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I'm looking for that elusive creature whose life I can enhance - she will be smart, ambitious, fit, sophisticated and sexy, able to move from beautifully naked in the bedroom to impeccably dressed in the ballroom to casually dressed outdoors; confident when she tells me what to do and loving and appreciative and satisfied when I follow her orders yet firm and disciplining as well. I love the idea of watching her face fill with lust as I whisper “My Mistress” and trembling with anticipation as I wait for her response. I will be constantly learning how to make her happy as we both learn and explore and push the inner workings and limits of our minds and fetishes. I am based in New York, 60, fit, educated, divorced with one child part time and excited for the trip ahead - to seek, to learn, and to give pleasure. Endlessly curious about life and learning. I'm attracted to this space because I like strong women - educated women who have thoughts and opinions, with whom I can discuss world events, the latest ideas, and their day's events and who are open and free enough to discuss fun things to do in the bedroom.

According to "Bad Girls Bible" I'm a "submissive in training". Learning about the BDSM community (taking shibari classes in person, exploring online), proper etiquette; experimenting to get a better sense of what my type of submission is; open to punishment and improvement; creating a training plan; journaling.

Current domestic skills: cooking, driving, organizational skills, basic household chores, basic handyman skills, basic massage, basic computer skills.

BDSM skills: a lot of research online, intermediate shibari skills.

BDSM experience: One relationship that had many elements of BDSM without the formality of a BDSM relationship.

To learn: How to better serve properly and appropriately.

Love: power exchange - something I discovered taking shibari classes. Both giving and consensually taking it.

Like: rules and organization.

Intrigued by: chastity, break me (mild), sensual domination