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Hetero Female Dominant, 38,  Jakarta, Indonesia
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Looking for fun.
Any cuck slaves available in Adelaide this month? need someone for training partner for my occasional slave.
Fill this more later....












 Dominant Female



 Under 5'

 187 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Sub / Slave Male


 Coffee Shops

 Fine Dining


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Journal Entries:
11/17/2021 5:29:29 PM

Do not email me if you're seeking to jerk off ! Only email me if you are seriously seeking for meaningful conversation, ready for commitment and genuine. I dont have time for bunch of assholes here. 

2/2/2016 2:38:46 AM
*****************UPDATE**************** I finally found him thru this site, so I am no longer available/seeking... Good luck for all of you here and never give up! ******************************************

11/23/2015 5:38:16 PM
For those who called me con artist just because they cudn't reach me on phone, grow your balls dickheads! I sent away my whatsapp # but will never share my private # so any morons can ring me and bug me all they want. I received emails from same person using 3 diff names here, so sick! And for those who claimed themselves slaves, let me tell you something, if you love telling lies, don't bother contacting me, I have no time for liars. I stop looking not because I found the one I seek but sick and tired with all the crap here.

11/11/2015 4:28:01 AM
My searching is over, I am no longer looking.....

11/6/2015 5:46:51 PM
I will make a note here for sissies though I already made my statement on first of my journals but seemed many still confused. First of all I thank you who spent little time reading my profile and put an interest on it, but I must say I have little to none interest for sissies, I found them more attracted to male Dominants. I had some experiences with sissies and I simply got no pleasure at all. So its just my prefences of male subs/slaves and I only seek one devoted slave to marry and to grow old with as an Owner and Her property for life. Good luck for sissies subs/slaves, there are bunch of Mistresses and Masters out there who certainly into you...

10/27/2015 3:43:19 AM
Big note. I was focusing on 1 slave from UK/expatsaint for nearly 4 months, but since the very start I know he lied about his life, but I pretend that I'm a moron, wait for 4 months, small lies being big lies, after he cudn't manage things, he disappeared, so predictable. One lie will leads to another, if you can't be true about yourself, don't expect you can be true to others. Oneday someone will stop you from doing bad things to others.

10/8/2015 11:36:59 PM
For those who called me fake just because I don't reply to your messages, read my profile carefully, I ain't gonna reply emails which is out of my interest, if you don't know how to respect other's choices, how would you respect your Owner's choices? Its weird.....

10/5/2015 6:10:01 PM
Toserveasiandomm I never found your profile interesting! Call me fake when you are being rejected, loser type of slave!

9/15/2015 12:13:59 AM
My search begins .... thought I found the right one, takes two to tango..

9/6/2015 6:50:28 AM
tompeters a.k.a james from Oz, was the most idiot person who tried to fools me today, I know most men here pretty much a sociopath, maybe they got sexual buzz from fooling others, knowing they are untouchable. But tompeters profile said "I am going to move to Manila soon" while he emailed me said I have 3 years assignment in Jkt and will be there on 26 this month and start my work at oct 5! Look dude, if you plan to fools me, make sure you are smarter than my 4 legged dogs at home!! or I can tell what a moron you are! So yes, sometime I think it is such a waste re joining this site, hard to find a quality sub/slave these days...

9/2/2015 4:54:13 AM
This is kind of warning for so-called slave like frommantoslave a.k.a Mario Michael Kutzer who lives in Berlin, if all these years no one stop you from being a con artist, you fooled peoples here, tricked them, I'll stop you now! Now you are earning your bad KARMA.

8/10/2015 11:46:16 PM
Thank you for those who emailed me up to now, but I'd like to say, I think I'll focus on few potential match now.. Wish you all the best in your searching!

8/8/2015 9:58:45 PM
takemypride98/jai singh/maddernacc Check on your company's facebook and twitter pages, your wishes granted! I bet your boss will be upset.... you challenged me and thats how I answered it.

8/8/2015 4:05:15 AM
There was a moron who commented on my profile picture and said I have a dirty feet, I replied, "and I need big bag of detergent to clean up your dirty mouth" I'm sure he cried out reading it.. what kind of sub/slave who got no attitude?

8/2/2015 3:43:00 AM
Huge note. Switch men, please stay away! I honestly have no respect towards them, how could you made slaves licking your dirty soles and the next minute you crawl under someone's feet and be spitted on like trash? I couldn't imagine how I might feels if someone humiliate me?! I think I am most definitely will cut off his balls if he dare treating me with no respect.

7/26/2015 1:30:11 AM
giftworkloanslav lol... I know you're a dumbass, and it didn't take long to reveal another moron... you can't even read my profile correctly.

7/24/2015 4:26:08 PM
I re-joined this site less than a month and received tons of emails , but I was a little bit surprise as the number of fakes increasing than years back, some I think have more than 1 profile. My question is, is it really worth wasting your time when you give false information or false answers over my questions? So please, I seek a genuine and real person to connect with hopefully for life, do not pretend to be someone else as I can sense it. Do not offers me money, what do you think I am? Not here seeking for "tribute"!

7/19/2015 10:16:14 PM
No sissy please, I don't mind to play with sissy on occasion but not exactly the type I seek to be my cuck hubby, not seeking a "housewife" if you know what I mean. And do pay attention on my criterias, read carefully before decided to email me, I wouldn't reply to those who simply out of my interests, I think we're all an adult here and well read, try to respect someone's choice. Make sure you are also open for relocation because I have no plan to move somewhere in near future, if you think it will be difficult for you to travel/visit me ,please don't bother. If you're seeking chat buddy/ies or friends collector, pass me by. Like I said on my profile, be genuine and be real!

7/14/2015 7:02:25 PM
After a week I re-joined this site, I received tons of emails, after I analyzed all I can say, 60% of the emails looked like copy/paste because they were saying things which I didn't say on my profile, 10% sounds very genuine and didn't talk too much bs which is good, 20% weirdos, asking me stupid questions like "do you enjoy farting on slave's face?" oh come on, do read my profile before decided to drop me an email, so you have clue what exactly I am seeking, the other 10% commented on my profile with various statements. Thing is too many bs in a virtual world, yep you can tell anything you like as no one would really know how the real thing looks like. One I try to avoid is those who listed their interests and dislike on first email, I'm not here to fulfill your fantasies or kinks, so you better keep your bucket list close to your chest, I'm not curious at all. I will ask if your profile/emails looks appealinf to me. Don't bother attaching your nude pix on your first email because I'm not a pic collector , I've seen hundreds of men naked in front of me, seen different sizes and different shapes, I know how your cocks/balls looks like! Don't be overly aggressive, its a turn off! Don't be too fussy. Last, do use a proper language, you need to know who you talk to, "hey I'm looking for a mistress" goes to trash bin. No I don't expect to be addressed by "ma'am, Mistress, Miss, Madam, Lady" call me by name thats enough , call me with respect thats more important.

7/12/2015 8:30:45 PM
I think I need to make thing clear on what I seek, people has their own taste of things yes? And you can't force others to like what you love. Therefore I strictly look for ONE who apparently love the things that part of my interests, I rather see him do my orders happily rather than see him stress out which can clearly be seen from his expressions... Do the task with love, not because you're afraid of being punished if you didn't do it. I've seen numerous slaves actually wish to be forced and I've been in that situation on my previous years being active in the lifestyle. I've owned foot slaves, dogs and simply subs before, I can't say all was great, let say some were quite interesting, the rest were damned boring. .... Will write some more lil later as I gotta work...

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