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Updated:12/07/2016 i'm looking for simple conversation, at least for now. Not to worried what you are, Dominant, submissive, or switch. However i am interested in connecting to people. As for what i'm like. i am Pagan, and liberal. i love animals. i have three indoor cats and one outside cat and one very bouncy dog. i'm reasonably intelligent and i have an odd sense of humor. i like to talk to others about normal, day to day things. We can talk about the sex stuff, just don't be surprised if i change the subject. Anything else you want to know, there's a lot of stuff i left out i think, just ask. i answer all mails. By the way, if you want to chat here, it doesn't always work for me. i will accept, however please don't be upset if it doesn't work.
I wish. I wish that one day, I could actually find my other half. My twin. The literal other half of my soul. Not a "soul mate". Soul mates can be anyone. From a parent, to a friend, to a co-worker. Any person who "gets" you. A person who you don't have to go into detail with, is a soul mate. I'm looking for more than that. My twin flame, twin soul. My exact other half. My split apart. For those unsure of what I'm speaking about, look up twin flame. You'll see the difference.
Okay, wow, didn't realize it had been so long since I've written anything here. Lets see now, about three weeks ago my brother and I finally moved in to our own home. Yay!!! And, I have my own bathroom now too. Yippee!! Haven't had that in 15yrs. I don't mind sharing with him, but it is nice to have my own space.

Also had surgery to remove my gallbladder a week ago. That went very well.

We lost three of our kitties in one year. :( Now we have two cats and our dog. The cats are seniors, so I'm worried that we'll be losing them soon as well.

Well, that's all for now. :)

If you say you've read my profile, be sure you actually did read it. No, there's no secret code or password. However it's ridiculously easy for me to tell who's really read it and who's not. I will give you rope to hang yourself with. I despise liars and will happily rip you to shreds once I am sure you have lied. Again, if you say you've read it, actually read it.

*sigh*    I am on "that other site" and a member of a group, that is about the bad emails folks get. I have been a member of that group for some years now. When I first arrived there it was a fun place to read the bad messages that gals, and some guys, get. Stuff like, really bad porn fantasies, horrific messages that made no sense, google translate fails. Things like that. The majority of the time, the gals never answered. There was really no reason to.


For some time now though I have seen women tear men apart simply because all they said was "Hi, how are you?".  These "women" then ruthlessly tear these guys apart. Screaming at them about not reading their profile, you should see some of these chicks profiles. (Ten paragraphs of why they love, whatever.) Rules for messaging them. (Seriously? ) That these guys need to contact, somebody, and get permission to talk to them. Okay, I do get that one, but really? A guy says, "I like this pic" on a picture and some chick has a hissy? Demanding that he "get permission"? For fucks sake man.


And no, no one is forcing me to stay there. I stay because there a couple of ladies that *do* still get bad emails and they do *not* rip them apart. So I stay for the reason the group was founded. Though I'm seriously reconsidering it.


Has anybody here run into these chicks? What did you think about it? I'm honestly curious. And no, your messages won't end up there. I don't post messages that I get. Mainly becaue I've always gotten rather nice messages from folks.

Alright, what the hell? I've been searching for a few days now on nothing but dom profiles. I have yet to see one that is worth anything. Seriously? This is what a girl has to look forward to in the males?  *sigh*   It's sad, very sad. I am a gal who loves a challenge. But I have yet to find one. So far, all I've seen is a lot of posturing and b.s. Wish someone would prove me wrong. But I doubt it'll happen. Bunch of pansies.

Okay. I have received an answer in regards to my question about why men dress as women. I must say, it was not something I ever considered. I was told, that there are some female dominants that want their male subs to dress in this manner. Also, there are some male subs that simply enjoy dressing as women. If I have offended anyone by my last journal entry, I apologize. That was not my intent. I have learned something and for that I am grateful.

Alright, I'm curious. Just who in the hell was the first male to think that a picture of his ass was a great idea? Seriously? Your naked ass, your naked, furry, pimply, dimply ass is the first thing I get to see of you? Come on!! I don't want to see a picture of your dick either. Believe it or not, it ain't all that special. Also, the men in stockings, dresses, bra and panties. Why? I understand the trans doing it, that makes sense. But if you're not transgendered than why am I looking at you like that? I truly want an answer to that one. Do you find it degrading? If so, I take offense to that. I won't go in to why. Figure it out.

So I've been looking at male dom profiles. And in all the big talk about what they like to do to a sub or slave, not once do I see anything about aftercare. What about that? It's very important. Why is no one adding that to their profile or journals? In any conversation I've had, it's never been mentioned but by one Dom. So, after all the "hardcore" play, they're not going to give their sub or slave aftercare? The sub or slave is on their own? No thank you. Again, I see bossy people. No real doms.

Okay, so I've been looking at and talking to doms. And all I seem to keep running into is bossy males. There's only been one dom that I talked to on yahoo, that had me thinking of submitting to him. Just because you tell someone to do something, doesn't make you dominant. That makes you bossy. So where the hell are the naturally dominant males? The ones that can make a gal want to submit by their words alone? They seem to be a rare species. And I intend to find them.

Why is it, that when I read a sub/slave males profile, all I seem to read is whiny, bitchy moaning about how submissive they are. How they'll do anything for a woman. Please. Where are the MEN? If I wanted a bitch I'd date a female. And I have. I want a man with a backbone. One that is in charge of his life. I like a challenge. I can't speak for most Dommes. Maybe they like little bitch boys. I don't. I want the man to have his own mind. Not use mine. Come on. Seriously? This is what I get? Whiny pussies? No wonder I'm looking at dom male profiles.

Okay. So I'm new to all of this. I'm used to being in charge in relationships. Don't really know how to let someone else take the lead. But, I'm curious as to how it would work.