Vertical Line


We're a couple seeking a third to join us in a long term relationship. You must be bisexual. You can be a male or a female, a submissive, slave or switch.

We have a business together and this gives us quite a bit of lattitude as to where we live and work, and so we're slowly seeing the world.  The profile has our periodically updated current location, but not our permanent location.  We are open to friends all over to visit, as well as someone to join us full time.

She's 28, He's 39.  She's got short dark hair, and he's got red hair and a beard (with some grey). We're good looking, but we're not skinny- she's zaftig and he's a mountain man- with a big belly. These should be features that you appreciate. Its best if you are level headed, trustworthy, sincere and serious.

Ideally we'd love to find someone to join us full time, 24/7, but we're also open to meeting new people as play friends or non-play friends.  

We think that drama is in conflict with a Ds relationship, that such relationships should be harmonious- ours certainly is.  If you seek a drama free life, where honesty and forthrightness are the order, then please drop us a line.