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Thank you for reading up. Perhaps I'll like you as well...
I am a strong and Dom male. My tastes are definite and unwavering. You should not reply unless you are in the sub and bottom profile. Once you make contact. And I see there is potential. I will discuss what my particulars are. Why not drop me a line? You keep looking and all you'll taste is screen. Why not try for that salty sweet taste as you run your tongue over your lips, after I tasted you?

Looking For: A woman, a couple (man and woman) or a group for erotic email exchange, performing only (little/no contact), watching only (little/no contact) or active participation

Ideal Person: I looking for a woman that can just relax with me and enjoy life. Be it dressed up or not at all. She should be comfortable around people and play well with others. I have rhythm and so should she. Yes, I do have certain body types I am most comfortable with sexually. If I sought you, then you are in that zone. If I appeal to you then why not say hi? I do not go for games and live a busy life. I will have more time to play as the season progresses. My tendencies are Dom. So a sub or role player who likes to mix it up is a good start! I am single and have a few close friends that like to play. So until I meet the "One," I'll do just that and enjoy the company of those that are like minded. I enjoy the objectification of one or more subs very much. Visually, I like many looks. Yet they are very definite. One is the Betty Page slap and tickle. Another is the utterly restrained and powerless but for my pleasure, as I see fit "look." One that is obtained by direct and abject obedience to me. I will care for her as she grows in the life. I am seeking a particular woman to spend time visiting others and enjoying the life. Drop me a note, online.
I have found a few people to meet my listed desires.

 I feel it necessary to state that after several letters received from interested parties. I am still getting note from women that are just not as advertised. I state quite plainly what and who I am looking for and the photos are all from the last 5 months of my life. Not glamour shots or softly lit hazy PICS. That's me if you like it then great if not then do not write. You are wasting my time. I state I am seeking women in the sub and bottom personality. Not whiners and would be weekend players. I do not toy with minds and I state all as it happens. So, UNLESS you fit the listed category look elsewhere!