Vertical Line


I exceed the traditional paradigm of, "you'd never know by looking he was kinky" by so much, the cliche should be re-examined. My vanilla affect of hyper-rational, pithy professional is absolutely countered by my torrid urge to be placed in a position where my desire to submit is appreciated and expected by the person I'm sharing time with. Notwithstanding my coy "interests" section, I do have a laundry list of 'likes' and, I'm generally open to most activities. I find that many people have a sliding scale concerning their BDSM proclivity. To wit, my label is submissive but I can and do switch when appropriate. Playing a dominant role isn't my first choice nor is it where my real connection to the scene lies but I do find it refreshing and I've been on the receiving end for so long, I can be strikingly proficient. My experience with BDSM is varied but also extensive. I have played privately for a number of years, dabbled in the pro-scene and attended various fetish parties. If it isn't a hard limit, and there aren't many, I'm apt to say "yes". BDSM is not my only pursuit, I've finished my post-graduate degree, I have an entrepreneurial venture that I manage, I read vociferously and I love the theater. In truth, I much prefer meeting people in person, and I encourage everyone to attend the local events-- typing satiates only the smallest curiosity. I do have photos available upon request.