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*for all VC I do not PM do not invite* Additions: No i'm not looking for an online Dom As per a request I'm making my profile shorter: I'm a sub. I hate fakes, and people that message me with out purpose. ("i want you to suck my cock" counts) What i'm into? I'm new at the r/l aspect of BDSM so i'm finding out gradually. What I dislike? Scat, blood play, animal play and a few others i can't think of right now. I'm not all sweet and nice - I have a bitchy side and if you message me in the manner listed above you'll see it. I try to answer all my emails. hm what else... if you want to know more just ask.

Ugh, realized that I really need to update this profile... I'll work on it... soon..

So today I had gotten asked if I had any luck on here yet.

I was about to say no when I remembered I had met some great people on this site that I'm really good friends with.

I guess this is me saying 'don't give up' through all the fakes out there there are those looking for the same you are. You just need to be patient.

I wish you all the best of luck, and you never know that special someone may just be a message away.


P.s I may not respond to your e-mail right away. Please don't take offence to this but i will respond when i'm in a good mood. other wise you'll either get a bitch reply or a three word one. be patient.