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Pan Female Submissive, 40,  Troy, Alabama
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My name is cintia, I was born in  pelham alabama,Born to family of three i.e My father, mother and me as
the only surviving child
My father is from same city where i was born while my mother came from Africa, Nigeria.I studied marketing and finished my course some few years dad died in an auto crash 5 years ago after which my mother decided to relocate to Nigeria because we are not finding things easy with my father`s family and she doesn`t want me to live a full American Life and infact she prefer me to get married from her tribe.Initially i tried to go against her wish but after all the persuation and i have always wanted her to be happy so i eventaully accepted what she want, so i got maried to someone for her tribe though i was not happy with the marriage but i have no choice but the marriage only lasted for 2 years before the man came with a funny game by going into another marriage and send me packing to mom`s apartment...
Right now i need someone to wipe away my tears and live a happy life like when i was in the
U.S.A. I don`t need someone that will add to my sorrow.I need someone to take care of me and my mother because presently i don`t have a job and happiness has not been my friend for years,i need someone who wil bring back smile into my face...
cintia...i am online










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 5' 3"



 African Descent



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