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Hetero Female Slave, 36,  Tijuana, Mexico
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SRN 747-848-061 Owned and Collared slave baby girl of GodComplexx aka DeviantMasterUK

Please note that if you desire to communicate with me in any form, you must first contact my Master & Papá GodComplexx

Do not whisper to me or send me private chat invitations, only friends can whisper and they know who they are. Private chats are never ever EVER viewed as something polite when sent to an owned slave, so please don't do it.

Por favor tomen en cuenta que si desean comunicarse de cualquier forma conmigo, deben hacerlo a través de mi Amo y Papá GodComplexx

*WARNING: Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You DO NOT have permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice to this or you may copy and paste this one.












 Female Slave



 5' 1"

 132 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Friends Only

 Lives For:

 Meditation (Expert)

 Buddhism (Expert)





 Role Playing Games

 Science Fiction



 Volunteerism (Beginner)


 Body Worship

 Mental Bondage (Beginner)

 Intellectual Discourse


 Electronica / EDM

 Industrial Music

 New Wave

 Rock Music

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Journal Entries:
7/16/2009 12:51:31 PM
I just want to tell you that i cant imagine my life without you. I want to share the rest of my life with you. I want to spend forever loving you, serving you, caring for you. You bring out the best in me and i hope i do the same for you. I love you, all of you without question or judgment.

Papa I trust you completely. I believe in you and have complete faith in what we have created together. Its beautiful.

ani ♥

6/18/2009 9:05:11 PM

6/12/2009 5:28:47 AM

UPDATE: Friday, June 12th of 2009

Happy six month anniversary Daddy!!! I want you to know that you make every day with you the happiest day of my life. It is such a pleasure to be yours. I want to be with you forever. Thank you so much for everything you do for me, I couldn't have asked for someone so perfect for me, you truly are the love of my life.

Your slave baby girl always...
ani ♥

5/31/2009 12:22:23 PM

UPDATE: Sunday, May 31st of 2009

✰SRN 747-848-061✰

Dear Daddy:
Today we formalized something that both of us had already felt in our heart for some time now. We are together, in a very beautiful and thoughtful way, making our reality fit our souls desires

We are officially, as of today, Master and slave. To be your slave feels unbelievably right. I am filled with gratitude, humbleness and, above all, unconditional love for you, my Master. I look forward to many more wonderful milestones at your feet

YOU are my ONE

5/3/2009 11:44:32 PM
Daddy surprised me today with this entry in his journal:

5/3/2009 4:39:51 PM

I wanted something special for my girl. I  wrote something  explaining how important to me she is, saying how much I adore her.  But I have told her that before. So i deleted it. I decided to go for something simple instead.

Ani, your the girl of my dreams, you are the one for me.


He is the most wonderful man I have ever met. Every day I am happier and happier to be his baby girl.

ani ♥

5/3/2009 11:20:08 PM

I wrote this text for Daddy almost 5 months ago. At the start of our D/s relationship, but we had been friends since way before. I believe it is the first "official" gift i made for him. I remember i was so excited and filled with emotion when i wrote it. I think that will come through in the text, so forgive me if its a bit passionate. Come to think of it, i believe i am still that passionate.

Qualities of My Daddy

  1. Acceptance
    You accepted that I wasn’t ready for an emotional relationship when we first met; you accepted that I had fears and accepted my friendship, putting your needs in the back burner and giving importance to mine.

  2. Communication
    You were always there for me, ready to talk with me about whatever trouble or situation I had going on in my life. You gave me heartfelt, unconditional advice, always trying to secure my happiness and wellbeing.

  3. Courtesy
    You have been courteous in every opportunity I have had to see you interact with me and others. Even when expressing your points of views with people that may not see things exactly your way, I have never seen you speak a rude word to anybody.

  4. Grace
    The elegance with which you carry yourself is obvious to me. Your personality makes you interesting and desirable. And I can only translate all of this to one word you have Grace.

  5. Dominance
    For me, this is the most important quality I see in you. You have a natural ability to lead; you make me want to follow you to the ends of the earth. You have this force that makes me want to gladly give you total power over my life.

  6. Honesty
    Even if it hurts, you have been honest about your feelings for me, even if it means your discomfort. You have moved your reality in order for you to be honest about what your heart says.

  7. Humbleness
    I have never seen you act arrogantly with anyone. Regarding me, you remained constantly my humble friend, lending your help in whatever way you could to assure my happiness.

  8. Intelligence
    It takes a very intelligent man to be able to have the ability to see beyond the moment. To be patient and plan what would be the “real” way to create unconditional love, not many people can do this.

  9. Loyalty You have shown to be loyal to yourself not regarding all the risks you have taken. You were loyal to your previous relationship up to the very end, and I am sure that every step you take, ever decision, will be done with the same loyalty in mind. You are a loyal man and I am sure you take this quality to every other aspect of your life.

  10. Patience
    Patience pays off. You know this well. I feel confident to give myself to you because I have seen your patience. Sometimes I worry about not having experience and that causing you frustration. Believe me when I tell you I will put all my effort in being the best girl for my Daddy, with your patience and guidance I am certain I will be.

  11. Pride
    I want you to feel proud of your little girl. I promise I will work hard to never let you down. I know you and I understand pride not as the one born out of self adulation, but the one that rises from self knowledge from knowing both your and my strengths weaknesses and qualities. I think already make a good team and we will be so proud of what we will accomplish, in time.

  12. Respect
    A person who is truly Dominant acts with respect all the time. I believe that a disrespectful Dominant is just an abusive punk. To respect others without regarding if they are Dominants of submissive is a true sign of wisdom. I have seen you treat everyone with great respect even when teasing them (including me) and that is true artistry.

  13. Responsibility
    To take responsibility for my actions is a task I have been working constantly on for some time now. I see that you have mastered this very well. You have given me many examples in such little time. You are and will be a great influence on me. I cherish you.

  14. Self Control
    We both know that it is only through this that someone can really control anything. You have showed me your self control many times. When you said you were sad because I just looked at you as my friend, you managed to not say a word of reprimand to me. I respect that so much.

  15. Self Respect
    This is why I can look up to you, because you value yourself and respect your limits. I need my Daddy to have a solid sense of Self Respect so that he can guide me through calm and troubled waters.

These and many more are the qualities I see in you. Thank you for choosing me, I feel proud and honored.

ani ♥

1/16/2009 4:31:23 AM
It has only been a month that Master and I have been together, yet it feel like we have known eachother eternally....

I , here in this post, paste the loving words he has said about me in his profile, not without first saying this:

Daddy, i will love, obey, and respect you always. You have my soul.

1/16/2009 4:23:35 AM:

Im the Poud Master and Daddy to anairam.She is my hearts desire made flesh. I want everyone to know how proud i am of her. she completes me in so many ways. She is exactly what i have been looking for such a long time.

Sweet and innocent yet  completely perverted too. she is my perfect match. She's a good girl who listens, yet isnt afraid to state her views who willingly obeys with a smile on her face.

Who makes me feel needed and adores me without condition.Im so proud of her, and what we share. She helps me be a better person.You will always be my Deviant canary, and i your perverted Tom Cat                                                   

ani, I love you.

Daddy. _______________________________

12/26/2008 5:40:31 AM:

Im not much for writing journals, But i  think this needs to be said.         

Ani,  you have made me very Happy, in a very short period. You are what i have been seeking for a very very long time.

I look forward to a very happy new year with you.Im so very proud of you my Baby Girl.

All my Love, Your Daddy, Your Master, and Your Lover.


11/1/2008 12:23:28 AM


¿Y el ego?
Discutiendo con la felicidad y el placer
mientras mastico chicle
escucho la sangre fluir

Me rasco una oreja
y una gota de sangre
mancha la punta del dedo

El fuego se sienta
junto a mi esqueleto
y le habla lentamente
al oido
le susurra secretos y se sonroja
tiene miedo

Sentados durante un rato
en silencio
esquivamos la mirada

8/20/2008 4:10:42 PM
Thank you to all the people that have sent me supportive comments regarding the hate mail I received :)

There are a few decent people on this site lol.


7/3/2008 12:24:27 PM

go find a taco to play with,,,,,,,,and stay in your own dump of a country, we have too many of you here already

oh im not angry taco............all that part of U.S. was part of Mexico.......means nothing.......this is the U.S of America !!!!   I just wish the 12 million illegal bastards from your poor impovershed nation would get the fuck out of here and stop multiplying like rabbits, taking social services, health care, welfare,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and of course you have the fact that now WE are supposed to talk Mexican spanglish !!!!!!!!!!!

SirFister wrote these messages to me, I was shocked... I never talked to him before in my life, so he is just talking out of prejudice. It must be a pain to be him. And he didnt even took the chance to meet me... his loss i guess :)

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