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i am an oriental male sub/servant located in zone 2 London with a day job, travel only, imagin
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Age: 35, Height: 5ft 6in (168 cm), Weight: 180 lbs.
Location: Birmingham, UK , United Kingdom
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i am an oriental male sub/servant located in zone 2 London with a day job, travel only, imaginative,respectful, attentive and trustworthy sub male/houseboi seeking any of these with a dom male(straight curious welcome),none of these is for any profit,just mutual pleasure:

For straight guys, always happy to pop in to give a free shoe shine or foot/body massage , non-sexual or tidying up your place/housekeeper servant scenario/cleaning shoes/toilet/floor ironing/hoovering and leave(or perhaps just wanking itself in the toilet sniffing your black leather shoes). Or if you just like seeing someone kneeling before you being told off, verbally degraded, or be your footstool or seeing a pathetic male getting off having your shoe sole pressing down on its genital. Happy to chat and do just those things that are mutual but realistic with or without roleplay. It's about experiment, enjoyment and safety, not always about sex. Recently discovered the joy of being a sissy to Dom although i don't have any stockings(happy to wear if you have them) and by default I am quite masculine i think(or try to be in order to survive in this big city) with a natural soft voice and professional job.

Main: nipple play(very sensitive nipples here), shoes(oxfords,brogues..) riding boots, boots, trainers, socks feet worship/foot massage,human pet training

For advanced: psychological play/lecture/roleplay/ification/footstool/dog training verbal/humiliation/faceslap/breath play/gom/hom/gags/protocol(how to speak/kneel/crawl) shoeshine/bondage/Sensory play/trampling/chastity/speech restriction/eye contact restrction/slave training/medical scene/humble position/leather/rubber/gloves/orgasm control/hoods/control/mental /Discipline/king/obedience training/dogtraining/pony training/edging/milking/verbal abuse/suited guys/unied men/estate agents/builders/office guys/bears/to be called 'it'/political incorrectness/power exchange

horny chat is welcome too. straight curious is welcome too. safety and pleasure are the keys. If you are just after a fuck, then we are unlikely to get along. Always nice to discuss upfront to set the scene or go with the flow at meeting. And if we meet again, can improve the session. Friendly chat or minimal coversation during play is cool.

Not into anything unsafe,long term physical effect, filming, photo taking, tribute, scat, to name a few.  Suffice to say,  a kinky session is a door to the bdsm side of us, enter as normal person, once in unleash the inhibitions, and out as normal person again.

Not looking for partner but not ruling out a regular dominant/Sir/Master. Only one off or even better, regular sessions whenever possible as we all(or try to) have a daytime job.

PS: If you are a suited gent with nice polished shoes or leatherman or work in unis or have some BDSM gear or a horse rider(with riding boots), please say hi :) . horny items: office shoes, leather rubber latex gloves and black cleaning gloves, binmen gloves, long rubber gloves, gaunlets, industrial gloves, hoods, gags, horse crop, riding boots, etc

Understand that verbal really gets one going but there is no need to scare one off here, a friendly memo/visit may lead to something more exciting later when 2 parties know each other more

Also up for stimulating chat/ideas with straight/gay and how it would like in an ideal world.

Sometimes it also seems ok to let imagination run wild to engage in some stimulating deviant message exchange as long as we know the difference between the real and fantasy world and between the right and wrong. More importantly, it has to have trust both ways and consensual.

PS: just made a first step to meet a straight dom here. He enjoyed it very much(especially my attentiveness) and so did I. Have also served as housekeeper cleaning floor and shoes.

All pictures are me.
As of Aug 2015' I hv just met someone genuine from here so there are some real people there, just need to apply common sense and be safe.

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