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OK... du to my continued stumble towards world domination i am starting to draw up my post revolution charter... first two points as follow: The devlopment of comfotable butt plugs! - after all we can send people to the moon i am sure we can do better for our own moons, Proper maids uniforms for all hotel staff, hotels would be much better places to be if the maids were properly dressed people why all the politics - just, live, love and laugh I am a freindly fun loving loyal kinda subbie t girl type of a person. Am a nautral subbie with a great attitude...or bad one suppose depends on your point of view but i think its fab. Oh be nice to me cos when i have world domination them that are nice are them that will live the longest!!. Ok peeps am happy to hear from most types if they are cool but please dont request me to be your freind if we have never at least swapped mails then never mail me.... sorry its kinda pointless We do not cease to play because we grow old. We grow old because we cease to play. GEORGE BERNARD SHAW ok folks first draft of the slaves charter laying down fundematal rigfhts of all slaves regardles of gender or persuasion (not to be taken too seriously) 1. slaves right to moan....tho not nesseraly listened too.
2. slaves right to mutter ...under her breath!
3 slaves right to plead innocence at all times...esp when multiple dommes/doms around.....its just common sense!
4. slaves right to hug and cuddles... well lets face it hugs and cuddles make the world go round.
5. slaves right to be generally dazed and confused...aka my happy place
6. slaves right to go to her happy place...aka dazed and confused.
7. slaves right to wonder wtf?.....a question usally best wondered and not actually asked !
8. slaves have the right to be generally unamused when mistress freinds put her up to getting nippy nasty things at clubs.... you know who you are!!x
9. slave reserves the right to catch..pluck and boil that "little bird" that keeps gettng her into trouble
this is a work in process please feel free to make suggestions as long as they are in the spirit of fun and not too seriousxx and if you read this far you get to know what iek s the ultimate and extremes in captivity and humiliation with very few limits
losers? worthless? scum??

I have been struck by the amount of very young so called fin dommes on here who refers to subs / slaves as loser / worthless / scum, I find this a very odd approach after all why would any one want to own anything that is any of the above.

Surely the essence of a good sub  / slave is to be a credit on there owner and to take pride in reflecting well.

this isn't the rant of a rejected subbie, just the rant of a confused one.