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i am a 21 year old cumslave who has been in the lifestyle since the age of 15. i am happily collared and serving Master Roy. i was introduced into the lifestyle by a friend of the family who was a Master, i will go into more detail about that with You when the time is right. i still have alot to learn about the lifestyle and i still have a lot of training to go through. i will admit that i am a very stubborm slave and i do need a go whipping every now and then to put me back into my place. HEHE ::smile:: but at the same time i am very obedient. i know my place and i know that a woman belongs at the feet of every man. Anyways before i start to ramble. i have a very high sex drive, i am hard to bring to orgasm so dont worry i wont cum without your permission. I am into just about anything except i dont like the site of blood and dont ask me to play with shit. That is just disgusting. If that gets your jollies off thats fine but you need to move on and go else where goes this slave dont play that way. If you think i am being rude i do apologize i dont mean to be, i just dont want to led anyone on so i am being open, honest, and up front.
My Master has made me His alpha slave and wishes to expand our poly family by adding a female slave for us to love, control, and cherish and a male slave for me. i am being trained as a switch and would love to show you the Domme side of me. If you are interested, please drop me a line. Hope to hear from you soon.
Just wanted to let everyone know that i have found the Master that i have been waiting for. i couldnt ask for a better Master. He has also accepted me into His poly family and i now have a sister wife and 2 husbands and 5 children, i couldnt be happier. They welcomed my son and i with open arms and have shown us nothing but love and support since day one.

i decided that sense just about every email i get asks me the same question, i would go ahead and post the answer in here. i do have yahoo messenger. i also figure this way if i dont get a chance to check my emails on here atleast you dont think i am ignoring you. This way you can know for sure! i look forward to speak with you!
slave cassie

After much time on here....i have realized that many Doms out there do not want a slave with a child. This is understandable....but please out of respect for Him, do not refer to Him as "BAGGAGE". i wish Him to be trained in the lifestyle when He is old enough to understand. So in turn i ask that He is respected as such, even now in His younger years. My son was born March 5,2003 so He is still an infant. So there is no confusion what so ever, i will not now nor will i ever give him away. Not even for the right Dom (as i have been asked)!! i feel that if You are the right Dom for me, then You will welcome my son with open arms. His father is not in His life so He needs an appropriate male role model. Not a Dom that is constantly asking me to give Him up for adoption. That is not the type of male i want around my son. He needs positive attention, not negative.