Vertical Line


I have been active in the lifestyle for 12 years. I've have been on both ends of the flogger, so to speak. I have enjoyed both. A definite kink tolerant person, to be sure. Vanilla is vapid. Perhaps meeting someone interesting will inspire me. I prefer to think of this as an opportunity to meet new and interesting people.

I am not especially big on the E-mail or the Instant Message way of getting to know each other. I prefer face to face. There are other things I could to do besides sit in front of a computer. So if you do not live in north east Kansas or travel to the area FREQUENTLY... you might be wasting both of our times. I prefer to find my own way to waste time if it is something I choose to do.

I am not set on a particular gender, but would prefer to find someone who can find it in him or herself to want to and enjoy pleasing me.

I expect to enjoy being around someone when am not in the mood to scene. That is extremely important. I am not interested in “do me subs” whose only interest is getting their play fix so they can rush back to the normal world. There are professionals out there for that. Don’t come to me expecting me to provide that type of service.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention the following: If you are single you may contact me. For those who are unsure, single means: unmarried, lacking a partner. It does not mean separated, getting a divorce at sometime in the future… maybe, or having an open relationship. I am not interested anyone who is married for any other reason besides friendship. Truthfully, I have a hard time keeping up with the friends that I have now. If you are involved with another… I have no interest in being the reason or potential cause of an unsuspecting person's pain. So don’t bother sending me any messages. Swingers? Well I won't even go there.