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Bisexual Male Submissive, 70,  Indiana
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 Submissive Male


 5' 5"

 167 lbs






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Dominant Transgender

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A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Writing (Expert)

 Female Supremacy (Beginner)

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 Art Galleries

 Fine Dining




 Foot Worship



 Intellectual Discourse


 Poetry (Expert)



 Coffee Shops

 Musical Theater



 Body Worship





 Massage (Giving)


 Art Collecting

 Liberal Politics


 Alternative Music


 Classical Music





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 Canes and Crops







 Obedience Training

 Orgasm Control

 Pantyhose Fetish

 Public Play


 Serving as a Maid/Butler



 Speech Restrictions


 Theatrical Scenes


 Libertarian Politics





 Gourmet Cook

I am no longer owned or collared.  And I am eager to once again serve, especially as a slave to a superior black couple. 

I am educated, have been successful in several areas of education, the arts, and as a writer.  I have operated and lived in the vanilla world, but have for over half of my life desired to be in a relationship of TPE--a world that strikes me as more real, more honest, more erotically and intellectually charged.  I especially desire to serve a superior black couple, where both are dominant, but would like to consider and be considered by other dynamics and arrangements if you find me at all interesting. I will serve with total dedication and obedience in any situation where I would be completely owned and considered to be a prized possession.


Please see my journal for the history of my training and submission and the training I received up until the beginning of 2017.

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Journal Entries:
9/4/2015 8:29:47 PM
Even when dommes and subs are seriously working to achieve certain results with the best intentions, things don't develop nearly as rapidly as all would hope, as there are always many starts and stops, roadblocks, and detours. But a strong, determined and effective Queen with a well-trained, devoted, and obedient slave can still keep moving toward their goals. During 2012, we have made great progress but the journey to our next stage, which she planned to have reached by the end of June is going to take until mid-October.  But the difficulties, maybe even more than the successes, have made me a much better, more well-trained and deeply devoted slave while she has further blossomed into an ever more powerful and admirable superior black Queen, who I not only obey but adore and worship. She not only requires obedience and submission in executing her domination and power, her very presence and manner is all she needs to keep deepening and enhancing my submission. I'm now ready and prepared to serve anyone and everyone that she identifies as worthy of being served and all those who can and will contribute to my training and her honor. That progress will be exhibited and measured initially in October and then a few more times before the end of the year, and more often and more intensively in 2016. She has totally enslaved me not through fear and pain but though the force of reason, the power of seduction, teaching, training, the implementation of trust and honesty which all have contributed to my obedience by creating in me an admiration for her rigorous not rigid firmness and her capacious and creative intellect. Enslavement really came before pain and punishment, after I understood the need for it and value of it. She created me and is now recreating me. my slavery serves her superiority, and I am grateful.

2/4/2015 8:45:53 PM
Because of my experience and training I believe that every worthy and superior woman should have and own at least one slave boi who believes her to be supreme and deserving  of not only his submission but his reverence and worship. His devotion and dedication to her must be without reservation, and her domination rigorous, but ultimately loving. During the process of his enslavement he will also be trained to serve all superiors--both male and female--as required by his domme.  Getting to this stage will be a long and sometimes arduous journey--even perhaps an ordeal at times. But if the domme is truly superior and the slave authentic and committed it will lead to a dynamic that defines the experience of submission as sublime--more than likely the most profound experience he has ever had, as it has been and is for me.

2/2/2015 10:12:55 AM
The new year suggests for me, not new resolutions--those always come from my Queen--but a restating of the basic goals which inform and drive her dominance and my submission and service. Quite simply: to obey, to please, to serve, to always show respect to my Queen and all other superiors at all times, and to always to make her proud.  Those are probably core values of all D/s relationships. My last one might conflict with the attitude and approach of some dominants, but the attitude that has been instilled by her in me and also corresponds to my own feelings about her:  that is, a superior woman/domme, such as she definitely is, should have a superior slave. My superiority is not measured against hers. Hers is a given in comparison and relative to mine. My superiority as a slave is measured against other slaves. My value to her is based upon how how well I serve, support, obey, adore, and worship her. For her, I am a valued piece of property--one she is proud of because she has fashioned me into a superior slave, not an inferior item.  A new Mercedes not a used Ford Falcon. That is her way of doing things and what has worked superbly for her to totally own and control me and for me to revere her. That is the nature of our particular D/s dynamic. 

12/18/2014 10:13:18 PM
My submission deepens and expands. As I become less who I was and more which she has and continues to make me, I actually and paradoxically become who I really am, should be, and want to be.  Submission is freedom to be what you had the impulse and desire but not the courage to be, until you became owned by a superior woman. The male ego prohibits, constrains, blocks, and eventually can destroy both the strength, soul, and potential of those who would really be men. 

11/19/2014 12:52:39 PM
I have been fortunate and grateful to have been owned and collared by Ms Constance for around five wonderful years. Thanks to her I have been able to become the slave I had wanted to be for many years and at first didn't have the courage to admit, then didn't have the courage to pursue. When I finally did I was lucky enough to have been discovered by her after a minimum of bad experiences.
In that five years she has molded and shaped the raw material I brought to her and created the slave that I could have never become myself or even by serving anyone else. She is truly a Superior Woman in all ways and her dominance and training are without peer.  She is very bright, quick, instinctive, intuitive, and wise. She is very rigorous but not rigid; very strict but fair; very demanding, but also very clear it what she expects, requires, and desires. Serving her becomes a pleasure in that you admire, respect, adore, and worship her so much you eagerly embrace her control and dominance and even want to do more, endure more, give more than she requires of you.  You can fully trust her, which makes total submission and obedience a much greater gift to give.  When she owns you [and she will] it will be one of the best if not the best days of your life--and you will experience the submissive feelings you already have, at a depth and intensity that is exquisite,even transcendent and you will know why it is so great to be a submissive male.
I have known from the very beginning of our relationship that she fully intended to have other slaves and there have been many fakers, poseurs, and wannabe's along the way, but no one serious or strong enough [yes, it takes strength of will and character to give yourself to another; submission is not a weakness but the gift that a confident, self-aware man can offer to a Superior Woman] and once you have and have been allowed to become what she wants to make of you and given the privilege of being collared by her, you will know how beautiful and honest life can be.
I am most happy when I am serving and pleasing her doing whatever she requires of me--even the pain of punishment becomes an act of worship and the complex consolations of deep sub-space cannot be known through any other experience.
Ms Constance deserves as many devoted, obedient, and adoring slaves as she wants and I am very excited about the possibility of serving alongside a slave as devoted to her as I am, and always will be. 
I hope you are as serious about becoming a slave s she seems to believe you are. I admire you for that and I look forward to sharing the duties, obligations, and great pleasures of being Ms Constance's owned and collared slave and sissy boi. A world awaits anyone willing to submit to her in which you will experience many things--including the sublime.

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