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Hetero Male Dominant, 54,  Manchester, United Kingdom
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I was introduced to D/s about two years ago realised that my previous relationships/marriages were unfulfilling because there was always a dynamic missing that I could not, at that time, identify. They did, however, produce my three children of whom I am very proud and to whom I am a very loving and committed father.
I currently work in the financial services sector in Manchester City Centre and live on the outskirts of the city and, in the interests of practicality, would like to meet someone based in the North. I have some good friends both inside and outside of the lifestyle and enjoy my life. I am now waiting to meet that submissive female; someone I can give a lot of love and attention and indeed guidance in the type of relationship I seek and hopefully as a natural consequence, I can make her life happy and fulfilled too. I am NOT interested in a Master/slave relationship as I have many doubts about the practical application of that dynamic in the ordinary 'everyday' world. What I seek is someone with whom I can have a loving and fulfilling vanilla relationship but with the added dimension of a D/s dynamic in private and, indeed, if we decide to explore the scene/club events of this wonderful lifestyle. My particular interests are detailed within this profile. I have always gravitated towards women younger than myself; I guess that's why I have a much younger outlook than my age would indicate. Ideally between 40 and 50 years of age, my submissive will be intelligent, articulate, a mother and will share my love of music. She will need to possess a strong sense of humour as I consider that I can be quite humorous, a bit mad and I love to laugh. She will be a happy, outgoing lady who is content and settled in her life generally. She will be independent, loyal, faithful, possessive but not jealous and someone who values her life outside of a relationship in terms of family, friends, career and interests. Someone who is ultimately seeking a long term committed vanilla relationship but with the magic of the D/s dynamic ever present. She will be just waiting for me…











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 Dominant Male


 United Kingdom

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