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Hetero Male Submissive, 52,  Lowestoft Suffolk, United Kingdom
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A lot has changed since I was last here so my profile needs a revamp.

Last September I went on a holiday to Vegas, I had a wonderful time with great friends but I also had a wake up call. I was so unfit that I had difficulty walking more than a couple of hundred yards and I weighed over 23 stone. Things needed to change, and change they did.

On my return to U.K. I adopted a plant based diet. Original it was for selfish reasons, my own health but very soon I realised that I had gone through the first 51 years of my life ignoring the ongoing holocaust that takes the life of over 56 billion land animals each and every year, the amount of sea creatures killed is so great that they can be measured only in tonnes. I realised that animals are here with us not for us and within the space of a month I had become an ethical vegan activist. I am of course also seeing the health benefits and whilst I still have a long way to go I am currently over four stone lighter.

I'm here seeking my partner in life, someone to grow old disgracefully with.

I'm 52 years old, single, monogamous, submissive, adventurous, left wing, loving and happy.

I live in Lowestoft Suffolk but work weekends in London as a taxi driver a job that I love.

I love to travel, my ideal night out is spent in a quiet pubs, I do like real ale although these days it's hard to find vegan versions. I'm an adrenaline junkie, roller coasters bring them on. I am a fan of the greatest football team in the world, West Ham United, they have caused me much pain over the years mind.

I'm an atheist.












 Submissive Male

 Lowestoft Suffolk 

 United Kingdom

 5' 9"

 216 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

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Journal Entries:
8/26/2012 4:54:57 AM

If your lover lets you down time and time again, never shows any passion whatsoever and has not brought home any silver in over 32 years you can always find a better lover. 


You are stuck with your football team for life. 

Why did my dad have to be a West Ham fan?

8/16/2012 12:34:08 AM

Oh the irony....


I received a cut and paste message from someone who had clearly not read my profile. Nothing particularly unusual about that, but on her profile she says......


"To those of you who have taken the time to read my profile and send me mail, thank you. To those that did not bother reading the profile and sent an inappropriate email - READ THE PROFILE!!!!!!"


One word hypocrite

8/15/2012 8:20:09 AM

For the avoidance of doubt I am seeking a personal relationship not a business one.


If your profile mentions tributes or contains a wishlist please don't bother me.

10/19/2011 1:05:02 PM

Saw a new phrase on here..... "Poly-fidelity" 


An oxymoron if ever I heard one.

10/19/2011 5:03:51 AM

Well done Basildon Council but why did it take you ten years?

10/15/2011 3:30:05 AM
The fortunate thing about the scammers on this site is that they are mostly incompetent.
Recently received this message.....

I see you have been viewing me!!

I will be down your way next wk.


That was the entire message, I'll wager that she (he probably) sent the same message to everyone who viewed her profile.

A competent scammer might have actually bothered to view my profile and mention the town that I live in by name

10/12/2011 4:02:56 AM

Met a very nice lady from this site yesterday :)

7/15/2011 5:13:30 AM

We have always been at war with Oceania 

I seem to be alone in thinking that the phone hacking thing is a storm in a teacup.

Don't get me wrong, it was bang out of order and heads should indeed be rolling. Seeing Murdoch being doorstepped on a golf course was poetic justice indeed. The hunters have become the prey. A massive witch hunt is on and journalists are the target.

Newsflash..... Big businesses get up to dirty tricks. Drug companies stifle research into finding cures for disease because there is more money in palliative care.

In the grand scheme of things phone hacking is a misdemeanor deserving a slap on the wrist, we are being set up so that we will accept controls on the press and that should scare everyone.

Big Brother watches us all

6/22/2011 5:11:19 AM

Last nights date went very well :)


On a not entirely unrelated note, I have resolved to get fit and healthy, the results have been vividly pictured and are certain.

6/11/2011 3:42:23 AM

Wake up it's a beautifull morning


Our emotions come from within us. We can all choose to be miserable or we can choose to be blissfully happy

It is not the events of life that shape us but the meanings that we give them.

my emotions have been on a roller coaster these last few weeks.

II truly believed that all of my dreams were about to come true, that I had found the loving nurturing Domme that I have been searching for, for so long It felt like I had found my soulmate and I thought that I was hers.

We talked and texted for 3 weeks. She showered me with love and affection, so when I flew the 400 or so miles to Finlay meet her I had no doubts in my mind, the chemistry was already there for me, we didn't need to be in the same room for me to feel it. I was already planning the wedding

In the four days that I was there she was polite and friendly but held me at arms length it seems that from the first moment she clapped eyes on me she had decided that the spark wasn't there for her and that was that.

These last couple of days I have been feeling a lot of pain and my self confidence has taken a huge blow.

I could choose to go on feeling the pain.

I could choose to believe that the spark will never be there because I'm the kinda guy that women don't get sparks off

I could choose to mope.


I'll make the choices that empower me

I choose to embrace life, treat each new day as the precious gift that it is.

I choose confidence in the belief of my own beauty.

I choose to come out fighting and take on the world.


6/9/2011 9:29:36 AM

Hurting real bad.

5/22/2011 9:14:35 AM
Jumbled thoughts Hard Limits
I did a Tony Robbins seminar a few years back.
It seems the first step in achieving a goal is to visulise it, see it crystal clear, smell it and really feel it, then make it happen
I wonder if that approach can blind me from different, maybe better goals
My yearning is for the whole package, partner in life, lover, mistress, the works.,
Cuckold is a hard limit for me, In that vivid picture I am her most prized possesion and I alone meet her intimate needs.I know that I could never feel tottaly secure if "She" had other lovers or subs.
It's not about sex, in fact I'm very drawn to the idea of chastity it's about wanting to be the most special person in her life.
I could look at it a different way
My yearning is for D/s and love not sex (well I am a man and I have urges and all that but it's not my driving force)
Back to my vivid picture, kneeling in blissful submission, pain for her pleasure and being insecure sure is pain
Nah Hard limit it stays

5/17/2011 7:11:12 AM

The way that some people in the lifestyle talk about the "right" or "true" way of doing things would suggest that somewhere there is a D/s Parliament making laws. I've seen so called lifestyle websites that profess to teach correct slave positions.... get real.

So then, do all dominant women..............?

I've heard a few different definitions of the differences between sub and slave and they all amount to semantics, everyone has limits and submissiveness is a spectrum.

I don't see how anyone who is not in a relationship or who is in a newish relationship could make that distinction anyway. To me a relationship is a journey that grows organically, both partners may have a clear picture of where they want to go but what is it they say? The journey is the destination. By all means make tpe the goal but find joy and fulfillment in the moment.

What's 24/7 D/s?

When I find my partner in life she will always be my partner and I will always want to please her. Thats my definition.

5/16/2011 7:01:20 AM

Punter: “You should have turned left there mate” 

Me: “What you mean is that you would have turned left there. Having spent two years of my life on the Knowledge, out in all weathers learning every nook and cranny of this manor I had decided on a route that didn’t involve a left turn at that point” 

Punter: “I’m going to Queens Hospital” 

Me: “Yes you told me that when you got in” 

Punter: “But you’re going the wrong way” 

At this point I usually stop the cab and explain that they do not teach us how to read minds on the knowledge and ask them exactly what route they wish me to take......... 

Punter: “Well the bus always goes along Main Road”


Then there’s the night shift 

Punter at the window: “How much to Rainham Cherry Tree?” 

Me “It’s on the meter, roughly about a tenner” 

Punter: Will you do it for a fiver 

Me: Looking at the long queue of people waiting in the rain for a cab


Punter “Why not?”

5/9/2011 5:21:12 AM
I'm not perfect, I mess up sometimes.
A sub that never gets it wrong is in my humble opinion an unrealistic expectation.
A one strike and you're out policy is harsh.... very harsh

3/28/2011 7:10:23 AM

A love story that I wrote a few years ago.

12/31/2010 8:36:38 PM

Wanna play..............................?



Chess or backgammon? I have the username bartman at and welcome challenges

12/31/2010 5:43:08 AM
Been on this site a while now, there are different types here a microcosm of human nature perhaps?
The honest Pro Dommes, what you see is what you get Nothing wrong with that.
The obvious scam artists....... "To weed out timewasters send me a one off tribute to prove you are genuine" Does anyone really fall for that?
Then the slightly more subtle scam artists, for "Generous sub wanted" read meal ticket required.... and don't get me started about financial slavery
My greatest fear would be the competent scam artist, in for the long game
Then there are those seeking a partner in life. Maybe one will prove to be my soulmate.

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