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Dom/Domme Couple, 42/39,  Atlanta, Georgia
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First off, if weve added you to our favorites list chances are we read over your profile while on our iPhones and wanted to make note to write you the next time we log onto CS from one of our computers. When we write someone for the first time we like to include a picture and CS wont allow us to attach pictures to messages sent from our iPhones.

Hello everyone, we are Peyton and Nathan. We are a true dominant couple who have been on collarspace (and before it collarme) for some time (with minimal success, though we have met some lovely submissives over the years). Lets be clear, neither of us submit or switch with anyone. Weve been looking for a slavegirl that we can build a connection with and ultimately collar in a long-term, live in, tpe relationship. We are not delusional, though, expecting someone to relinquish total control over themselves to us without having taken the time to establish trust, respect and intimacy between us, but it is our desire to assume total ownership over our slave, freeing her from the burden of making decisions, allowing her to fully embrace her submissive desires.

For those of you who are not interested in reading our full profile, allow us to sum ourselves up in this manner. Peyton is very introverted and generally suspicious of everyone while Nathan is a hopeless romantic who also happens to be a sadist. Well, Peytons a sadist too.

We have a wonderful relationship and are each others best friend (we were actually best friends prior to becoming a couple). For those of you wondering why were looking for a slavegirl to bring into our relationship, the answer to that question is rather simple. Because we are both dominants, we have desires and needs that go unfulfilled if we do not have a submissive in our lives. Also, Peyton is very bisexual and misses having a woman to be intimate with.

We are not novice dominants. Peyton was raised in a lifestyle polyhousehold to be a Mistress while Nathan began exploring the lifestyle while in high school. Both of us have been involved in live-in 247 tpe relationships and are very comfortable being in control and providing direction and structure.

We are looking for a slavegirl that we can collar and take ownership of long-term and mold into our ideal pet, familiar, companion, and, of course, playtoy. As we stated above, we are looking for someone that we can connect with on an mental emotional level, but building a relationship centered around a mutually desired power exchange where we would look to assume complete control of our slaves life in a 247 tpe relationship. We understand the commitment and depth such a relationship requires as well as the trust, respect and intimacy need to make the relationship thrive.

Again, lets be clear about something we are not looking for a kinky girlfriend we can play occasional games with. Our slave, once collared, would be our property and, though treated well and cared for, treated as property. We are experienced dominants and owners both of us have been involved in tpe relationships in the past and take great pleasure in controlling all aspects of a slaves life. Both of us are demanding and strict but we are also realistic, both in how we incorporate the lifestyle into our everyday lives as well as what we expect of our slave on a daily basis. We also expect the slave we ultimately collar to be realistic as well, meaning she should not expect to be kept naked in chains or locked in a cage at all times (though we do find having a cage useful), and she should expect to be a productive member of our household.

We are very real and have a ton of interests both in and out of the lifestyle. We are happy to answer any questions that are asked and happy to verify who we are at any point, either by talking on the phone or video chatting, but we expect you (whomever you are) to be able verify who you are as well. This means being able to send us a picture of yourself (with clothes on, we dont want nudes) with your face clearly visible holding a sign that says Hello Peyton and Nathan. Thank you for taking the time to read over our profile.

We do have a kik account if you would like to chat there.

Nathan and Peyton

Oh, one last thing we are equally interested in collaring a slaveslave couple as we are a slavegirl, but we are not interested in a single male. Thanks.













Gender Identity:











Gender Identity:










Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Sub/Sub Couples

 Lives For:





 Anal Play



 Body Worship


 Breast Play


 Canes and Crops



 Local BDSM Community


 Hair Pulling


 Mental Bondage

 Obedience Training


 Orgasm Denial

 Outdoor Bondage

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Public Play


 Sensory Deprivation






 Lifestyle BDSM


 Corner Time


 Eye Contact Restrictions


 Speech Restrictions



 Wax play

 Gorean Lifestyle

 Hard Limits:


 Electrical Play

 Fire Play

 Knife Play

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Journal Entries:
4/12/2018 10:55:00 AM
If you know what a therian is (or care to look it up), that'll give you some insight into who my wife, Peyton, is.  She identifies with big cats.

4/2/2018 11:55:57 AM
So, you're a submissive or a slavegirl and you're looking to get to know someone with the intention of submitting yourself to them, relinquishing some measure (or total) control.  Obviously this is not something to take lightly.  But how do you expect to get to know someone if you don't ask questions?

In otherwords, can we take you seriously if you don't ask questions of us and actually look to, you know, get to know us?  And don't give us that crap about you're "shy."  If you're a slavegirl (or claim to be), then you are looking to potentially make your final decision.  In order to make an informed one, don't you need to know a little about the person you're getting to know?

3/12/2018 9:43:15 AM
Starting fresh.  Just deleted all emails in our in and sent boxes, so if we've messaged you in the past and you're still interested in us, you may need to remind us a little about who you are.

2/22/2018 10:31:01 AM
An ongoing debate my wife and I have: if you could choose 5 toys/instruments to use during a play session, what would you choose?

2/21/2018 5:50:12 AM
Today is our 13th wedding anniversary!  Lucky number 13. 

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