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Hello! Im Britney, Im a transitioning girl at the very start of the process. Currently I live and work as a boy, I hate my job and id love to meet someone that wants to turn me into a woman. )

I only want to hear from men, women or couples that actually have a space in their lives for me. Quitting my boy life to finally transition is a massive commitment, its important you take seriously the journey wed be making together!

As for my transition! I plan too...

Get my consultation booked at a private gender clinic upon relocating to you.
Start growing my hair out
Start dieting and corset training
Attend make up lessons
Lazer hair removal on my face
Get my ears, belly button and perhaps even cock pierced
Get on hormones
Get facial feminisation surgery
Get my first boob job, once my breasts are naturally a full B cup, ill go as big as possible
A second bigger boob job a year down the line, taking me to a very full G cup.

Britney x
Hello. :) 

I'm looking for a long term relationship where I live as an obedient housewife, if that sounds like your thing, then please get in touch. :) x
I added a new picture! :) 

(I have like a hundred more online if you want to check them out PM me, i'll show you where to find them after you shown me one of you!). x

Britney x
Thinking its time to give up on finding a kinky relationship, quietly transition by myself and just hope I turn out attractive enough to find a decent guy to settle down with..
I got a new job! :D 

Was worried about being made redundant, then POW! Better job appears out of nowhere! :D 

All that worrying was for nothing! 

Would still rather be a housewife, but having an awesome job until that becomes my occupation doesn't suck I suppose! :)
Are any guys real on this site?!! I have 90+ pics on fetlife! (same username). I don't have to prove to you i'm real! Check them out! message me here or there. If you want to date me, get in touch! :) x
I want a boyfriend! Or.. Possibly a girlfriend :)
"Dominants" that talk to you all night for like 2 days in a row then go silent.. Anyone else fed up of it?!

Almost all beta males with shit jobs too! Where are the gym going Alphas with careers?!!
I think this is interesting! and it isn't me being awkward by asking!

Male Dominants!

What difference is there in your mind between a post op trans girl with a pussy and a girl that was always a girl with a pussy? :P

Everything about the type of girl, most of you seem to want.. "bimbos" is basically fake! it just seems like an odd requirement, always having been a girl! "be considered"" by half of the guys on this site! 

Britney x
I'd like a proper job as a secretary or PA! If you have one, please get in touch! :) x

I have over 60 more pictures on another site you can check out. :)
If you want to be my man!

Tell me the following..

what is you Job / income like
describe or show me your house,
ability to relocate me
ability to turn me into a trophy wife
how soon, timelines for relocating me
what daily life would be like for me as your girl.
send a picture of yourself,
send a picture of the sort of girl you'd turn me into.

Britney x