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I am a man of words and of action. I am also a Man of Great Passion. It's in my words, in the prose, in the structure and story that is woven. It is in a touch, a whisper, a writen word, a look... in all things.

Curious check my Journal.

I am many things, I am ever the contrast, I am an Alpha Male.

I can be anything, everything or nothing to you... One Part Boyscout, 12 Parts Naughty and Wicked.

The woods are Dark, but I know my Way...
Below the thick shade of the shielding trees...
Your Dreams are Hiding there, from the light of Day ...
Sunbeams dart when the leaves lift in the breeze

Of Hope, disclosing the Shiest Dreams, Like Flowers...
One need know only where to look....
To glimpse their unspoiled beauty, radiant showers....
Makes worth even a Arduous journey, glad I took!

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9/6/2007 8:10:49 AM

Many Wounds Have I Suffered And Seen

Caused Or With Empathy Felt

Some Just Grow Cold Or Mean

Not I, No Not I, Always Will I Endeavor To Melt

The Kept Heart, Locked Away In A Safe Place

Ah To Free That Heart, In Passions Thrall

To Lose Herself In That Seductive Embrace

A Path, Not Far To Sunset Leads, Heed Its Call


 Dark And Dreary, Once Was Your Path, Of Desire

So Much Once Lost Or Still Hidden, By Chance Or Design

Your Dreams, Passions, And Fire

Dance Do I An' Delight At What Can Be, Need Thee Only To Yield And Resign 

Many Are The Paths, I Have Followed None, Carving My Own Way

Where Shadows Of The Heart, Bitter Sweet Passion Loom

There Are Other Paths That Beckon And Call Me Away 

To Beautiful Scenes; Dreams And Desires In Dark Gloom

Even The Coldest Heart Where Passion Has Long Withered

With Prose And Verse

Can Be Free, Healed, Or Still Wounded Deep, Words An Emotions Gail Or Blizzard

In Your Eyes I Can See Your World Your Universe 

As I Watched The Play Of Your Light And Distant Thunder Vibrant In The Night

This Storm Of Yours That Rages, Thoughts And Emotions, Where Did It Begin

In Each Passage Passion And Lost Devotion Felt, In Each Flash Of Consuming Light 

The Heat Of Your Words, A Reflection Of What Burns Within

6/8/2006 10:46:48 AM
Die Ruhe des Sehnens Der Wunsch eines Anschlußes Die Begrenzungen auf hier und jetzt Die Sachen sind ein Teil unserer Wirklichkeit Aber sie ändern nicht die Melodie des Momentes...

6/8/2006 10:00:08 AM
I Will Try To Persuade Thy Soul

I Will Try To Seduce Thy Mind

I Will Try To Touch Thy Heart, Take It Whole

All In The Same Corresponding Breath, Leaving Reservations Behind


6/8/2006 9:58:13 AM

Would Thee Be Mine I Ask

With A Touch Of My Hand

Would Thee Be Mine, Set Before Me Thy Task

With A Kiss From My Lips, What Does Thy Will Demand


Would The Be Mine, What Shall It Be

With Words Woven, Just Silent Words, Not That Much

Would Thee Be Mine, Do I Hold The Key

Would Thee Yield To My Touch


Would Thee Yield To My Kiss, Unlocking Passion A Simple Kiss

Would Thee Yield To My Word

Would Thee Place Trust In Me, Sublime Bliss

Would Thy Submission Be Mine; What Answer Is Heard

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