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Hetero Female Dominant, 25,  Caloocan, Philippines
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           "READ THIS SLAVE"

all slaves intense experience and you know I have to
urge its giving and otherwise frolic and fight I know
hard to be a slave to everything they do and concentrated
in hell pain and torture but otherwise they do accept the
difficulty understanding the masters and mistress to be honest
and decisive obtain and achieve the success they hoped mistress
as I admit that the slave shots I nothing them money or other things
are also many fake slave without knowing you know without respect and
ill educated stupid to even think and fake slaves say it to you if you
stay here in the world to think collarme you think a game because the entry
here is fortitude and determination otherwise the true servant is suffering
and at the fake slave is playing only think such unfair things that you leave
here and have an epidemic in the world collarme slaves ready to serve a mistress
who as I remember every movement and suffering you better understand that we are
masters and mistress and we are happy to serve you sincerely admit that I am not
rich and ordinary people just looking for me I also care and education who support
me in college and I was working to meet my career in any sufficiently
not enough my income and I stand still in order then to my study so
I entered the world of collarme to understand them and want to share
my render decisive slave woman for me is not only torture I also share
Its my experience I do not want me just like I learned as my servant also
learn not selfish and natural as a mistress of slaves the financial help I
know that you have to understand a slave mistress as I do if one of you slave
looking to appear before you prepare yourself first to test your face and when
proven to me all let you my sacred feet to kiss just as well as the character I

            "MY REGULATION"

first prepared to work whatever the order I
not be given when I invoke the command

second when already online and the session not permitted to
see a mistress on the camera even for a moment theY HAVE right time
you see your mistress also suffer thereby learn
something I know that you are oh fake slave

third slave without limits is advantage for me
All will brighten the mistress and reflect the sincerity

simple but it is a challenging












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 Dominant Female



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 7"

 242 lbs






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