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Sane, sincere, secure, educated gent in San Francisco. My profile says it all. It may not be for everyone but in the event it even slightly appeals to You it would be good to make a new friend in the community.

And, yes, i know the photos and some of the subject matter in my profile may not appeal to every Lady. All i ask is that You respect the path i have chosen, just as i respect Yours.

i seek a Domme Lady for friendship and, ideally, a deep and meaningful LTR. i recognize that the road to that may be long...

i have no preconceived notions of how old my Lady will be i am fully prepared to be Her cuckold and be emasculated by Her (yes, castrated) and for Her if the relationship is profound.

Ever since childhood i have revered Women and placed Them on a pedestal to be longed for and adored i have little interest in the conquest aspect of penetrative sex, being entirely oral, although i can per if called upon i am now ready to surrender everything for a committed life together.

i value physical tenderness and closeness above all. The idea of Divine Female energy flowing from an ample bosom into me is utterly electrifying, especially in counterpoint to the emasculation that i know is my destiny.

i have never really enjoyed penetrative sex and dont identify as an alpha male, except at the office. If my Lady requires penetrative sex i am capable of the act but would be equally delighted to hold Her hand tightly and stare into Her eyes while her more skilled lover provides Her with the pleasure She deserves. Hence the conclusion that i am, at the most profound level, a true cuckold-eunuch, not a man.

i am increasingly convinced that all this reflects a desire for spiritual purity and will allow me to a bond of the most intense kind in a relationship with a special Lady.

i am in great shape articulate and sensitive but no wimp self aware but not self absorbed an educated, widely-read and widely-traveled gentleman in the eyes of the world at large. Feel free to ask me any questions whatsoever.

i am sincere -- all i ask is that you be, too.


PS This video moves me to tears... so beautiful!
This video moves me almost to tears

Great gif's, added Nov 10 2013






Found these delicious vids...   i hope there will be a Lady out there who will enjoy these as much as i do...


and a scientific article