown shoes with a dark blue suit. So disappointing. Bad point for you Mister ginger. Still hot. And those blue eyes, icy blue eyes, grrrrr... Ah no, he just picked his nose. Bye Mister ginger.
The tap water in my bathroom is leaking and the noise is irritating me.
I know, nobody cares on here, but I do!
And there is no more dark chocolate.
That's a hell of evening.
A well...
Right, that's not an usual journal entry I am used to write.
Instead of pestering about people or sharing my silliness, I have a question today.
Just saw (3 times in a row) "50 shades of grey" last night.
As a woman, I dream and hope, as a newbie, I am still wondering. A lot. 
So, Gentlemen, could you enlighten me and tell me your thoughts about this movie.
I would appreciate it, and it could give a matter of a new conversation...
I am not too sure what is worth, an idiot who knows he/she is an idiot and carry on being an idiot
an idiot who doesn't realise he/she is an idiot because he/she so really idiot!

So, why an idiot who knows he/she is an idiot wouldn't change to stop being an idiot?

And for the other idiot, that's a tricky one.
Would you say to an idiot "you are an idiot", because after all he/she might do not understand, because he/she is really idiot?

Now I wonder...

And I wonder what an idiot is taking so many space in my brain tonight.
Why would I care how feels an idiot who knows, and why he/ she carries on being an idiot and the one who is in the unknown?
Apart if I am myself an idiot.

Damn, that last one is scary...

Internet solved, settled at my new lovely place.
So, here I am back :-)
For my "friends" on here, I have a kind of situation with Internet, and phone as well, so bare with me...
I have a 1.40 meter bed.
I have a 80cm long cat, when she sleeps with all her (damn)  length.
So why I only have 20cm to sleep on the side of the bed??? All the time!
What's wrong in this equation???
Bloody cat...

That's it for tonight's rant.
Everybody is a believer. Everybody needs to believe in something or someone. To survive. That's what we are. And then everybody lies. To not see what we do not want to believe. To survive. That's what we are too. So, tell me your lie. I need to find something new to believe today.

I don't know where I'm at
I'm standing at the back
And I'm tired of waiting
Waiting here in line, hoping that I'll find what I've been chasing.

I shot for the sky
I'm stuck on the ground
So why do I try, I know I'm gonna fall down
I thought I could fly, so why did I drown?
Never know why it's coming down, down, down.

Not ready to let go
Cause then I'd never know
What I could be missing
But I'm missing way too much
So when do I give up what I've been wishing for.

I shot for the sky
I'm stuck on the ground
So why do I try, I know I'm gonna fall down
I thought I could fly, so why did I drown?
Never know why it's coming down, down, down.
Oh I am going down, down, down
I can't find another way around
And I don't want to hear the sound, of losing what I never found.

I shot for the sky
I'm stuck on the ground
Why do I try, I know I'm gonna fall down
I thought I could fly, so why did I drown?
I'll never know why it's coming down, down, down.

I shot for the sky
I'm stuck on the ground
Why do I try, I know I'm gonna fall down
I thought I could fly, so why did I drown?
I never know why it's coming down, down, down.

Jason Walker.
I am not crying I just clean my eyes!
There are some serious cases of morons on this website! Jeez! But thanks guys, at least I do not need to watch a comedie or read jokes!
And another one, yes I'm bored and so what? This night is incredibly warm and beautiful! The lights are reflecting in the river and the baby swans are sleeping on the grass.
Another completely useless random fact: there is an old nice perv gentleman staring at my legs, bum and boobs in the bus. Quite amusing actually.
Another completely useless random fact: there is an old nice perv gentleman staring at my legs, bum and boobs in the bus. Quite amusing actually.
Totally random and useless: I love my hair, they are king and soft. Fact!
What's going on today?????
Been told I am lovely a good girl and intelligent and just received a mail from the manager of my company saying i have been voted, I quote " THE MOST LOVED TEAM MEMBERS for June". Rewarding me with a cheque :-)))
How nice this day is...
"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
Btw, is that sooooo wrong that I like to say "no"?
All the daddies on here really like gentle easy obedient empty little one like little puppies?
Where is your fierce primal sense of conquest and hunt???

The world became definitively boring and frustrating.
Ah well...
"Simplicity is the extreme sophistication."
Leonardo Da Vinci
Une touche de finesse dans un monde de brute...
I'm scared. 

I just saw something dangerous observing me for a while now in my bedroom, lurking in the corner of my desk. 
Perfidious and insane; soundless and motionless.
Waiting patiently for hours now for a moment of weakness from my part.

At first, I didn't pay attention but now I can see it, it freaks me out and I really don't know what do I have to do. 
Under its nice golden coat I can sense the evil inside and its dark core.
And I know the worse is yet to come.

How this Ferrero Rocher managed to intrude in my universe?
Why there is chocolate on my desk, why?

I'm screwed...
I've got it.
After soooooo long time...
I just understood why I do not understand people on this damn island.
Not that I am stupid, not that I am not enough educated enough, nor that I have some special conditions, but for god sake guys, (and girls) yes you, use some punctuation when you write to me, or anybody.
If you just write a succession of a million of words, without any comma, semicolon, full stop... Anything! How can I understand what you are trying to transcribe your thoughts???
It is not going to make any sense to me, it is going to ask me way too much energy to decode your verbal toxic pollution, I am going to be annoyed and I won't just answer.
And I do hate being annoyed and be told I am rude because I do not reply.

So, punctuation, and I reply.
Editors "like treasure". " ... you are what you eat..." I am then just an amount of cucumbers and carrots today. Phallic connotation though... Interesting.
I am Titanium indeed...

You shout it out
But I can't hear a word you say
I'm talking loud not saying much
I'm criticized
But all your bullets ricochet
Shoot me down, but I get up

I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose
Fire away, fire away
Ricochet, you take your aim
Fire away, fire away

You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium...

Cut me down
But it's you who'll have further to fall
Ghost town and haunted love
Raise your voice, sticks and stones may break my bones
I'm talking loud not saying much

I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose
Fire away, fire away
Ricochet, you take your aim
Fire away, fire away

You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium...
Stone-hard, machine gun
Firing at the ones who run
Stone-hard as bulletproof glass

You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium
You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium...

Walk in the moonlight.

I have laid in the grass, the time of a moment.This short moment where this dream possessed me. The landscape passed, the fields and the forests. The frost caressed my cheek.Lost in the mist as two old dark ghosts who never cross themselves and never meet as these big crazy trees.The day left and suddenly in front of me, the night opens its arms. The dawn of my springs already fainted.

Such as my last doubts, all these clouds let me appear this big winter sky. So pure and so cold as this buried heart. Far off, hidden in the twilight, the lugubrious shout of a bird resounds, suddenly frightened takes its flight by the crackle of a branch.In a rustle of leaves by the snow suffocated, of the mist my lover appears to me. A break in the time, nothing counts anymore, the magic moment of our two swept lives.   

Come and lay down on me, come to the hollow of my hips, and such this mysterious bird, take me under your wings,give me this heat which my body demands you.From my nightmares wake me up  with the tip of your lips, from evil spells protect me. Your heart shivers and makes vibrate my soul.You become crazy, I become yours, from your powerful and virile body make me dance. Lets forget the past, lets fly over through the infinity and of your waltz flicker me.

Enlightened by the moonlight, my still drunk diaphanous body, drift towards the risen stars. Just close the eyes, and against you, awake myself.Similar to their barks, of brambles and ivy our suffocated naked bodies, desperately embraced trying to prolong the desire. Of your love my skin streams.So fast fainted in an imperceptible movement, this secret, somewhere at the bottom of me, silently will stay. But already the day rises, such a soft ephemeral dream, the dawn is unfaithful to us.


Being a Dom doesn't mean (obviously) being a twat, if rather than having a brain in your skull you only have a dick, I am sure beside your biiiiiiig capability of teaching me how to be a good girl, you can teach it at least to say "Hi, Hello, Good morning, Good evening" before talking to me, we call that politeness. Ever heard of it?

I'm a sub, not a dog...


"... more recently, other researchers have documented just how essential a sense of control is for mind and body alike. Having a sense of control, for instance, has been consistently linked with physical health. People who feel in control of their lives report better health, fewer aches and pains, and faster recovery from illnesses than other people do. They also live longer.

Indeed, having a sense of control is so important that if we don’t have it, we make it up. In 2008, Jennifer Whitson and Adam Galinsky demonstrated that when people are made to feel as if they have no control they will literally see things that don’t exist, such as patterns where there are no patterns. A lack of control, they found in their experiments, actually increases the need to see structure and patterns. And where none exist, we will manufacture them. Experiencing a loss of control led the people in their experiments not only to desire more structure, but to perceive illusory patterns.

“The need to be and feel in control is so strong,” they wrote, “that individuals will produce a pattern from noise to return the world to a predictable state.”

Add it all up, and we find that when times are tough, people turn to unlikely sources to help them regain a sense of control—authoritarian religions, bigger dogs, tougher comic book characters, even shorter hair.

As silly as that may sound, there’s a moral to the story: It’s important for us to feel in control—even if we’re not. And if it takes a little self-deception to get us there, it’s a trip we’ll happily take."


I do not have a "bigger dog". Just a fluffy fat cat.

I'm screwed...

Froggie's diarie:


I do not want to be rude, but, why you, under 40 and subs write to me, why you Sir, ask me my country origin, why are you surprised that I might have an universe, a life and even dare to have a brain!

Read my profile before writing to me and waste my time, jesus fuckin' christ!


Ok, I was rude.


End of the rant.

Completely random and useless on this website, but after all, it is my page, and here, I do what I want:

There are ants in my bathroom. Lot of cute little ants.