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Pan Female Submissive, 47,  Spring, Texas
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Houston Metro area Doms only please. Am not interested in an online or phone scenario. Realtime physical interaction is all that i would consider. Life is too short to waste any more time! If You are only searching for a play partner...good luck in Your search. i am not the sub for You. Looking for an adult D/s relationship built on more than physical playtime!











 Submissive Female



 5' 4"






Actively Seeking:

Dominant male









 Body Worship


 Being Massaged

 Hair Pulling

 Massage (Giving)





 Intellectual Discourse


 Blue Grass


 Country Music

 Nineties Music

 Seventies Music

 Auto Racing




 Amusement Parks

 Antique Shows

 Art Galleries


 Fine Dining



 Horseback Riding


 Electrical Play

 Foot Worship

 Orgasm Control

 Role Playing

 Card Games




 Alternative Music



 Bar Hopping

 Flea Markets

 Going to the Opera

 Renaissance Faires

 Canes and Crops

 Heavy Metal Music

 Curious About:


 Erotic touch

 Plastic Wrap Bondage


 Garage Sales




 Hip Hop Music

 Punk Rock Music


 Hard Limits:

 Modern Primitivism


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Journal Entries:
7/8/2010 6:00:03 PM

Oh what a wonderful world this slut is living in a handsome sexy Dom who is everything i have looked for and two beautiful sister subs as well.

i am always so happy to be allowed to have early morning time with my Dom before going into the office.

He is such a morning person and loves to have His cock worshiped first thing in the morning and thankfully my work  schedule works into His likes in that department.  It is a perfect morning for this slut when i am allowed  into the house early in the morning to serve Him orally.

I love to see my Master lounging on the couch watching me pet and love His dog Jake who always greets this girl at the door. My Master is always so handsome but He always looks so incredibly sexy to this slut’s eyes first thing in the morning..sigh…. i do so enjoy the sight of His beautiful blue eyes still sleepy and oh sooooo sexy.

After this slut greets the dog it is always one of my greatest joys to be allowed to touch my Master on any part of His anatomy.   The joy of massaging His feet and legs always makes this slut smile. Just the feel of any part of his body in my hands is wonderful. He does seem to enjoy the touch of this slut’s hands on His so sexy body….this slut loves to touch and tickle and stoke His sexy cock….i enjoy the sounds of His moans of pleasure as my hands begin to give Him pleasure. i love the feel of His cock in my hands, i love to feel Him harden in my hands as i continue to run my hands up and down every wonderful inch of His huge tasty cock tickling and stroking until His cock is rock hard against my hands….my tongue and lips are always so hungry for the taste of Him and I sigh with pleasure when He finally looks down at me and tells me “Suck slut.”

Mmmmmmmmm   i look up at Him and say “Thank You Master” and then allow my tongue and lips to enclose the head of His cock. Ahhhhh what a wonderful way to start the day.  this girl so enjoys giving her Master pleasure with her mouth….i run my tongue up and down the vein of His cock licking and sucking His cock deep into my mouth……I wish only to hear Him moan with pleasure as I suck Him…..His pleasure is my pleasure and I suck and lick Him while stoking His wonderful cock with my hands…..wanting only to hear His sounds of pleasure as my mouth encloses His cock.  Nibbling and tickling and sucking Him….changing rhythms and types of touches to prolong His enjoyment of this slut’s mouth and hands…..wanting only to start His day with the pleasure of being served by this slut. Sucking and stroking His cock until He allows me the most precious gift of all….His delicious cum on my tongue and in my mouth is the ultimate reward for serving Him well…ah the pleasure of a mouthful of His cum until He allows me to swallow every tasty drop..i treasure the moments when He allows this slut to serve Him orally. He has three subs so it is always an honor when He allows me the joy and honor of the gift of His cum……it makes me feel wonderful to know that this slut’s mouth can give Him pleasure. There is still so much for me to learn about pleasing Him and i look forward to all the lessons as He teaches me the things that He enjoys the most.  

O/our morning sessions give me great pleasure because they give Him pleasure…..i look forward to many more wonderful “drive by blow jobs” on my way to work. Life is wonderful for this slut with such a handsome sexy Dom to serve.

4/14/2010 9:49:05 AM
Master continues to teach this worthless slut all the things He wishes her to know. And the learning is a wonderful experience for this slut.

Sir determined that it was time to introduce her to some of His friends in the lifestyle. This slut was very very nervous since this was the first party of this type i had attended since being badly hurt by a Dom and walking away from this lifestyle years ago.

The evening started with introductions and conversation. While sitting at Master's feet he directed me to attend to Mistress J's feet.

Mistress J was quite happy to have this slut give her a foot and leg massage to start the evening.  this slut knew she was doing something right by the moans from Mistress J and the comments about Her nipples getting hard from this sluts massage of Her feet and legs.

Master decided to put this slut on the cross and my Master, Mistress J and Sir S all played this slut. It was in Sir's words "a baptism by fire". He was very honest with the other Doms in attendance about what was not allowed while playing this slut.
He had made it very clear to this slut that it would stop instantly if it became too much for this slut.

Thankfully, though it was a very intense experience and i shed tears it was not a frightening experience. Tho having two Doms and a Domme teaming with their various tools was more than this slut had experienced previously. my ass was well marked and lovely shades of red and purple when Master took me off the cross and allowed O/our beautiful alpha to hold this slut and comfort me after the session on the cross.

my Mistress R was wonderful as always and soothed me and held me while i recovered from being played by Master, Sir S and Mistress J.

Master was pleased and told me that it had been a long time since He had seen a sub be played by 3 Doms/Dommes. Mistress J and Sir S were both complimentary as well and i believe i at least did not reflect badly on my Master and Mistress R. i truly only want to please my Master and reflect well on Him in all things.

O/our Mistress  R had requested Sir S to play her with His double floggers.  Master then held this slut while W/we watched Sir S play Mistress R. She does so enjoy Sir S's ministrations with his huge arsenal of double floggers.  Master allowed this slut to play with his cock thru his jeans while watching Mistress. She was a lovely shade of pink when she came off the cross.

Unfortunately, W/we were all sooooo tired that i or Mistress were not able to please Sir after reaching T/their house. Tho being the wonderful Master that He is he did allow me to take care of my own need and Mistress took very good care of His need Sunday morning.  Sunday afternoon's harley ride reminded me multiple times of who this slut's ass belongs to. Sir was much on my mind as i rode across town with a friend. Thank You Master.....

i am a very lucky to have found such a wonderful Dom and Mistress. Life is good and can only get better as Sir continues to teach me the things that please Him most. Mistress is a wonderful, giving, beautiful person and a joy to have as my sister. Life is good as my Dom's sub!

3/14/2010 7:34:54 PM
Master continues to teach and broaden this slut's experience. He loaned her out today for a play date with another Dom. Master was very careful to explain exactly what this slut's limits were so that i felt very comfortable with Sir Steve playing me today.

i arrived on time with coffee in hand for Sir Steve after narrowly avoiding a horrendous car accident. this slut was very shaky after taking the shoulder and ditch to avoid hitting a car that was spinning out of control after being broadsided. 

Sir Steve was understanding and allowed this slut to collect herself and to stop shaking. Due to His hectic weekend and the time change He required breakfast before playing this slut. i was permitted to accompany him and He used the time to make this slut comfortable by sharing various stories about the lifestyle and His background and experience.

Master had assured me that Sir Steve was a fair and good Dom...and that was and is my impression of Him.

He communicated with this slut clearly and made sure to establish the boundaries of what my Master would allow and not allow in the play session.

He was quite disappointed to have to put His knives away and i apologized to Him for Him being unable to use them. Master was very knife play.

He was  very happy to show me the tools He had chosen for the session and allowed me to feel the various leathers on His arsenal of floggers. Master had shared with this slut that Sir Steve is a master using double floggers. As always my Master was correct.....

Sir Steve placed me on the hook and proceeded to play this slut. He was very respectful of Master's limits and i enjoyed His mastery of the floggers. He seemed to enjoy the experience of playing me and i hope He was satisfied with my reactions to Him and His tools. He was quite pleased to find this slut marks nicely and quickly.

His sense of humor throughout was charming and well received by this slut. Laughter is always a welcome thing after a hard swat with the floggers or Sir Steve's hand. 

Sir Steve had permission for me to serve Him sexually but declined but would like to reserve the right to collect at a later time due to His very busy afternoon schedule. this slut hopes that she pleased Him in small ways and that He shares His impressions of this slut with my Master.

All in all a good day of play fom this sluts perspective.....i am sure my  Master has many more experiences to share with this slut. He is such an awesome Dom and as always i am quite thankful that He found me.

2/25/2010 4:21:18 PM
It has been the most amazing day. Master placed a training collar around this slut's neck at the start of O/our session today. i was both amazed and totally surprised by this. i feel so fortunate that He found me and feels that i am worth training.

this slut knew she had pleased Him in small ways over the last several weeks but knows she has so very much to learn. She wishes only to please Him in the ways that He deserves to be pleased.

He is truly an amazing man and an exceptional Dom. His eyes are the most beautiful blue and he is so handsome and has the most amazing sense of humor. He is truly everything i was searching for and so much more. this worthless slut it proud to be able to say that she is His slut.

He has been teaching this slut how to relax her throat so that she may suck his amazing cock deep into the back of her throat. i will continue to practice so that i may give Him the things that give Him great pleasure. He encourages me that with my great will to please Him i will get there.

He made the start O/our session today about new experiences for this slut starting with different forms of nipple torture. this slut only hopes she did not disappoint Him in her reactions to His attention while He was torturing her nipples while she was on the hook.

Master then blindfolded this slut and began to use the toys in the toy bag to mark this slut's ass in ways that are pleasing to His eye. He is diligent in making sure His work is even. He has already pushed this slut past her previous limits. this slut is happy that her ass marks in ways that bring her Master pleasure.

After Sir was finished marking this slut's ass He took her off the hook still blindfolded and led her to the couch where He allowed her the ultimate reward. He allowed her to have His cock in her hand. i could spend hours tickling and playing with and stroking Sir's cock. It is something this slut truly loves to do.

There is much i have not included here of today but i know this much....i am a very lucky sub to have been found by such an awesome Dom. this slut hopes to become the sub He wishes me to be. If i listen well and work diligently He and my sisters will teach me all that is important to Him.

i look forward to the incredible journey ahead of me....and seeing where He takes me.....

2/9/2010 3:36:49 PM
i am so excited and happy to be under consideration to the most handsome amazing Dom.

He  is truly everything this slut has been searching for. A true teaching Dom who is willing to teach this girl everything she so wishes to learn about this lifestyle and about pleasing Sir in the correct ways. He is truly that tall dark handsome Dom that i have been hoping to find. He has the most amazing blue eyes that i could become lost in. And to make it all so much better He also has the most amazing alpha who will be my sister who is a absolutely beautiful sub in every sense of the word and a beta sub i have yet to meet who is phenomenal as well according to Sir and Mistress.

Mistress could not have been more welcoming or gracious to this worthless slut. she is everything in this lifestyle that i hope i can become. she has been with Sir for many years as has her beta sister. 15 years total between my sisters with Sir which is absolutely amazing number of years to me. she welcomed me into T/their home and graciously took the time to answer my questions and settle my nervousness and fears over this step i am taking. T/they patiently began to to teach this slut the protocol of greetings and her proper place.

Sir began with chatting and questions after teaching me the proper protocol of greetings so that He could discover more about my experiences and the things that this slut has and has not learned or done. He truly wished for my first experience in His hands to be an amazing one for me and this girl is so grateful for His patience.

W/we began slowly to put me at ease and He accomplished that and Mistress was so helpful in putting me at ease as well. He began to teach me the proper ways to touch and worship Him in the ways that are pleasing to Him. it was wonderful to be able to touch Him in any way that He would allow me too. He is a handsome man who any sub would be proud to belong to.

Mistress happily took her place on the hook first so that this slut could see Sir at work before He ever touched me with the many tools as His disposal. i was so happy to show her my regard and respect by being able to hold and comfort her throughout her time on the hook. A favor which she returned when I was on the hook. True caring and giving that was an amazing gift from mistress to this slut.

Sir showed and explained and struck me on the hand or thigh with each of the various crops, floggers, canes and so forth as He used them on Mistress. This went so far with alleviating any fear i had of Him harming me in any way. It is wonderful and amazing to me that He is so understanding and patient as He showed me each item.

Throughout the whole process He was teaching me the things i will need to know going forward as His sub. Explaining the things He likes and dislikes and requires of His subs.

He put me on the hook and i felt so many things but at the top was excitement.  i knew in my heart that He would only hurt me in ways He knew i would enjoy and that was the case. He and Mistress made my introduction to his household a joyous experience. this slut is sooooo lucky to have found T/them. When He touched on something i had previously had a bad experience with He made sure to not push me too far into panic. T/they quickly comforted and soothed me to alleviate the panic and began to help me work thru my fears.

Sir was quite pleased to discover this slut marks in wonderful rosy red and then shades of purple. He was also quite pleased to discover that they linger for several days...His marks remain colorful 3 days later and i wear them proudly knowing that His marks on this slut please Him.

After an incredible experience on the hook he made sure this slut was held and valued and had incredible orgasms to make it a joyous experience for me. He also allowed me the opportunity to please Mistress as well ...tho there too I have much to learn.  Mistress tastes every bit as sweet as i knew she would. she is truly a beautiful sub both inside and out and this slut hopes only to continue to learn and grow under T/their teaching.

He is truly a Dom among men and i am so happy and excited to have been taken under consideration by Him.

i only hope this girl is able to become the sub He wants me to be. i will do my very best to listen well and learn quickly so as to please Him. i look so forward to learning the things that bring Him great pleasure. i am fortunate that He even considers this worthless slut worthy of teaching. He says i have promise but need work and i willingly give myself over to Him to be taught. my skills now are nowhere near worthy of Him. i have much to learn so that i can bring Him the pleasure He is entitled to.

i pleased Him in small ways orally and only hope that going forward i will improve and learn the proper way to worship His cock so as to bring Him the greatest amount of pleasure. i so want to please Him in every way.

His pleasure is my pleasure and i only wish to provide Him with as much pleasure as humanly possible by this slut.

i know there is much this slut's brain has forgotten and not included here....but i know this....the best is yet to come....with Sir and Mistress's patience and teaching.

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