Vertical Line



I wish to be a rubber fetish doll for extreme use

I have a fair bit of experience in submitting and serving

I am willing to enter true slavery

Please ask me if you would like to know more

The "approval" process on this site is so frustrating, so here's an update on me and what I'm looking for

I currently live as an openly bi male with lots of genderbending aspects to my personality and presentation. I crave the structure of slavery. My biggest fetish is transformation, and I am particularly interested in being transformed into a living, breathing sex doll. This would involve extreme mental and physical modifications. I have a deep, overwhelming desire to have no control over my own life.

If you are thinking this is extreme, I agree. If you are thinking this is unrealistic, I disagree. I believe that the human experience can be molded into all sorts of shapes, and the mind can be programmed to be just about anything. With the right conditioning, the extreme can become normal.