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Happy to talk to other women and trans women to make friends <3

If you refer to me as a slave or a sissy you will be blocked.

I have started making the first steps in my transition, I dress 95 percent of the time (only dressing as a man on the rare occassion I have to go into the office), I have a slim body, no muscles and I am kept hairless and smooth at all times.

I have also taken the first steps in my medical transition by securing a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, a requirement in the UK before starting hormones. I received this diagnosis in 2022. I am currently getting laser hair removal before I start HRT before the end of 2023.

I have been told by many of my peers that I look feminine and would look better as a woman. I have been criticised for my lack of masculine traits and possession of typical feminine traits.

Becoming a woman is non-negotiable. At the least I intend to undergo HRT and breast implants. I am still debating full SRS too. I do like some aspects of the classy bimbo aesthetic but it isn’t required.