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Pan Female Switch, 35,  Baton rouge, Connecticut
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 Female Switch

 Baton rouge 


 Willing to Relocate

 5' 5"

 112 lbs






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Recently moved.What I need is a female companion. Sometimes I can feel like a fish in a tiny fish bowl just making the bubbles with those little bulging eyes looking out thinking who will tap the glass. Will she play? Will she like me is the thought process.I fail to have my female partner I crave that the longer it exist the loneliness grows. I ask where is my affection. Something I can promise I crave affection. It could be morning. Day. Night. Some one who wants to be an entangled mess within my body is so hard to find it is a crime within itself that I wish did not exist. A warm lap is something I love to find myself on. To nurture and be nurtured would be ideal. Lick me from head to toe. Just because they can. Exploration. Not hinder my exhibitionist side that is so ready to come out and play but encourage it. I say I want sex outside. You say okay. Where. When. Bare ass in mother natures playground . Grass stained knees. Dirty is the possibility but who cares it is an itch that feels good once you get all 10 fingernails planted firmly on my ass. I have an appetite and I want it filled where I cant even stomach it anymore. A lack of mercy leaving both of my set of lips swollen to its maximum. I need to be on my hands and knees begging for that double penetration. Thighs left with its own agenda that I have no control to how much they tremble. Spasm in unison from the sexual exhaustion of my body under your blows. A whimpering. Injured and bruised animal in her own puddle of mess to squat in. I need something primal that will make the sweat bead up. A mark with a color to be envy of. An ouch producing smile. I need a switch female or sexually aggressive female to grow with . Mentally to stimulate my mind that I can learn from. She needs to be a complete subslave with a male but with me its fair game. I give you neither role you have to be. To be In love with the fact I so need to have your sexual dominance and your submission. You are foaming at the mouth to do both. No hesitation. Produce the action. Stimulation and see if being a sexual deviant is as much fun as I know it is. As much fun as youll let me have and like wise. I you.

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Journal Entries:
10/25/2017 1:01:53 PM
Also don't ask me to meet up with you in the first message or hand me your number.get some messages flowing so I can actually say yes then off the bat say no.

10/25/2017 12:59:20 PM
Blocked another judgemental ass on here.ugh guys get a clue.if I say no you are not what I am looking for because of our age gap.where the holy fuck do you assume I am a whore just looking for a stiff dick.let me break it down for you.I am looking for a relationship.due to that you being over 60 does not mean we are growing old together.I want some to grow older is that simple.don't imply I am a whore looking for dick because I am being logical and practical about my decision process.I keep the age option open because I am looking for friends on here to and it doesn't matter your age as my friend.I have both relationship and friendship box marked.just ask where you would fall under then be a ass about it.

10/25/2017 12:59:19 PM
Blocked another judgemental ass on here.ugh guys get a clue.if I say no you are not what I am looking for because of our age gap.where the holy fuck do you assume I am a whore just looking for a stiff dick.let me break it down for you.I am looking for a relationship.due to that you being over 60 does not mean we are growing old together.I want some to grow older is that simple.don't imply I am a whore looking for dick because I am being logical and practical about my decision process.I keep the age option open because I am looking for friends on here to and it doesn't matter your age as my friend.I have both relationship and friendship box marked.just ask where you would fall under then be a ass about it.

10/25/2017 12:59:02 PM
Blocked another judgemental ass on here.ugh guys get a clue.if I say no you are not what I am looking for because of our age gap.where the holy fuck do you assume I am a whore just looking for a stiff dick.let me break it down for you.I am looking for a relationship.due to that you being over 60 does not mean we are growing old together.I want some to grow older is that simple.don't imply I am a whore looking for dick because I am being logical and practical about my decision process.I keep the age option open because I am looking for friends on here to and it doesn't matter your age as my friend.I have both relationship and friendship box marked.just ask where you would fall under then be a ass about it.

9/14/2017 9:42:33 AM
Poor poor males on here.I know you like playing with your own dicks because they are so awesome to you but first intro you send me is a dick the message you wanted to express is your a dick?nice message if you want to entice easy then keep the dick picks flowing.I got naked pics.I got face pics.surprisingly I got a brain to.I am not impress by pics that only says one thing about you.I want layers not some one to prove they can flop out a piece of meat.great pat on the back for your motor skills and multifunctional skills for taking a shot of it as you pulled it out too.I like challenges.I like to have to think.I enjoy some one who makes my brain say what the fuck I don't get it.I want some one smarter then me even.I can't get smarter by some one who just serves up dick as the food for thought.if you view me as easy I can tell you from the start we would not mesh well.also telling me to shut it and just suck it.not at all hot coming from a random person seriously you would have to have like a extremely unreal massive size dick for that to work on me for me to be like yes Sir.incert here kind of mentality.

9/8/2017 7:31:53 PM
Look guys who are just here for phone sex.a porn/cam girl please do not contact me or think I am going to give you my number.not every one on here is just to jerk around. some of us are really serious on our search.I am not a slut and I am no whore to whatever guy introduces himself.I got enough self respect and not enough desperation to give out my number just to get a half ass fulfilling experience.I look for a specific man or woman.I don't look for the sleazy type of people on a perv but be a classy one for godsakes.hell just lead with I want your number for phone sex within the first I can say no and that is where the message exchange ends.

9/6/2017 1:26:35 PM
If you send me a message with just one word hi.I will respond back with a hi and then you send me a message asking me what I I just knocked your door for no random reason I am going to raise an eyebrow and be like what?silly man you entered my inbox not the other way around :p

9/6/2017 11:10:41 AM
Predominantly straight is that what you straight guys like to call it when you play with dick on occasion because where I come from it is simple called need for a big word to put in front of straight to establish your preferred sexual interests.just your straight or just don't make your sexual identity like it needed to be feels like when some one does that they think I am doubting their sexuality from the beginning because you will play with the same sex.I don't care if your a dude that plays with does not reflect your main interests are with cut the bullshit.tell me something more important then your Predominantly straight.also you straight guys if you are with a trans gender person.etc don't question my respect level for the community.I have dated transgender.I never called that person a she then a he and interchanged it in conversation.I respected that person that they identified as he.that is the gender assigned pronoun they chose and I respect is not what I am lacking or tolerance.I don't have patience for male b.s. that is entirely different.also don't call a shemale and trans the same thing.they are before you ride my ass and call your trans sub a she.a he. a shemale in one message learn the difference.I dated who I date.I fuck who I fuck and I don't use a label to keep my sexuality identity intact of terms of if I am straight.if I want to have sex with a woman or man.I don't lead with I am predominantly straight.who gives a fuck.they really don' ugh to some of you on here.I am who I am and I don't have a filter or word crap in a ultra sensitive way.I am blunt and if that makes me an asshole.then just find yourself a little princess with manners to win you over with all the sweet little words she can piece together.

9/6/2017 8:36:31 AM
Okay another thing.I have respect for the trans.shemales.sissies but when did we start calling a dick a clit.calling your dick a boy clit is trying to feminize a masculine part.I get for you straight males it could sound sexier.a girl is a girl a boy is a boy.a shemales.trans etc is not a girl.they are totally different then either gender but a dick is a dick.I don't go around calling my clit a boy yes I am being judgmental and think we should call something for what it is.also straight guys look up in the dictionary what straight does not say straight plays with dick.

9/6/2017 8:26:18 AM
People please I get this is a kink site but understand if you attach a pic I don't need one from your porn site or you all that for your profile.I mean I am not just a sex crazed sex addict where I just need to see you naked and letting it all hang out as I am trying to get some base foundation built.masters don't send me a pic of your slave on their porn want me to get to know your slave.THEN YOUR SLAVE NEEDS TO PUT THE TIME AND HAVE THE BALLS TO DO THEIR OWN INTRO.I mean if I put the time to know some one.what should they get a pass.why?because masters want to use the line I am here to protect my sub from people on here.really.if you feel I am a danger to your subs safety don't contact me.if you contact me and proposition something then um wouldn't it be safe to say you wouldn't have if you are following the logic of keeping your sub if you made the decision I am good enough for you to own then you made the choice I am safe enough to be around your sub.I am a sub and masters on here really need to treat their subs like full grown ass women and men and learn to trust your subs ability to make adult decisions.maybe I am weird and too lienent with a sub.since I treat them like a independent person first and my property second to tell them what to do.maybe I am weird as a sub since I don't rely on my owner to do my own intro to meeting a person.I say hi.I can hold my own.I need and want to know the individual.I don't rely on a middle man.I wear my big girl panties in that regard.

8/24/2017 10:05:17 PM
So last couple of days.I have not tried to urk some of you male doms on here with my blunt to the point honesty of nope I am not for you attitude.if I tell you I am not a slave because you ask me to be a slave.if I ask if you read my profile and I question if you have.why would you think I would be a slave?those comments are not meant to provoke a negative response.that is not me being a drama queen.those are legit comments.I do not baby any guy on here.I don't try to word things in a way to make you happy.I say what I need to say because my reaction to some of the male offers and suggestions seem like they don't come from a logical stand why would you ask a stranger to be your sub or you serve me within the first you bring strangers you welcome unknown people into your personal space to be intimate with you?do you even know who the person is you just asked to serve you or you serve them?unlike a bulk of people I don't hint.say one thing but mean another.there is no hard core thought process behind most my questions that make them personal.also I have been getting guys stealing Google pics lately.most come from porn sites.famous people online they steal them from.I do not get emotionally.sexually involve with a no face person.I don't do online d/s.I do real and for real I got to cover every part of am I attraction to you.I don't care what you look like for me to talk to you.if you are in another state not like I am going to go and fuck you that day if I liked how you your appearance really is not the first thing stopping me from getting involved with you.I can't stress this enough d/s is built on a foundation of trust.lack of trust is not an in vanilla relationships are essential but in a kinky relationship where control.pain.bondage.etc is involved you absolutely must have a deeper sense of trust.everything is magnified.loyalty.honesty.I could go word of advice if you are going to live a lifestyle with d/s is the focal point.respect everything that comes with it to make it work the way it is intended to is a is also a systematic to the point blue print of functionality.there is a top.there is a bottom.the person who leads the one who don't complicate something so simple.

8/23/2017 10:54:49 AM
I can't say this enough I am not a SLAVE.if you are looking for a slave not a sub I won't fit your criteria.I have experimented enough myself to know the difference between masters and doms.I know to use even domme for female dominates.I have ran into subs that say they don't see the difference.well to any one who overlooks the is not a slight is a major difference.slaves have no rights.they own nothing.they make non of the choices.they do not have a list of kinks telling you what is okay for you to do(so subs if your a slave with a long list of might as delete that list.masters are not there to fulfill your fantasies).subs have a amount of freedom still intacked.they have the right to choose their freedom even under ownership.I will put this out to a switch is not the same as a slave or sub.I know some dominants stay away from switches.not because they necessarily think poorly of a switch but they know switches are not the same and can be a wild card.most dominant switches may go for the alpha male. so how often do you think a dominant switch goes against her instinct to be a slave?I will sub that is a middle ground not the polar opposite as a slave is.

8/7/2017 9:08:25 AM
People are weird on here.why ask a question then block a person before they get to answer?I sometimes don't respond fast enough but that doesn't mean I have a problem with you.

7/30/2017 5:05:20 AM
I had to just block a rude female domme.she left one message in my inbox suggesting my boobs were so bad I needed to get a boob job for some one to find me attractive enough to like my body.she called it an opinion.well people opinions don't mean you got the right to be an ass to every one you don't like.that opinion was an unnecessary one that was rude.judgemental.i mean who goes out of their way just to shed some of their negativity in someone's in box?I never contacted a person to pick at their bodies.if I don't like a profile I move on.I keep my opinion of you to myself.those are called manners and being a considerate adult.I don't know what each of you feel about your may not like your body and in no way do I want to contribute to hurting that persons feelings.I have empathy for people who struggle with a body image.I have to deal with my bdd every I know the challenges a disorder can cause without some one that day putting me down as well.just grow up people and think before you speak.otherwise kindly insert a dick in your mouth to choke on because no one needs your OPINIONS.

7/21/2017 12:46:47 PM
Now let me make something clear I understand responsibilities and if your a couple usually the dominant takes the beginning steps to screen if you are a dom I have spoken to several times in the past.I already got a shit load of messages and conversations from you.Now if you recontact me months later and want me to meet your girl then guess what she can contact me.I already ask you all the necessary questions months ago (yeah months ago.extremely excessive in the screening department.months need to turn into a year. give me a break)so it is her turn to step up and interact.If I am interested in any one I will dive in there.I do not sit in the background.I am one eager lady.I want to get to know any body of interest to me.I don't need my hand held in the process.if you cuddle your sub in a way that you shut down her being able to socialize and interact in the future.if you are a unhealthy over protective dom that she can not even make friends with other women.I am sorry but I believe in a female.even as a sub having her relationship and having a sense of independence.her getting to know some one does not translate her sexing it up behind your back because she has the desire to get to know a person.I do not do jealousy.I will not remove friends I have and I will not exclude making a new friend.i will serve an individual but my group relationship is not just dependent of both my partners always having to be in the same room for me to be able to engage with either one that is around.Male doms do not waste my time.female subs do not waste my time.if you are a couple.Both of you will have to contact with me at some point as an individual.I will not get involved with a couple based on you just being a couple.why?it is simple I need to know how you behave when the other is not your personality reflects as singular individual so I know we have a connection as well and it doesn't go cold because your male dom leaves the room.that something I would like to know before meeting any couple.if I can't carry a conversation with your sub why would I want to see your sub in real time?if you do not understand my methods.the logistics of knowing the unit and knowing a person on a singular level is just as important then I can't adjust for you.personality wise your female needs to be as direct.interested in asking me questions.caring whether she caught my interest.let's put it this way.even if it is in a crude manner.she has a pussy doesn't mean she has to act like one.if any one has interest in me then contact me directly.I don't get a sense of connection through a middle man.I can with people I talk to not to strangers I don't talk to.

7/10/2017 3:21:32 AM
Now any one heard the saying there is no stupid that is a big lie.i understand people play on they ask questions I find not silly but from logical stand point is irrelevant.people if you send me a message asking me things like do you get spank or spank some one online.I understand it could be a question determining what side of the line you stand on in a sub or dominant is where I don't get it.why ask the online part as part of the question.I can not reach through a screen spank can't reach through your screen spank me.why ask a question that is indeed a action of a physical nature involving the actual touching of me touching you and you touching play consist of me touching touching yourself.there is no I do this to you.I don't mind answering whatever questions some one has but please refrain from asking me questions that means nothing and is not productive.I am on this is a sex site.however I don't come on here for just nonsense perv stuff.i come on here for a if you must ask me if I want to spank you or you spank me take into consideration I got nothing for you to help you solve your little question.possible sarcasm.the amount of people I play online with is a very small percentile.99.9 of you will not be in that percentile.

5/15/2017 3:18:13 PM
I just got a lecture for how I should have created my profile.For any one viewing my profile I put the general stuff.concerning age.etc.I break it down further once we have spoken.if I have an age preference.I am still open to other ages.what I do with you depending on your age may be entirely different.guys save the lectures.don't tell me what I should do i know what I am doing with my profile.if you get your man panties all bunched up.not my have your profile.I would never have the nerve or even think I know better then you do in creating your profile.I don't owe people on here a thing.I will give you the common courtesy to reply to your message.I have the right to have a physical attraction to who I am attracted to.bottom line.I am still young and what I want is a mature older male.yet to grow old with.that is my proaggrative.I am selfish.I want as much time I can get with a partner.I want to not spend 20 years with you.25.more if yes I like my 10 year gaps between me and them.i have played with people with at least a 25 year please understand.I don't mean to be mean.I just break things down to groups.that is what I do to better micro mange in general by creating a clear outline of what works for me.long term.short in.on and on.part time full if I take a male way older then me with a gap bigger then 10.I will not be mono.I will take on another partner and no it wouldn't be the gender you in a nutshell if your 25 years older then me at least.if your a d type who will not allow me to date some one within my gap preference as well it will not work.I need both a physical and emotional attraction to you.just the nerve of some guys on here blows me away.guys take a no and leave it at that.a girl doesn't need convincing.what she needs is respect of her decision.NO MEANS NO.

4/16/2017 10:55:13 PM
Last journal entry.I commented on fake pics.what is worse is when you call some out.they actually say their profile pic was a drop the name of the famous pic they stole.their response"well I kinda see myself looking like that"raised eye brow on my end.a puzzled look of and a smile emote with tears streaming from its eyes from laughing so hard because unless their legally blind their pic and the famous pic is like apples and oranges.there not one thing similar to them and the actor.Collarspace people can crack me up.just because you would like to see yourself one way doesn't make you the doppelganger of hotness.

4/16/2017 8:02:34 PM
Dear lord.I get keeping your identity off of here due to business but really using one pic of a model or porn star as the only pic of you.there is a difference from keeping your work identity and stealing some one else's.another thing if your an attractive individual you wouldn't be looking to steal a models pic but I guess if you persist on stealing an image make sense one would upgrade then downgrade.shady people on here that use business as their scape goat

4/15/2017 11:10:57 PM
Can we for one sec on here be reminded a sadist and a man who feels empowered on beating on woman are not even remotely in the same category.there is healthy then there is emotionally unstable.if you are a man and think I am taking a black eye.a bruise.a welt the size of a baseball on my face to empower your dominant personality?um.certainly not fellows.I got my quirks but I am not so far off the beaten path of sanity I have lost my I get all to their I think many blur the line of bdsm who are not healthy and has made it into some thing ugly?yes.they have taken it to another level that some how the unstable seem to be more in the forefront of sites dealing with d/ you have to question maybe the vanilla folks are not off by their stereotypes.if a man comes home beats his wife.I guess in some ones book it is now considered bdsm.he is a alpha male.they are in a bdsm relationship that is the norm to isn't it scary when something sick is now a norm?maybe I am too sane that I will never catch up to this norm that some have.leaves me questioning what will become the new norm for a new breed of folks.if you are an abusive guy on here we are not a match.any one with experience also will know the likely hood of a switch with a dominant personality is very slim she even in the same category as a slave.realize this I have limits on here.I have in every way made it clear it is not in my nature to be a slave.when it boils down I got one full time master.the one I obey the most.who dictates my submission to you.ME.That is right.I can be your sub.most of the time I submit because my will has to align with our wants as being the same.I don't top from the if I refuse to go along with a fist to my face.I am simple saying my worth is more then my need to be of service to you.I am judgemental in this respect if I think you need to get healthy before playing I will say it if you persue me.I do not wish to let my children ever think abuse and bdsm is in the same category.calling me stupid or any kind of hulimation like that does not turn me on if insults become attacks on my intelligence or telling me I am ugly in any way does not do it for me.I don't need to be picked apart to feel submissive.I like the daddy figures and if my daddy picked me apart like that would just crush in a nutshell.guys you are not a sadist because you like to hit girls like your in bar brawl with another eyes are not a sign of power but a mans badge of being weak to feel superior.psychopaths I understand bdsm can be your playground but seriously you must learn to play nice with others.last thing is I am not into just any one.I am flattered if you think I can be your slave but don't approach me unless your healthy mentally.

1/31/2017 12:13:40 AM
Doms yes i am i will not start off with the goal of sharing a girl with you.i will not start off in a relationship where any talk of poly begins the relationship.i will begin or be interested in a foundation of you and i.if any poly situation occurs so be it but it will not happen in the beginning of the relationship if it does.if you are not versatile.can not survive on a 1 on 1 environment i do not want to pursue you.i do not want to be rushed finding you a seriously my sexuality has nothing to do with finding you a 2nd girl.i really think guys need to get that on doesn't mean a person shares their partners.i go on a person to person case.meaning what i do depends on who i am with.i will not want to do the same thing with every relationship structures will not be the same.i will be honest here because of certain kinks.most males on here will not provide it for me.i am more interested in some one letting me indulge in sexual freedom and exploration not give me restraints.i want to learn and i cant do that under an overly controlling possessive male.unless he gets turned on by watching me being naughty with others.i get super turned on in situations where i am being watched while being sexual.weird thing is i probably would be turned on by a peeping tom jerking off at my bedroom window watching me have sex.while he is being taunted and teased by me playing with the other all ties into my ego.the needing you to want me.the seduction of it all.being objectified by you playing with yourself as you watch me as a sexual would be great if i could find an oral slave at some point.gender doesn't matter.

1/26/2017 9:31:35 PM
Another married man.For the married ones out there I have no interest being your mistress.having to explore my kinks in a environment where I must hide.WORK around the wife's schedule.if you are not open to the woman you live with i have no reason to believe in your level of loyality in general.Big part of the dynamic between a d type and their sub is I suppose to let some one not morally sound be my guide?No I look up to you to steer me in the right direction not so I can feed your fun between the sheets need.People tend to use this lifestyle as a means to be less then better as people.they only honor the kink side but very little care for the emotionally depth d/s does provide if done with standards.yes a person can have standards when sex is involved.not every one on here are drones where they are set to one look for depth.the stuff I can feed off of in the long run.short intervals of fun is like giving me something awesome then taking it away.I look to build.I don't mind the work.the challenge to get to know you from the inside out.Easy has never been something I found desirable.I have found it a inconvenience.

1/22/2017 5:32:02 AM
they should make it mandatory that all users must have at least one real profile pic.even if it is from the shoulder down.people don't ask me questions that acquire me to know what you look considerate do not make me look like an ass when i turn you down after the fact you sent a pic.then i need to come up with a better reason then i am not attracted to you.when all of that could have been avoided if you initially presented a pic within the first message before i had to ask for pic on profile no sex talk about my sexual behavior.etc

1/22/2017 5:18:50 AM
another one of those messages asking do you want to have sex.then they attach a link for you to follow.for real.that was a waste of their time.what they should be asking is do you want to play online without the real time pleasure of sex.Wrong gender they are targeting.Better luck sending a guy that link then a woman :P

1/13/2017 6:14:14 PM
here is the deal no pic.out of state me shallow but i don't feel the urge to share my sexual likes with a person who i am not physically attracted to and bullshit to the idea that guys are more stimulated by visual aids.Women in general can be more forgiving but we are just as into pretty things as you are.people with no pics are you not looking it from a logical stand point?i am beginning to wonder if you you think it helps you to get the girl because after the fact she gets the pic she wont meet up with you if she isn't attracted to you and if she sees how you look when she meets up with you.she wont jump in the sack with you if you are not her just wasted her time.which that is kind of a rude ass thing to is the middle man to help aid real play.keeping your fantasies online for me defeats the purpose of having them.if you are just going to talk about them.why even have them?if there is no chance of a real encounter i am not interested.there is no exceptions for males and very little wiggle room for women.i can not stress this enough i am looking for real time main interest right now is people who are okay with cuckolding situations or they are okay with sex with me and 1 other person.which no males not necessarily you me and another girl. daddy little girl play.i would like to gain much more experience in that area.

1/7/2017 1:45:53 AM
Why I don't do teen anything.even if you are a legal are under developed in have not yet began to learn how to manage relationships of emotional are still in the earlier stages of finding what you need oppose to what you want.I am a 33 year old woman.have two kids.have had long term lasting 9 years.different stages of can not offer me longevity only experimental moments.which I can find that in some one with more experience.I appreciate the energy some one in their 20's have I just don't think it is enough.I think in terms of long term.would a 18 year old really want to be tied down so early?not a sane one at least.i don't rotate slaves neither.neither do I make a habit of jumping from one boss to another.I prefer subs not slaves to begin with.I want you to have limits and rights still intact under ownership.I am not a slave switch could even go to the extreme of slave title if they actually enjoy the freedom of choice to pick sides.I am that type of switch who likes her options.I like a sense of control to completely have it removed I would dislike.I don't want to be in charge of some one else's slaves either.manage your own slaves.I will be in a relationship with your slave but I will not be her secondary boss.I don't know why masters think there is appeal in being a middle man in the relationship so to speak.I mean I can't really dictate her actions on my terms.I need to tell her what to do on your maybe being some cert of alpha slave.beta slave is and can be a joke in the totem is unnecessary to have a separation of the level of slave/sub you are.I never seen slaves take on two masters.called one her alpha then her beta master.I have seen that term beta and alpha used to establish a system of order among what order of slave some one falls under.

12/20/2016 9:27:46 PM
I get asked more about dominance and submissiveness.what do I want a man or woman to be.most of the time if one is labeled a switch it always seems those terms are the two options thrown out can I put this I don't think in terms of do I want him I want him submissive.I want primal.primal doesn't mean there has to be a yes one needs to call me miss.I don't need the protocols.the status quo so to speak.I just want an animalistic human being that fucks without thinking first.thinking is not an acquirement once the cloths come when some one is like tell me a fantasy of yours.what ways would you be my sub or dominate me.I am like I don't know.I am not having sex right now.I can't think of one thing I want to do to know why that is I don't think.just stick it in.probe me.lick something and just let my body figure it out from the physical stimuli to see what should be good enough I look pretty enough for you to want to poke I need to map out a plan before hand.that can be your job since sorry guys your job isn't to look when did sex have to be such a thought process.all these fantasy talks on the web.I mean what is the deal with people and fantasies?all talk no action.if I can't have you in my bed I got no motivation to talk about overly thought out fantasies.I so suck with my social skills.maybe I am not understanding the foreplay on the Web that is done by using story telling of a fantasy.I mean it must be online foreplay I get bored with.what is real for me is if I can feel it between my legs.real is talk is not real for me.

12/19/2016 7:42:28 PM
Okay guys on here who I just meet and not emotionally.sexually familiar with on any level I will not look for you.that is your job to find your own buddies.I find my own things to play with.i got no game.I am not above average skilled in the arts of charm is not iron clad solid.I may be able to get your pants down to your ankles but that is not my likeable nature that makes it happen(and yes despite my journal entries I can manage to be a likeable person to a selective few :p).I have enough managing my own sex life.finding my own female.I got no time to look for you to.just because I am pansexual.I am not saying I am going to start a poly household with you.does not mean I am saying I am even sharing a girlfriend with you.I am only even considering a closed poly with a male I have known and gotten extremely familiar with.absolute trust with.that means guys on the net I dont trust in that way.we are not inimate.we will not build something like that unless I see you in real time for a good amount of time and we would have to be a good year into a solid relationship.I will be more prone to play with local already established couples in the meantime if I need that at the moment.the things people ask on here from the beginning seems irrational and not logical to start with.

12/18/2016 10:31:58 PM
Another one bites the dust and he took the rejection a little bit too personal.same guy who wanted me to submit in his first message weeks ago.who told me to watch my fuckin mouth since I found him rather comical as a master type with how he carried himself.after my ty but no message.he said he did not want my nasty ass and forgave wasn't that kind of him? :p then blocked me.the typical lack of control guy who hides behind a block button after he gets his one sided conversation in.I didn't ask for his forgiveness.I am very confused why me rejecting him was a crime that I needed to be forgiven in the first place.As if I care about being in his good the man that delusional?I am thinking that would be a hell yes.he is totally off his rocker so to guys get senile much earlier then women?or is it only when they are thinking with their Dicks the other brain shuts down.look I am not amused.I am far more advance then maybe what some of you are use to dealing with on here.persuasions.offers of sex or women.etc hardly breaks the barrier down.I am impressed by the rare type of males that simple are above average mentally and emotionally.the ones who demonstrate control beyond the shadow of doubt when a difficult situation rears it's ugly little head.I like my alpha males.which males with poor impulse control is not on top of the food chain.bottom line if you act dumbe.lack of calling you just need not waste my time or yours.

12/4/2016 8:20:24 AM
so this morning some of the usual messages.the ones offering to use me for their sex gain.i don't get it how horny are you guys on here?i mean that is how you lead a intellect conversation.hey baby i got a dick.let me put it up your butt or train it is not a great opener if the woman is more advanced then a cave woman.this is not the stone age here.i get this is a sex site.however if your brain is in your dick we got problems here.i am not looking for a hard dick and no brains act.people you are on here to find people.construct a profile.produce the brains.eye candy.i mean sell yourself for god sakes to get the woman's attention.i am no genius here.however i do know a bare/scarce pic. is not the most skilled way to reel one in.i need to have interest in what i see first to want more.i see nothing i want nothing.kills my motivation.also it is pretty frickin rude not to contact me on here first before chasing me down in other places off of here before knowing if i would even want last thing if you are a couple i will not do anything with you or your partner if i do not have engagement with the female.i get too many couples where i only have direct contact with the guy.

12/3/2016 2:47:31 PM
I was reading more profiles on here and one I kind of disliked.i get they have the right to judge based on what they think is right to their moral code.freedom of speech I support that.i don't understand why people view daddy/baby girl as child molestation.there is not a child involved.i have not had a daddy Dom underage or I am not is two consulting is not even the same as incest as some like to view it.just because a word is used does not mean it falls under the same has none of the actual factors making it child related.key factor adult child.not a blood relative in the dynamic of what I have had when calling a Dom daddy.i think the dictionary is under used by some on here and needs to be used more if any one is weirded out by that dynamic probably best not to pursue me because I pinky swear eventually I may slip a daddy in there during sex and then an awkward moment.followed by a limp dick if your brain is saying that is a fucked up thing she just said to me.

12/3/2016 8:12:17 AM
guys it is okay if you are bi but here is the deal if the only pics you got on your profile is cock and images of only dude on dude is like bam in your face i want cock not pussy.i am really turned off by your lack of interest in the female gender.also guys i don't care f you are now single.if you originally sent me a message of you being a cheater or trying to get with my guy behind my already lost your credibility as a man to make moral and loyal decisions needing you to be my sub or my dom. how complicated is that to understand?the i am single is like good for you .now you don't need to lie to get sex.pat on the back for the lady who dumped your ass.she is making you a honest man to be single now in the cheating department.people on here need to get a reality check.simple thing to understand.carry yourself the same in your daily life decisions.if you are a honorable man to begin with your actions will mimic that in any scenario.

12/2/2016 10:28:08 AM
okay i need yo classify this.a dozen shots of dick pics and naked women on your profile doesn't count as a pic.

12/2/2016 10:14:52 AM
going through old real profile pic don't get butt hurt if i delete your message before reading it.attach a pic and no i wont say please.just common sense to send one if you want my interest.

12/2/2016 8:16:13 AM
i get the purpose of online but really.when did people get so damn lazy for real time interactions.i am a physical being.that involves contact.not cam girl sessions.i benefit nothing from that.i am sorry to but guys really stop bitching about women taking your money on here or the domme taking advantage of your dicks.if you cant pay for entertainment don't ask for it.if you cant maintain a relationship in real time then pay for a service online.if you don't want your wallet emptied out.ever here of free porn?you hate tributes well most girls hate fingering herself on line hearing and seeing you jack off for free if they got no desire and connection to you.i don't offer many skype sessions and these days hardly ever.rarely i do and i must feel connected to that person.i will take a phone call first to see if i even want to see note subject.has any one ever done a experiment on here to see how people respond to different profiles.notice there are those guys who will respond to any if you make a profile contradicting your one profile and same dude responds to both profiles.makes you think what is he really aiming for?just food for thought

12/2/2016 6:13:18 AM
i have been unaware i have been lying about my age for the last two years.i didn't  realize i had to change my age manually on here.i am 33 not 31 :P

11/19/2016 3:15:11 AM
i just read a dom profile.he said he had no limits.i have not yet met a dom with no limits.generally the doms have a shit load more limits then any sub i have met because if there was a no limit doms.subs would have a field day with your ass and we would enjoy every last bit of it.i don't think that no limit dom that exists should ever meet a hardcore twisted sadistic sub ever :P

11/18/2016 4:25:22 AM
I also was told by a man he found it disturbing I preferred the female gender. I am thinking how is that disturbing when you prefer women as well.Should I think that is disturbing you don't favor cock over va ga ga?straight dudes why are you disturbed or confused if you like the same things I like?I swear it is only okay for women to like women if the scales don't tip in the female is okay for a female to be bi as long as you can rake in the two for one deal because of her sexuality.Honestly a women's sexuality isn't based on what you consider practical to your cock at any given time.I feel sometimes males can feel threaten more by pussy then other they can compete with other guys but throw in a horny bi female who just loves the female form and it throws them into a state of confusion.Has any one played the game Sims for the comp?I whole town was a bunch of horny women.some dressed in hardly nothing and I kept a few males for breeding purposes.the ones who did not make the babies where sentence to the death house and became a tombstone in the cemetary.So yeah I am very female driven and if I could choose I would most likely keep one master of my own and then a harem of scandalous clad women running amok.just like the way I played my sims.maybe how I played my game was disturbing but not my interest in women :p

11/18/2016 4:05:14 AM
I swear there are some thick headed so called doms on here.they come at you swinging with this big flapping mouth trap of theirs barking these pointless orders of you must obey.I am are woman.look I have a va ga ga but that doesn't mean I bow down to your gender or believe in this order of males are superior hoobla.Really the gender who is led by his dick is superior?if you are a male and I see you as flash it has nothing to do with your has to do with your you carry yourself.your demeanor of being in control without actually trying to be in control.a natural dominant doesn't need to put on a show.he just is dominant.if you are telling a woman to obey in the first message and demand her submission I see that you have no experience.a little boy trying to prove something.I don't like to screw little boys.tantrums are not charming at case you online doms was unaware of that.I will say this to all you bad ass want to be doms on here.I said I was a switch.not a sub.not a slave.I don't live for submission.if I get on my knees it is because it was practical to get to your cock at the time to fill my sexual get myself like protocol.that sucks because I don't use Sir.master.Best you get is daddy and you got to know how to play that card right.does my journal entries and profile confuse the doms on here?I mean does it say obedient slave girl without question.I didn't think why do I got some severe control freaks on here?a dom told me today to watch my fucking mouth when speaking to him and went off on the natural order of things.I told him to watch his fuckin mouth because there is no sub here where she needs to watch her fuckin mouth.I also told him he gets what he puts out.god broke the mold when he made that one superior wonder why the man is single :p

11/8/2016 2:19:36 PM
Look here you young studs you who try to use your domly ways to charm me with your give me now attitudes.I am not amused.i am not turned on or impressed.moved in the slightest.if you got no pic(of yourself) it just won't cut it for me.if your profile has pics of an old gf or girls you want to screw or cartoon characters only in your profile won't work.they don't count as a profile pic.ever heard of false advertisement?who are you thinking you need to sale on here?duh.yourself.I don't want to hear work won't allow it.then you send a decent below the neck shot.if you copy and paste messages with demands in my inbox i will be like is this man for real.he has nothing to entice me to do it becomes a joke at that point to me.yes I said I was willing to be open more to guys at this time.maybe I should clarify.I am more open to a guy then all of you guys.also if you have a gf who is an exhibitionist and you start sending me photos of your naked gf.yes they are nice and fun but after x amount of pics boring.she becomes just a image that I have no connection to and that leads to boredom to me.have her take the time to actually speak to me if you want me to have interest in her.

11/1/2016 12:22:49 PM
Look guys.if you are not in the u.s don't ask for my time as a cam girl for your pleasure.boredom at its best.if you are within the u.s I will be willing to talk on the a normal video call but I am not getting on there for a strip tease.if I was going to flash you my lady bits I would have a close up picture already of my va ga get to see what I want you to see.not the other way around.also I see no real productivity with guys who are from India.etc.lets say even if I do jump on it and you make promises of real time.Are you coming to the u.s to get me?I dont have the means to relocate myself to a foreign is something else I get two kids for the summer.are you going to fly me back to the states every year to get my kids to me.I am pretty sure their dad isn't buying 3 tickets to get kids back to the u.s when they have to return for do you get it?the impractitality of it all

11/1/2016 1:32:48 AM
I read a profile.a submissive asking why would a dom look for a domme or a switch?As for the domme part.legit because logically two dominant characters could clash in the wrong ways.this is where I don't see where their confusion to why would a dom look for a in case for some of you who thinks poorly of switches.the perception of how we don't play well with others by going out of our lane just to trample on your toes is a pretty shitty point of few you got there of them.a switch who knows her master and has submitted fully to an individual can do what you subs can subs you are not the only special label who deserves a master.switches for sure have to learn more skills to balance both their personalities.I will find small things and to some very silly ,and so small in detail that they overlook the fact it is just one way I can still feel in control.Now maybe she should ask why would a master look for a switch or domme.after all a master is not the same as a dom.switches are not meant for the weak willed d types.I think some d types stay away from harder things to tame because they can not adapt to anything but easy.they are use to some one just submitting without thought.also doms may prefer looking for switches if they are poly.a women who likes to domme women may be seen more as a perk then a yeah.not everything is black and white.there is logic.then there is numerous of situations that the same logic does not apply for every one situation.

10/31/2016 7:57:35 PM
What is it with guys on here saying they got lesbian subs?I totally don't understand how they are so confused by a definition as simple as lesbian.lesbians don't partake in a cock diet.they like the other gender.

10/12/2016 11:34:11 PM
I do not like or respect all kinks.I tolerate some.however I believe if you have some really fucked up likes keep those like in your private album.I am a strong believer in not forcing others to view things most people do alone.bathroom stuff for should be an unspoken rule to keep that one to yourself and if to another.your partner if that is what your partner wants.also what is up with the bi and gay dudes trying to make straight dudes own them?I have gotten guys actually who have tried to get my straight partner to own them.note to those guys when you do make yourself look foolish.chances are the guy you try to turn gay is laughing about it with his gf.try to have some dignity still intact even on this site.another thing bottom/subs guys just because I am a switch it doesn't say I want a sissy to use a strap on with.I still want a man regardless of his label.if you dress in woman's clothing and want to be a sissy then I demand you look like a woman but still I won't play with your ass.people on here need to respect the labels someone else uses to let you means is not that complicated to understand the labels under ones sexuality.

10/7/2016 12:59:09 PM
Okay I asked a question.maybe I need to further explain something.I am more into women.i could easily identify as lesbian because i favor the female species but as long as I am not oppose to the actually dick itself and if I am sleeping with a guy to get it.there is no way I fit in the actual definition of a lesbian.bisexual.hetroflexible.pansexual.I can fall into anywhere ranging from those groups or anything that involves me playing with either of the genders at any given time.if you are a guy who says your bf is a dated flash she is not.was not a lesbian when you were dating did not conquer something most guys try when they think they can reprogram a lesbian to like them.if you did some force bi things and you got a taste of you love playing with the same is chemical thing and you were born that way to begin just did not realize it on your own but it was in you to begin people the dictionary just doesn't readjust itself to fit your either fit into the definition or guys no a lesbian is not interested in you or your stop thinking if you try really hard you can make it better get a little lady to offer up.then you got a chance to have a threesome with a actually lesbian.

10/5/2016 5:43:11 AM
Can some one explain to me how a woman is a lesbian with a boyfriend?I thought lesbians oppose dick not welcomed it.

9/19/2016 10:29:54 AM
Why do guys go on here trying to treat subs like a an escort business?they offer a dick on your behalf to hold and think if I offer to use her properly. train her to be my my little fun cum dumpster she should jump at such a fulfilling offer.well look here maybe I should be jumping for joy that you want to use is the deal.I know my label says I am not made of all slave bones.I don't foam at the mouth.I don't have an itch to scratch when you smile in my direction.your lap is unappealing if you are just another individual who I just seen in a room.I am not moved by offers of you dominating me.hell I avoid the males on here who micromanage and just want to train and train nonstop.I can't stomach an endless supply of rules.only strict sucks.I got one person and he has rules but he is not in my face grrr I must control your every waking moment.

9/17/2016 10:41:16 PM
I get too many people on here trying to play with a full deck.who like their options.they choose to inform you of their actions when they out weighted their options and made their final choice.I choose to inform some one of my status before I have to make the choice to choose if you best fit my needs.why?because I am considerate in advance.I am unselfish enough to think outside of me.I don't give a number out I don't tend to use.I don't jump.if you get on here believing every one is you juggle your interactions under that assumption.then here is a thought.readjust.Fact people are real.fake does not exist.we have.liars.half truths.we may not like the many shades of real on here but they are not to be held accountable of your poor judgement calls in the honesty you can avoid wasting a person time and show the common courtesy when your honesty should have been applied.I had a sub on here feel he needed to inform me after the fact he was speaking to multiple dommes and sent me a rejection wasn't the fact he was speaking to others.that is what you do when you are wasn't the rejecting me.rejection is the is pretty normal to me in the dating game.what it was is he was seeing who would make the cut before he took the initiative to be honest.he just simple could have said I did not fit what he needed.the why did not was the lack of honesty before hand that matter.That was the character flaw I found to be defective.I give people the power to dictate a situation in the beginning stages so I can decide if you make the cut not the other way around.needless to say he was right to make the call he did because based on his actions it would not of worked out in the me trusting him department to be his domme.

9/14/2016 12:37:32 PM
Now I am getting the crazies who speak to know people some of you NEED to start bottling the crazy deep down in a place that is burried so deep that it doesn't see another living is not therapy it can be thereupatic to ones happiness.see the diff?stick to the therapy sessions and meds.

9/14/2016 12:18:01 PM
I can not stress this enough with some of you people on here.Gaurentee I may have one toe dipped in the insanity pool on my bad days but I am not unhinged enough to do the things some of you call the norm.I only deal with sanity with a pinch of insanity or a responsible insane individual who is mostly sane.I didn't start coming on here because I am an abused girl looking for an outlet to hurt herself.I need the sadistic masochist relationship.that is a fact.however it is for the purposes it feels good and there is not some back story to why I need you to be is a feeling and not a reaction to circumstances I have dealt with in my life.I may not follow all the protocols.titles.etc.I do though follow a code which pretty much goes hand in hand with my vanilla life.I believe if you ask me to do something that is a risk factor to you .I am responsible for the outcome.I do not care to use you as human ashtray.I will not leave you in some mosquito infested know why.first of all I know you are fucked in the thinking strait could even be crazy enough to say holy fuck I don't like this.I think I should file some compliant to feel some one has to pay for my own willing stupidity.yes I am judging.I think some kinks are just stupid and I can sometimes look at you if your stupid based on your kink actions.I like having some one I see has the ability to produce a logic response.produce a safe environment.a intelligent person who can rationalize using sanity to draw a line from real and fantasy.there is kinks I objects turn me on.I just won't hand an individual a knife though to I get forms of edge play.if you are ridiculously hot I don't care.your still a loon.just putting that out there.

9/8/2016 12:34:04 PM
I just got a message by a male dom.he said'i want to punch you in the face'. Is that a pick up line?if so sure did nothing to my girl parts.

9/2/2016 9:30:14 AM
I can not stress this enough.local at this point is the only way I am going to bend and let a guy into my space.i can not.i do not have the attention spend for long distance.i would like to make more local friends in general.sometimes I just want to get out of the house and not make a phone call to speak to you as my getting out.that defeats the purpose of getting out.i understand internet is a essential means as communication while getting to know some one.i have friends out of state.i communicate with them but most often things don't end up with naked Skype calls.i don't get a serious high just playing online. Taking pics for you when I don't know you.i hate to just entertain online at times.i do not have the submissive bone to be that type of submissive.i do not enjoy online slaves who I can't touch.i don't get the full satisfaction I need to want to dictate your behavior on line.only time I resort to such play is with some one I see physical and already formed an attachment with.if you want to know what I am looking for on here.sometimes I can not give you a definite answer what my goal with you or anybody else relationship wise is.i take it day by day not in terms of your value as a long term partner in such a short period of time.i don't normally miss people if I have not gotten to know you I can come off as indifferent and insensitive to your feelings.don't be offended.For any man that speaks to me I am sexually active.i do not see my behavior changing unless given the right reason to limit myself.if a Dom wants to know the details of how I have sex with another person.that is too bad.if you are going to ask if my VA GA GA is being tooken care of.duh.guys are always available to women.for every woman there is a shitload of guys already lined up.logically speaking I just don't have the same sex with every one I get involved with so what I do with some one else doesn't mean I am going to do it with you.

8/1/2016 4:31:59 AM
If your a woman wanting me to visit your adult website so I can speak to you.not gonna make due haste and strout my ass over to there to take a look.i can type you from here just fine.i hardly come on here to begin with.if you are really interested for real time.then I am more then willing to accommodate you and speak through texting on the phone or even a actual phone call.also if I turn you down due to past experiences with me jumping through hoops to deliver pics and you only want online engagement.woman don't get your panties all bunched up.i had a woman block me since I told her I was not going for round two of being her internet circus chimp.she wouldn't speak on the phone at all and just gave demands.i got a high tolerance but low amount of patience.i do think it is funny she contacted me and blocked me as if she was punishing me.if I wanted to harass the woman I would have contacted her to begin with.i never blocked some one after I sent them a could be because I don't need to be a coward and hide from an issue.i guess I believe in I say my input and they got the right to defend themselves.if someone says they don't like conflict.what they actually are saying is I enjoy one sided conversations.i had a phone conversation with a man.during the whole conversation he kept on saying I don't judge people.first sign I showed I disagreed.the man want to loony town.he could not manage to keep calm.people are loonies.also woman if a girl makes you dinner because you suggested a date and she went out of her way to make everything right for you on that date.have the decency to call and cancel.i really don't expect much from people in manners department.i am pretty fricken fair in that department and forgiving of you even if you fuck something up.

1/14/2016 10:05:01 PM
okay.let me understand this.if you come on here with no full profile and pics.then you address me.who has a full written and pic expect me to do what?produce more as you produce notto to entice is an excercise.lazy fuckers when i ask for a pic produce it.if you are the man in the pic when i get on cam with you then you did good.all i ask is you produce what i already produced and produce what i can produce.guys you want easy cam girls.go get them.just don't be thinking i live to entertain you or you get shit.i think boys you have the wrong idea what a sub is.submissive does not mean spine want it your way d's.sorry but you are not my customer i must keep happy at a job.i come on here to meet people who are open to properly takeing the right steps and don't object to me seeing them before i move off this site with them.if you question my gender.then go ahead.i wont stop you from leaving my inbox.god speed and don't let my inbox knob hit you in the ass as you exit.i have put work into this profile.maybe some of you need to do the same of your own before making demends.

1/10/2016 8:56:20 PM
here we go but in big print. i do not take cheating male subs to bring around my home.i do not look to pollute my honest relationship by trying to own a dishonest sub.what the fuck think a domme wants a relationship based off on lies?show some sense of loyalty to your current spouses .i don't care how long you have been in this lifestyle but if my puny 2 years understands the dynamic between owner and sub relies on honesty to build trust.why the fuck are you stunted in the d/s foundation to make your chances easier to be owned?put your adult trousers on before your kiddy fingers get to the keyboard.sometimes i think i am dealing with a child trap in a man's body.also if no profile pic.please attach a photo with your first message.

1/8/2016 4:26:12 PM
again with people going behind their spouses back.questions they need to ask themselves before they contact me.why would a woman work around my schedule to cheat on my partner.why would a person want to hide in public with you.why would a person bring a lier into a honest relationship they already have.what else will i lie about.people who cheat your credibility is shot.a dominant and sub relationship is built on trusting each other.when you get on here preparing to show me your cred is sneaking about i can't trust the fact you will do right by me when we go deeper into the relationship.a wife and husband marriage is a very much like a made made a you run those vows most likely it is how you will run an equally important a collar.start showing your wife or husband some self respect and honesty before you come entering my inbox.

1/7/2016 2:50:36 AM
Where are the locals in my area?I am thinking I should move since every one else looks at my profile but the people actually in baton rouge :p

1/5/2016 10:57:19 AM
I was asked a question today.why don't I find a male to help me find a female?I just don't see why I need to go out of what I am looking for and use a male to form a bond with a woman.I will not have a relationship with a man just to find a relationship I want with the actual person i want.I have a set goal.sometimes I will stray from that if I fuck a guy I am looking to fuck seeing his dick as my gateway to pussy.the lesbians on here don't want dick.the hetroflexible do or the cert of bi girls do (which over half of the bi woman on here are hetroflexible.not hardcore women lovers).so I can go on about why I don't need a dick to get pussy.I just need the right dicks or pussies to fit in what is going on in my life right now.I only except people who are looking for real time down the line and preferably local to see if they fit in my current situation.

1/4/2016 12:40:01 AM
i repeat.attach a photo of yourself to your message.if not your message will be ignored.i do not like talking and then later on getting a pic.then finding out there is no physical put me in awkward position.

1/3/2016 2:03:17 PM
Dear lord is all i got to say.i am not here to make a married man's bdsm fantasies come true if your wife does not know about it.Something called woman code does exist to some of us women.i know guys you don't get that.why i would care more about a woman i don't know then riding your dick. Morals i am going to do is not here to damage my moral codes.i can have everything i want sexually without damaging who i am as a not contact me if you are a got gf's that know you play outside of them cool.i get that since i can play outside my relationship here.i don't judge you for that.

1/3/2016 9:21:54 AM
Why is it every time you tell a man his dick is not needed they translate that as you are a man hater?you have a distaste in them?I can not keep on trying to explain this I do not feel the need to pursue a man for a in situation right now.I got already establish connections.relationships I need to cert out.I got males already I can choose from I I am not that hard up for a master.I do what I want right now.I can fuck who I want right now.Except the fact I like your gender but get with the program I only will seek you for friendship.slim chance if I like you I may fuck you.I am honest so you don't waste your time.does my consideration for the male species sounds like it is coming from some one that dislikes you?no

1/2/2016 8:55:14 PM
New rule people.if you got no profile pic then send a pic in your pic then i am cool with friendship.Do not.I repeat do not expect me to want to put the effort into you if you can't put some effort into it yourself.i will not feel compelled to try harder to get to know you.Laziness in the beginning is not very flattering.

12/21/2015 4:38:43 AM
here is another so called master pissed off since i said no and the conversation shining a light on how big of a master he really is.

shamrockrules on 12/21/15 at 6:23 AM:
its ok sir just out of curiosity what the fuck are you seeking to annoy me

akaydia on 12/21/15 at 6:20 AM:

shamrockrules on 12/21/15 at 6:16 AM:
and i dont date queers or dumbasses either i dont give a fuck what your seeking lady your not passionate you dont date what are you a smartass,dumbass slut you just want to annoy real men im busy talking to real sweet subs fuck you dumbass im to nice to even talk to you and u dont have any qualities so far i adore u make my cock shrink actually not my type go argue with these dumbass loosers i like real sweet passionate girls who say sir and need a real man monogomous no offence your a bitch im shur of it

akaydia on 12/21/15 at 6:11 AM:
I hope you can find what you are looking for then on here.I am not looking for a bf or a master so I think it is safe to say we wouldn't be a good fit.since our interests are not the same.

shamrockrules on 12/21/15 at 6:06 AM:
im good babe , im not into bs or talking right now sir is common , master is later im in a horny mood not a lets have a arguement or mental conversation i like looking at that ass , and truelly love your breasts , im playful i want a girl friend and who is sweet and understanding me and my girl will make our own rules .

 Now his last message sent he corrects me by saying i should be saying yes Sir.Now Sir is used with a man you have respect for and an actual true friend you have grown to you tell me at what point did he respect me to earn the respect?His behavior was disrespectful.why he got a ok not okay Sir.It is a joke how people demand a title of respect but act like this.Another man who should pack his bags and leave the master role behind till he gets some clue on how a man should act.One thing he is right i am a bitch when i deal with morons first thing in the morning.the man is still sending me messages since i ignored him.needy mother fucker isn't he :P

12/17/2015 4:54:28 AM
I have such so many times been offered a woman if I was willing to sleep with is like this.step right up.if you let my pecker poke you.constellation prize.not only you get the cock but two boobs and a cutter.yay me :p.I am thinking but I can get boobs and an extra cutter but not a side dish of cock to go with that woman.cock?no cock?what is a girl to do?here is an idea. I pick the hot lesbian.So guys do you really think bribing with a woman is really going to work?I know I joke around with this stuff but fuck it.I take d/s seriously just not every message I get here.

12/9/2015 12:51:20 AM
Do you ever get a profile that viewed you and made you think like what the holy fuck am i really that weird to attract this?I want to blame my pictures as an easy scapegoat but still i don't think my ass says come hither all you overly abnormally beyond weird people.I need what you got in my life.i must need thicker lens too.either 18 year olds are looking ten years younger or the human race is more fucked than what i thought we were.i don't know what the rules are on here with pic posting but someone is seriously slacking in the  monitoring of the under age pic posting allowed on this site.

11/21/2015 5:41:27 AM
I am wondering why being a female switch some associate female dominance with a strap on or offering to suck another man's cock for me.What I enjoy is the things done to me.I mean I get no stimuli by guy on guy action.I understand the humiliation aspect.I will admit I am more of a physical sadist.the I want my hands on you mentality and humiliation can be done that way.i don't care much to mentally fuck with a person. I try to explain to people many things on here.I mean I am very much one being a voyer(in general) not to much my if you offer a watching you poke her.i am more the exhibitionist touch me kind of girl so boring for me to point is there are one extreme to the end to the other on the spectrum of things.if all you got is in the first message sex related questions and your a guy you already turned me off.look up sepiosexual it may help you connect with me better.

10/30/2015 4:51:07 PM
i get messages from guys offering their account's so i can use it to humiliate.pretend they are gay(what not) and essentially they are asking me to fake my gender,sexuality and play on others feelings who actually try really hard.i put real into my account and to be a fake even with their permission by using their account is not portraying my actual self i work hard to maintain.So it makes me think how fucked up are people when they choose a kink over being real.see it as judging but it is beyond me to understand why in the name of our libido's our morals suffer because of it.i can't stress i have no need for people who play games and cause any stress to others.inconvenience. intentionally when i am trying to establish a healthy balance in mine.We only  think about the me in situations not the others as people it has been many of our many faults.i think most of the questions i can answer with a really.hell no or duh in my inbox.

10/29/2015 1:36:46 AM
I know from the beginning of time there is people who believe women are inferior and males superior.An extreme amount of males and woman in d/s will say yes.Sometimes it will change on who the superior gender is.Possible based on a title.The gender of the individual.I being a female. I only can comment what I experience.I get the I am inferior and yet i am the one who needs to give the green light.So are those superior males telling me they take commands from their inferior counterpart to say go.You don't need to abuse a woman to keep her in line.I follow a man based on my free will and desire to do so not because I was broken and weakened through means of abuse. I get the arousal from being humiliated and sexually called names to feel dirty. I want to be abused.I just don't see that as abusing me.Those types of needs don't keep me inline any how.Woman shouldn't think.I hear that sometimes by the males who view themselves as superior.What will happen if you let her think freely? mayhem? Guarantee some women would so abuse that if we did. I know i would.Wanting to serve a individual and make him your god/a woman your goddess has nothing to do with who is superior.Sometimes treating some one as one of those things has nothing to do with what title you are.Maybe i am speaking with the wrong community and people in this lifestyle.Sometimes i may not feel i belong in it due to some of the ideas i hear through the messages I get.People amaze me in the right ways/wrong ways and i can't say they disappoint me.Honestly if people were perfection then failed i should be disappointed. No human is perfect.I have been thinking about a couple of things lately.Like even the types of relationships i see people find more acceptable.Things like why does every one in the relationship has to have a specific number of genders?Why does everyone in the relationship need to be sleeping with every one in the relationship for it to be okay I have had to ask myself.People seem to be okay with mono.people seem to be okay with the poly but then the grey areas that is when people really start throwing darts that say i don't think so. Your type is more fucked to the point mine is better then yours mentality.Also today i was shown a pic of a 18 year old.She looked like a child to me. I must be getting old :P

10/21/2015 2:47:08 PM
okay.i normally don't do this but i think there are such things as real men who are exceptionally great doms and masters.some are not and should not be taken seriously.due to his lack of control in a situation and his reaction to rejection. remind you i am from the u.s he is not from the u.s and he wanted my number so i would be charged everytime he wanted me to call him with my cell or him call me.i also respect privacy.i also know safety is a priority.i know people have if you are a man demending a womans personal info and wanting her to pay for your company.Isn't that reaching a little high?since no mans junk is worth a phone bill that high.she is not a faggot(it shows you are racist against the gay community using a vulgar.hate word as that)she is not a man.what she is.Is a woman with a profile stating only friends with the male species.she did not lie before you attempted to make contact with her.she should not be getting hate messeges from boys who dare call themselves masters.put on your big boy pants.toughen up.handle rejection with some class to show you are indeed and have the creditability to be given the title as you gave yourself, and you expect others to see you as such.A Master.otherwise here is some of what the so called masters offer us subs when we show a backbone and choose with a level of selectiveness who we want to lead us in our journey of self discovery.a lifetime companionship.there is no strength in a loose lipped angry master.subs know this.we are not stupid.we do not seek weak males to subdue this one                                                                                                          MASTERofDES1RE on 10/21/15 at 8:53 AM:Yeah guessed that you're a faggot fake with stolen photos.. Reported u as obvious scammer CS WILL READ AND MONITOR YOUR MESSAGES NOW..                                                                        akaydia on 10/20/15 at 7:17 PM:  wont give cell. maybe a form of messenger after some  time of speaking with you                                             So guys think for a moment why would a woman be in a rush to read her inbox if what you are offering is very little of you to be proud of?

10/15/2015 4:24:45 AM
i try to be nice with any one that sends me a message.i am okay with some one judging me.what i am not okay is when a men accuses me of looking to date and fuck people because i said no on cam to show them a little something.if you are going to accuse me of whoring it out or just a woman on the loose looking to fuck a body with an impulse then do it because i was all up on your junk.flashed you a tit and a clit on our first cam conversation.don't play a victim.if you are is not people like me keeping you single. it is not every one elses damn fault.i was judge to because i do not only do mono.i do what is best within my situation at the time.if i enter a relationship not every relationship needs the same thing to mantain it.i am a woman who believes you must adjust your decisions base on the now in your life not what was acquired in past relationships.i am not a married woman.i date who i want to date.if i want more then one suiter then unless you are perfection and a god.who the fuck are you to judge me if i am not in your a relationship with you?if i only made attempts to be your friend.who i i screw has nothing to do with us building a friendship.there is oodles of insane people with no perception of logic that i come across.i only need to ask where are we keeping all the sane people(relatively sane :P) and who is the zookeeper to be letting all the crazies out because who ever that is likes to fuck with my guys i don't look for guys on here to fuck my profile clearly states only stop with the butt hurt if you try and i don't go tearing  into your inbox with dirty words.i have not given any man false hope in my inbox.funny how you can be called loose when you don't behave loosely.

10/9/2015 11:30:26 AM
i know third journal entry.just really pretty fucked up sometimes with messages. Let me help some people understand this. d/s and being a phetaphile is not the same thing.those are two different things.i enjoy d/ where in my profile do i condome any one fucking a child and entertwining it with d/s. only reason why i would be interested in knowing if you would fuck a child is to keep the children i have around me safe. What the fuck people. Don't call those perv impulses d/s or a kink.CHILDREN ARE NOT A KINK. this is going to be a rough day cleaning my inbox out :(. all i need is a person to ask me to fuck their dog or eat shit to further pollute my inbox.yeah i know i am judging anothers likes.See if i give a fuck if it offends.

10/9/2015 8:37:05 AM
i get it.cert of.The dude that called me a trans.Used this logic since i dont go know ass cheeks spread.legs open and giving you a clear view of what i got.His logic i must be a dude since i am hiding a dick behind my hand.When did we begin to criticize women that believe in keeping some things more private among the several man/woman that are on the net.Some things are more intimate on a human body and left for the one you are intimate with or a singular person you connect with one on one. If you see a view of my lady bit.It isn't going to be some pornagraphic's that simple.People don't need to give everything they have for free. If you ask me to get on cam.voice and you yourself do none of those are asking for a hand out.i consider you lazy among other things.that you don't value a persons yourself do not feel your effort is needed as well.i look for relationships.relationships are two people both putting in the doesn't matter if you are a dom. you want a butt ass naked woman on screen.pull down your unders.flash something.produce the goods or you get shit. you get what you put out.I will simple say duh.How hard is this to understand? if you don't have a cam get one if you are planning on playing over the net. Get a phone and produce a conversation. All these things i mentioned is not to verify your gender it is to connect with me emotionally.Mentally.i don't enjoy fucking a machine that only types.

10/8/2015 2:31:33 PM
I was called a trans today.Either they are saying I am a manly woman or a pretty fricken dude to be considered a lady.If only I was dude I would be thanking them for the flattering comment they left my inbox :p.

5/28/2015 2:08:46 AM
to the people who are getting a severe butt hurting since i guess they think you owe them cam time not to call you a man first.i have shown my credibility to the ones that matter.the rest well too fricken bad.reporting a profile for not giving you a peep show. you are not grown up enough to practice a lifestyle let alone be given a device as advance as a keyboard.

5/12/2015 2:49:15 AM
i am well aware of how i take up blocks in here and  in my profile.i am well aware of anything anyone feels the urge to say to let me know i have not done everything they think i should have done in my profile.friendly advice about my body on how you would improve or how i should myself is not needed(not talking about tats or piercings.along those lines etc as suggestions).don't be a jackass.think first about if the girl has any insecurities or body images she struggles with daily.when did d/s become a tool to leave your minds.consideration elsewhere?it never fails years of d/s experience and a newbie like myself can still retain enough consideration not to put criticism in the first message to a stranger on how they should improve themselves.i do not feel as i switch i need to prove my dominant side to any one with words meant to make a person feel more subbish with a name i draining it can be when you enter an inbox filled with such begin to wonder why does any one even bother speaking if they don't mean anything more real then a pick up line meant for any one that can give them a hard on or a perv thought.i lose track of time.i never am mad for the good ones who has lost interest in me due to my attention spend these days.all of this within collarspace can make you feel absolutely defeated in every bit of effort you have put in.i think people mean well.i believe they try their best  with the tools they have. they are just prone to fail more often in finding the right one and keeping it.even when you find some one you love you can't trust the fact they will ever pull through to make it are banking on some one feeling they need you in their life fully that they could not live life unless they had you in it.i gave up a long time ago.not on love itself but people producing it with me.i have complained.bitched.sarcasm.honesty.everything for things to click with most of you on here.i will asked nicely.with a please these time in the most humble way i can.i don't want any more messages just with some perv message as a way to get my attention.i just am sick of it.flirt my a person with me first.don't ask me certain questions as though you have no class in your first introduction.just because i have the fetishes i have does not mean a gentlemen/lady comes secondary to kink.i am a certain type of woman who likes a certain type of person.i believe in limits.don't refer to me as miss even. i am not all about protocol in a title.i know my place without a title telling me where i stand with a times i don't feel i belong in these lifestyle because i don't follow all the protocols even though i know i belong in it.

4/23/2015 3:15:06 PM
Please for the sake of the male race keep the good questions coming and the not so productive ones tucked away..Guys why do you ask a woman when she was with a dom last?like are we going to compare notes here?how he was does not involve the you in that scenario to know when i was serviced last.Are you asking me if i am interested here.what is it?Then when i respond with it is not productive who i was with.that also applies the when to.Doesn't mean shit if i was with a dom yesterday.Sure will not help or hurt your case.Do you want to know my dating status.If i am emotionally available to get laid without asking permission from another dom.I do not know what the heck goes on upstairs but lets clarify some things here. i have a cunt.i am not one to you to say yes i am one. My time is valuable so don't dick around with how many ways you can show me the ways you can disrespect me.Doms i am labeled a switch.I am your equal in many ways so keep your conversation in ways you can manage with another d type like yourself.Tits don't mean i am a sub to you.Don't confuse my likes as opportunities to exploit.My politeness.My thank you i gave is not a gateway to oh baby talk dirty to me got nothing to say just don't say it.Happy face misuse.Don't try to be cute by putting it on at a end of a sentence as you are being a dick on purpose. Doesn't make you look cute.Just makes you a obvious ass.Asses are what we sit on not what you talk out of.It is not a characteristic of a desirable dom.My attention is dedicated on here to the females as a relationship.The guys on here are only secondary since i can get excess to a guy if i want already.when i want.i have left my friendship box marked for the doms/ male switches since i can relate with them and there are ones that are excellent at providing guidance and talks that has helped me if i needed to since too many of you just can't keep your shit together as in terms of being polite and decent.males you will be finding a home as in the junk box more often these days then not.Pats on back guys.who knew even d's needed to get checked and treated as children.

4/23/2015 12:03:09 PM
I have been on both sides giving pics/video.Receiving them as well. Now maybe i am horrible at turning something down in a way someone understands it  because as much as i love the sharing.I am not just only a deviant perv but i am one who looks at the bigger picture.The logic of why this should not be done. Why it needs to stop or a halt with good cause.My logic is not complicated.I need to have things done to balance it.That acquires the knowledge of what i can handle emotionally.Who to balance it with.How to balance it in a way not be in a state of hurt and that provides the greatest discomfort for me. Here is a tid bit of info. If you had a lack of something you considered a safe.Happy environment as a child.Not feeling in control of the situation.You become damaged. When you are damaged control is important to sustain as an adult. If i oppose giving complete control is not a reflection of my greatness/lack of being a sub it is a reflection on me knowing my life history to know better than just giving it up .Finding that line between emotion and have to be emotional and logically sound.Your head keeps you focused.i am not any less into perversion due to my reasoning of keeping a balance i can be okay in.I get bored with just some one who only can pimp out a visual aide.i can get a trained chip to press a button or get taped. What i find less of is a woman who has enough control to do the proper thing at the right time and the improper things at the right time. The uncanny ability with just the right timing. Making them more desirable and not a reflection of their sexual energy at all if they just don't bare all.When has keeping friends boiled down to only if you want to share your body with them?I believe some of us want real. While others want a fantasy based thing to live out and we use bdsm as a tool to do that or the people in it.To contact me to get on film for your buddies.a peepshow in our first conversation.ideas that i do not win in at all.Watching a man masturbate because he needs it then call me your friend.A friend would know i am more advanced than that. I love the flesh but my cunt is not above my shoulders.It Is safely tucked where it needs to be and comes out to play when i need it to do a dirty deed.Guys don't ask if i want a pic of your part.why?i have seen one.there are not like Nessie or a big foot sighting.Women too are just as bad.i need to say this despite my irritation this morning and my lack of support for the exhibitionist today.As one myself.No disrespect but show some self control to who really deserves the shit you can put out in a one on one encounter.If you give out personal private showings. Don't give it to me easily.You are not a challenge at all if you can't share something off of here and mean it.If i wanted easy i would pay for a whore to give it to me.I am stuck with the thought of why do it at all? and i wouldn't be any different then any random person on this site or any other site.i learn fast the people who just want to standards are pretty fricken high the more serious i have gotten about in what direction i want my relationships to go in.the people i stay gravitated towards are the ones that offer both sexually energy and the mind that comes along with it. private parts i don't have to sit through and hear you talk from it.i have to endure that mind of yours when spoken to.

4/12/2015 7:09:11 AM
I have been on this site long enough.Far from an expert in poly.I mean no disrespect towards poly but when i am contacted by some couples the rarity in the female actually seeing women as a vital organ.A creature they could not live without is less likely to happen.Oppose to their male counterpart they just can't go without.I am beginning to wonder is it too much to ask and is there a difficult factor that some cosmic barrier prevents that from women who label themselves bi-sexual to be in love with another woman. I believe if you are going to find a woman to be a part of your family she is sought after so you can possible love her.I get too many admitting that they would in some way see the female counterpart disposable if it came down to it.I am not as bright as some but i don't get the logic of why search for a female you are not capable of actually needing.My logic says you seek the things you can't live without.You don't look for it when it is fueled by the desire of a another and wanting to share something special with your male partner is not the number 1 reason why you should be looking .I began to wonder how many women would have contacted me if they did not have a man to share a woman with.I see things differently in my world.what I need is not the share need of another.I do because i wanted it before some one i meant mentioned the idea of it.I understand being wired needing more than one.I am that way too with the right people.I am too much of a person who looks to be nurtured and touch by multiple hands to feel as I should.The me complete not completing him or the us i am talking about.I don't think too many woman on here care to see the already established difficulties a woman who loves women have to try to conquer.So please why add another to it by contacting a woman who you yourself know you can't fall in love with.Off subject topic now.Any male who thinks i have not slept with a man not to know any better and that i should be all over your junk.Wrong i have.It isn't because i don't know any better.So yeah those messages actually make me crack a smile first thing in the morning

2/12/2015 5:26:00 PM
I know I am not the only one who deals with this but people on the internet can feel this sense of entitlement.Telling you you need more then what you already gave.They don't care or appreciate the effort already given.However anything a person is willing to do already and exposed them to you with the profile they already created is not good enough. Then you are being overly paranoid before you have gotten to a place with them that they want to share their personal life with you.It is just your own stupidity(among other things) to feel you should receive more then given.On what grounds?your a unknown person to me with no cred built up.Like i want to give a man who i don't know.Who could turn ugly easily my yahoo or number to call me when he feels like it. I share a lot with people with journal entries. Most don't even read.My pictures.If you don't feel they are real or the type of pictures you want.Move on because i am not your trained circus chimp.What next should i give you credentials of the people who i fucked or the ones who i skyped with.Spoke to on the phone. Maybe a family photo with my kids or my mothers number to tell you i was a happy bouncing baby girl when she squeezed me out to verify i am a real girl.From my experience which yes are facts.I have spoken to guys that have turned out to be nuts. Skyped with guys that i am not sorry to say didn't even deserve that and abused it because i needed to verify with a tit or clit i am real.So please spare me the verify yourself speech.I get it and do it for people that i actually have spent time with that there is a decent amount of engagement and communication that i can feel safe your not a bonafide nut.if you can't build a friendship with either gender that is your problem and if you can't speak to a woman on a friendship level without trying to get in her pants. That again is your problem.Don't make it mine to deal with.If you send messages just to complain to me how i didn't do something you like or i didn't please you in how i think then that is your opinion but not mine for you to share with.I like opinions that actually are beyond I want it this way mentality.The me mentality does not work well if it is fueled with just negativity.I message people i like what i read.Seen. Not people i seek out to say you are wrong.Just letting you know.Modify something please so i feel better in talking to you .Some body asked me what is wrong with guys before.They don't read and are too paranoid. They fuck things up before it even begins by demanding their needs to be taken care of on the grounds you ought to for me(a generalization not a individual belief as to what singular man is as a individual).I only think who is the you i ought to be listening to because i know shit about what makes you you.Males read my profile and if you do understand this i am not going to cater to you as you see fit with pictures you ask for.Numbers and messenger if you are seeking a relationship from me to get in my pants.Hence my attitude of i don't give a shit because i am not looking to explore in your pants.I am not some slave girl just foaming to find her next master to enslave her.I am not with a terrible sickness that death is at my door step to be i need it now.Take a number fellows .You weren't the first in line and are not the last in line.Either i turned people off by this entry or it was appreciated.I do not like saying something to make less friends male wise.Just some things need to be brought in the forefront as get with the program you guys and step in a realm of realistic expectations. I am not your bitch to direct.Switch .Just saying. your enter at your own risk.

2/8/2015 5:37:23 PM
I see profiles as incomplete. Honest dishonesty combined.Led by a compact window of space to explain only a fraction of what you are eternally.All the tiny fragments that make us as rotten to the cure or the opposite of that.Lady luck she does not make frequent visits to make anything about the search of a companion from happening any easier.The search of companionship will not ride on the back of lady luck to mistakenly fall into your lap .A profile isn't about a lie told.You don't need to question if some one lied as much as you do about what was not said.A matter of opinion is an individual thing not a generalization of who you will be to everyone.I read things along the lines what he/she will do for me but leave out what i have to do as the me for him/her.I feel the pull of closeness for me is a of tug of war.Meant to be painful from the rope burn.An aggravated color of bright red.A second pulse found in the swollen palm of my hand.I then will say fuck it.The one on the other side is double.Triple my size in determination and i'd rather not take a nose dive in the mud.The identity of the one you are pulling against can take on a shape to whatever your insecurities are.It is never a person who creates the stronger foe in stopping a will from moving forward. You can not bend a will unless they are willing.Recognize the unwilling nature of a bruised individual.Don't underestimate a wall.Penetration isn't easy with a string of messages.Time and patience gets you further in the trust factor and isn't that what it is about?Should be at least a big part of it.messages are meant to be the doorway of the development of trust.Eagerness can make me uneasy to the point of feeling uncomfortable. Don't be naive in asking all the wrong questions. I am indifference to the opinion of a conversation dealing with the mine or your sexual interest if i have no interest.You are merely a stranger i agreed to a friendship with.That does not start off with video on yahoo or skype. Numbers exchanged for what?So we can better talk about a fictional growing and even possible relationship to work towards before the friendship has even began?I am not some mere naive girl easily swept of my feet.Willing to leap at the unknown for me because you say you can produce something with security.I know the promises of security.I have heard it.Read it enough to say bullshit.What makes you think i am the one you want to provide that security to?I have been there.I get words spoken in the I want.Just not the if i feel like it honestly attached to the second half of that mentioned.So excuse me for the skepticism in the concept of trusting words made by a pair of unfamiliar lips. With every male message there is no line to blur. when i say friendship i mean friendship. I don't need even the piece of meat you are currently violating to share. I am turned on by such offers.just not easily moved to jump at it. When i say everything has a price.It is because it does.Some one is asking for something.There isn't just a point a and b in your methods.there is a b and c. or more even.Don't jerk my chain in the wrong direction. To test me that is just your stupidity.i will fail you a countless of times.i will be ashamed of my behavior.i don't have the best of grace socially.i am not this flawless creature.I am not going to be a woman who will show a great deal of gratitude or more personal ways for you to connect with me just because you want. Screw the you have to earn my submission or prove yourself to me as a nothing to do with it. You got to prove you are a decent human being with a good head on your shoulders.You can be fucked up on a level.Make shitload of mistakes.That does not matter.My concern is do you correct them.The people i have given numbers out to it was for a good reason.Reasons of my own. My choice on my time.If i say i will give you my friendship you say you will take it then take it for what it is.A friendship not a way for it to become more with your rules you set for me to follow as such.Your rules don't apply to me.I am rebellious in nature and will be as such till i am squashed like a bug under a force i could not flee from.

1/4/2015 3:39:32 AM
Early morning and couldn't sleep.partly dued to the fact I wanted some cuddle action.i have my little tummy in a knot of yuck.thinking what do I need to do.Also thinking at what point do you just let people go to make room for others?Then I think if I do.did I make a better choice?Are the consequences bigger then the reward?The what ifs can kill some ones ease of relaxation.i do reach the conclusion.Many nights in a row that I have too many connections that don't go full throttle into something more then screws with can be the seduction.the tease.the gateway of going now where fast.I like flirtation but not teasing my senses/desires to the point I feel I need them and knowing I wont have.

12/26/2014 6:48:24 PM
Loneliness isn't defined by how much less  of a room is filled. Loneliness is when a room is filled and still it is a representation of what loneliness can truly be. I have had reason to think about something called abandonment.i am talking about before a child can remember clearly a string of memories they can recall as a child.Before their little mind can compose thoughts to the connection this is what it is.Experience of it before tasting it. There is a difference between later life development of it and the diaper stage of a child. You can't fully fathom the depth to what it is in its purest form if abandonment you equavulate to a break up.There is no fight or flight it is a indifference to should i take an extra step in either direction.abandonment issues have created commitment issues for me.i still get attached but there are interchangeable lapse of time of i will disconnect.forming the game of catch me if you can.tag your it.

12/22/2014 10:26:19 PM
In. Reference to earlier journal entry.warning woman if you will grow a penis and tits deflate.become the dude you wish not to be.take immediate action.make plans to relocate your new found a well built new rack to call your own again and you can again be the woman you were in your last known when a older man feels he is having a clever senior moment masked as what he thinks is a glorious can say bullshit.if you don't think a woman takes her pics with her when she moves to a new state.if that is what you got as I know your a fake because a woman in this state has the same shit Sherlock.i moved.woman do that.till today I never have been called a dude for changing my location but as of this night.some one asked me what is wrong with I need to add this to the list of the ones who make the rest of the male population look bad.sorry guys:(

12/22/2014 8:42:08 PM
guys calling me a dude gets you stop being naughty little manipulative things with a cheap trick to see tits on cam.only make you look desperate and want a peep show say it.i can respect you a bit more then none at all :)

12/14/2014 11:13:18 PM
people will ask about my luck in my search.i seriously don't think it can go well if your search is looking for a female. Males are like a never ending over populated herd looking for its next meal.You can find too many of them on this site. Then there are females on here looking for their master. Some not allowed outside play if he is not welcome to touch too. Maybe it is a little frustration i have on my part because i can play with a female without the man playing too. people speak of fairness like they know what fair is. a man saying it is not fair. well is it fair for you to have a woman but she can't have one of her own.i say unless the man can grow a set of tits and change from one gender part to another at will it is not fair not to allow a woman to have a woman.It is double standards.i know those exist.i have them too.i am not saying it is right or it is wrong to have them.i am saying don't try to trick someone into believing something as though it is fair.only grounds you have is you want it too. Say you are selfish.That is being honest.

11/21/2014 6:52:38 PM
I will start off saying i do not need a sick fuck to to fit my criteria.which let my classify i understand every ones definition of one can be different than mine. Mine is as simple as this . If i am seen in the same boat as a child.House pet and your family you deem fuck able then i am not your girl.I am by far none of those things and  i would not even put myself in the same category.If you don't give a shit what you put in someone or what you put in you.It's not your fetish i got the complete problem with it's the fact you just need a hole or a dick to have sex with to say i love doing it. I got a very healthy sex drive. Desires as well. Yes the dreadful things we call limits exist in my book. I will think in terms of morals.I mean for fuck sakes the emotional well being of others as well as myself is the norm for me.I even give a fuck when it looks like i don't give a fuck about you. No my submission is not a gift.I am into the belief it is a means to an end.Deals are made between two people with each set of rules of their own to  abide by. I have an agenda and i have learned along the way i have an ego.So that means if i do anything sexually it was because you were meant to feed my ego not me feed yours.Asking for me to strip on cam is a foolish errand.Especially if you are in the mindset you have the control to get it done.If you succeeded it was one out of two reasons. Both involve my will to even want to do it to begin with.  A.I am vulnerable  B. I want to make you happy. There is this functional blueprint of how to get me where you need me. Do me the favor of feeding my monstrous ego.Also Get this i am such riddled with parts of ADHD net wise you are basically fucked if you think half ass attempts to get me naked will just magically work. I can be so self involved in real time i can lose focus on here and anyone who i have talked to long enough still has the patience of a saint i simple can say they deserve a medal.The Sad part is you can tell a person how to take you down and to make you defenseless.As close to a no will slave but still that knowledge means nothing. I am open enough to tell you my weaknesses because i have seen males fail even when he is given the chance in succeeding.Here is another conclusion i have reached i know i can not be singularly owned by an individual.I can at least name 3 reasons to why not. 1. Is an ego with no desire to be bound by one man or woman.  2. A Curiosity.i want what you know and that includes everyone i come in contact with. That leads to the third knowledge.Only downside is i will not take it when you want to give it. i will ask as i need to know when i need to know something.I do not need to be wished good luck on any of my searches to getting what i need. Luck has nothing to do with it

9/28/2014 11:45:30 PM
  I started to think today.I don't know how many times I felt possibly offended that I have heard from a different pair of lips you are no submissive for the simple fact I don't fall in line. I don't stand in this strait lace path of the generalized idea of what a submissive is. I am not that sub you should easily believe you can manipulate. Maybe my approach was wrong.Just maybe I should've of cocked my head batted my eyes. The devilish half grin.Then in the sweetest little voice spat out."no my lord.You are not mistaken i am nothing like a pure submissive. So please i got two set of cheeks to redden and three sets of holes to tear into.May we see about that submission." Begging with my eyes for them to hit hard. I have never said I am not the challenge.I am dead on.Set in only bowing to one man/woman.That is the simplicity of my submission. Doesn't leave much room for 99.9 of the population and the chance you fall in that percentage.I say it's pretty much a golden guarantee you are shit out of luck.If I do bow down it's because I care about that dominant to do so. I don't live to serve. That is the realistic stand point. If you are not my caretaker and if I call you Sir/Miss it's purely a word symbolizing respect not I am a your submissive.I can learn from dominants who don't own me. I have a good amount of dominant traits that when I am told to follow suit. It can seem so unnatural.I want to be the one swatting you or probing your holes in any sadistic way I feel will move me. Then there is" the one" that I will simple melt for. Be putty in their hands. Liquified metal. hot to the touch when simple grazed by their fingertips.I would lick the sole of their boots when it came down to it.The purring kitten who will roll on her belly for just one long rub.Extending between those thighs and just waiting to have that ongoing spasm to get those eyes rolling. I provide no mix signals.If I give you some of my time. The choice is given to you to fail or succeed as the door is cracked.You either spat on the submission i gave you or you enter with a sincere hand.A pure heart. filled will noble intentions. First sign that you deceive.The first time you lie.You start becoming dead to me. What once made you look great has now been stripped.There is no perfection.I know that.I adore imperfections.True admittance of a weakness favorable.Producing a vulnerability.This is how i become a submissive to you. When you remove the shit.The wall you hide behind to make you less of a imperfect creature.I submit to vulnerability.Your aggression and strength is there to keep me in place once you've left me defenseless. use your body to pin me to something hard. A solid barrier for my body to be slammed against..The back brace to my new love."Submission". Your bed post should be my home.The day my eyes show the first sign of that union of fear and excitement then that is the first day of me letting your grip have an impact. 

7/23/2014 5:14:40 PM
 Problems deemed unfixable. Not a present cure to straddle. Struggle under dysfunction. The creation you see in the mirror. Stands upright. Fixed to wobble on the two legs of failure. For the less desirable minds. Grudge nips at the heels.A mere voice. Flesh glued together.A singular blade. Your glimmer and shine so lovely between finger tips. In a safe haven for a rainier day.Your warmth.Generated heat. Misplaced .Insulation denied.Feelings of i am less then more. Embedded beneath a fractured meat structure. Left to decay.The judgement is exhaled from foreign lips that ride the wind. To kiss the ear with aggression. Disposable. Replaceable.non-permanent. Removal is the permanent deal left inconsideration.Fend on your own.A bitter pool nestled on a moist tongue.Arched to swallow the hard facts of reality.Freedom. Absolutely never is in existence.Options forced to make prematurely. Promises lucid.Transformed lies.Protectors for the weak fall short. Conditioned in the belief nothing stays to help aid. Feeling helpless with each disappointment. Brittle. Less then the lovely creature in the eyes of the beholder. Sadness met with delicate hands. The unselfish juggler of my emotions.Birthright owner of the familiarity to the reflection.

7/23/2014 5:07:58 PM
  Mistakes are made when a mind is not at its best as a functional well oiled machine. Thought is less then admirable. Its more punishable for the right reasons and one of the many crimes not forgotten.forgiven.Not a chance in that.Stored for the right to use to strike.Slay the beast when stepping out of its permitted line of confinement.A logical debate done in pairs. love with a pinch of hate.You are what exist in the grip.The not enough to suppress. Saints dwindle.The judge .Jury .Executioner rise with a vulgar lashing of the tongue. As it dominates the pathetic beggar asking for forgiveness. A naive mind.Behavior questionable on display. Self infliction.Accidental. Not dismissed.Raw.Bound to be what i am.A Walking breathing mistake created in the flesh.A fool who falls victim to emotion.A slave to its will as i follow on a short leash. Molded into a state of awareness as the day grows short. Relationships become spoil goods. Done purely by the not so nice piece of faulty machine i am wired to be . Devotion is the animal that weeps.It knows its own demise. Not the tied sweet morsel nestled between your thighs but doomed to be rejected in the later. Not the now. Unclaimed property .It served a purpose. Time easily spent.A white lie clinging on the back of an intentional lie.Its native tongue using i don't knows as its truth to be told. Pretend confusion. The easy. Believable way out to cling to security. Partial truth cemented securely in the realm of partnership.The union of the imperfections finding middle false perfection. Acceptance. Failure is the a realistic guarantee. The battered marriage. Who will stay. Who will go. Trust in me i will fail.Spotlight on true admittance.The enemy we love to hate. Eagerly ready to cage in its less then nonfictional state of purity. Words that slash with precision.A pungent.bitter taste solidified.

3/28/2014 8:58:28 AM

The older I have gotten. To say I was unaware of the lack of how a mind can be so unbalance would be inaccurate. I have learn something.That there can be 2 types people with some variation .One has become so out of tune with emotion. The fancy the spot between the surface and the bottomless pit of no feeling. They just dangle there. On their swing of confusion. Ever so in control but the feeling of anger is what can jerk them out of the comatose state they have mutated into. Broken down machines and when you have been around long enough you know when they are mechanical in everything done to keep there little safety in tack. Hurt but not alive or dead.Nor can you help them to share that little swing they selfishly like to keep their ass secure on.For What reason I don't care.Your insides dug out. mind fucked. It is a bleeding heart story of she/he destroy my inability to feel. Bullshit to that. I am tired of how one needs to be sympathetic to self inflicted emotional pain. Patient and understanding for the ones who lost connection to provide the simplest forms of affection. When in reality you just want to knock their comfy ass off that swing of confusion Only to look at them. smiling politely ".I am sorry did you fall flat on your face. You looked too numb for comfort my friend."  Then forcefully pinning them down and only to loosen that grip till they agree to actually feel again without hesitation.The second type of person can feel and can be irrational but can comprehend much more. I use to think neediness was a sign of desperation. Weakness. The ones who just beg to be loved and touched just was too much but are they or simple just too charged to be handle by anyone less than deserving of the purity of their affection and the love they unselfishly offer? Emotional beings will test the uncomfortable numb ones and yes the moment of failure can be the taste of disappointment. I also use to think at times if one wasn't loved it was something that was not in them that was right for the other to love them but truth be told if you can't love something that will give you love then it's you that failed on your part to love something. Easier to blame confusion. I think people are just fucked up anyways. Repetitive behavior.Poor decision making is part of our genetic flaws we inherited from day one.Why can be a word that can leave a person tongue tied. They simple did it because they had to carry through. Not because they cared. It didn't matter. It was just a plan that was set up.  I have played Russian roulette with my feelings. Given the loaded gun and knew bullets would surely hit my already broken body. It called surrendering. knowing they could surely destroy. Maim me. It is this simple I will give you the means to destroy. I will provide you with the slit in the wall to slither through. I will give you every reason to want to silence me.Even the tongue to bite down on willingly. I'll give you the right to crank the smile on my face as easily as you can put one on this face of mine. Touch me. Inflict the pain. The pleasure. Sacrifice my chances to stand upright. I had a friend who asked why do you do the things with whom you do it with? Its because  I still consist of a warm body who believes in a silly little notion sometimes we have to be ready to pay a heavy price in the pursuit of finding love. Not blindly. Not in denial about the facts as you are doing so but completely open to pain rearing its ugly head in the process. I have became increasingly tired that the only consistencies is the inconsistencies that transformed into consistencies. The lack of eye contact when a person is fumbling for a answer when you ask why. Then when you ask a direct question they want to give a generalize answer that pertain to all people not you. I will judge. There is a right and wrong answer. Generalization. Disconnection seems to find themselves related.

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