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So tell me........ Have You Ever Danced With The Devil In The Pale Moon Light???

...... I have.... it was the most amazing, transing, electrical natural high feeling I have EVER had and I MUST do it AGAIN!? ?:)

I am not some 50 shades soccer mom looking for her Christian gray.

I am a taken girl whos significant other knows I am on here and couldnt care any less. I do NOT keep anything from him. I am free to do whatever i please. He knows everything I do.?
I enjoy talking with all kinds of different people. I love to learn things and learn about people. Even though Im bad at learning I lived a very very sheltered life, so now as an adult, I love to talk about just about anything with just about anyone.

Just like many others, I too. Have a type. My type and preference is older people. If you are younger, that too is ok and not an issue if we get along good and feel a connection. I prefer mature people and some younger ones are mature as well? :) age usually means nothing more?
?than a number stating how much experience you have on this earth. I am usually very attracted to older men.?

In this journey of life I have learned to take many high roads, a few low roads, and have driven off the path a few hundred times, yet thanks to the gps, i find my way back onto the bumpy road, every time.

I have learned I have more lives than a cat. I have used more lives than a cat lol. I do have cancer. Ive used about 4 lives on the cancer alone lol. I dont let the cancer stop me. I have cancer...cancer does NOT have me! My chemo are pills that I take for The rest of my life. I still can and do all the things in the lifestyle that I likewant to do. Im blessed to still be here to tell the tale. The pills do cause issues at times .?

Even though I LOVE talking to others, I do NOT just get up and run off to meet someone randomly right sway. After several bad meets? I prefer to keep it very safe. Im blessed to have met several good people on here and sadly met several......not so nice people. It takes a very long time for me to trust anyone. There willing be NO private meetings IF we get that far.