Vertical Line


ok here goes.
Im quite new to the whole scene, so please have patience with me and give me a chance.

Firstly im not into the fake doms who try to rip people off by getting them to take a 2 week net trail and deposit funds into their accounts. You know who you are and so do we.

I find the whole thing facinating, but would like to get more involved and not just speak about it.

I would like to explore / or be explored
Rope play ( rigging )
anal play
Strapon training
etc, etc

Being a sub

Being completly dominated by the right mistress

Please understand……. In my eyes a Submissive does not mean "easy or your wallet " - quite the opposite as there is so much trust involved on my side I'm even more particular who I'll give it to... and inexperienced doesn't mean stupid or gullible.... if you try to pass yourself off as a "genuine dom" and you're not, it's quite easy to see.... Im here for the lifestyle and to learn more about myself also