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Time to update. People have asked me "What do you want out this lifestyle?". After careful consideration, this is what I

came up with. After analyzing past relationships, and observing new (Lifestyle) relationships, I have come to the conclusion

that there a handful of predominant goals I seek. Even though I cringe at the word "want", I am going to bite the bullet and

continue on with what I believe I "want".

This lifestyle will let me explore and practise BDsM activities of my choosing. This will work perfectly, as I will be able

to use those activities to bond and re-enforce *trust* in my relationship. I also want *one* to practise these activities

on, and build/surpass levels of trust and communication of past relationships, with that person. As of late, or maybe all

along, I find that ritual and protocol will be excellent tools to use to keep one person focused on the other. Therefore, I

"want" to develop my rituals-skill, and embrace protocol at my own pace. Combining all of the above together, a power

exchange can be formed and witnessed. I want to experience a power-exchange with *one*, exclusively. While all this is

taking place, I "want" to fulfill my role as a dominant. It is impossible to fill that role while running solo. I also

"want" exclusive companionship, with intent of lifelong devotion.

There are many activities that appear to have different effects when applied to the human body. I may need to try them all

to see what will work best for us. Three activities that I "want" to become more proficient in are:ropework, predicament

bondage, and electricity. Of course, I will engage in more forms of play, as I do like most of what I have seen and read

about. Spanking, comes to mind, and I love the hands-on play that spankings offers!! All of these activities will take time

to become proficient at, therefore, the intent of a long-term partner is most desired.

In regards to protocol, there are some aspects, of higher protocol, that will be put to use in a very, VERY limited way (due

to the lack of interest/time, of higher protocol, in the local BDSM community in my area) This offers myself very little

"practice" time. I have a tendency to believe that "practice makes perfect" and without that particular practice, it will be

very hard to attain that perfection that I find "enhancing" to a relationship. In my attempts to do the best-of-my-ability,

only *some* aspects of higher-protocol will be put into regular practice, while others may have to reviewed/studied prior to

that *particular* protocol taking place.

I have been researching mental and physical attributes of stereotypical dominants and submissives, and slowly incorporating

them into my life, as best I am able. In my research, which includes reading blogs and forums, I have found some great

advice for new Lifestylers and also some disheartening evidence of "weekend-warriors". In my opinion, a relationship happens

24/7 and there is no room for exempting 5/7 days of the week for "non-relationship". I realize that people are only human,

and there will be lapses of focus. Intentional lapses of focus seems to be a quality that holds no admiration to me, and I

will be wary of such factors in myself (both consciously and/or with assistance of my chosen girl, when she
presents herself), and those who may be interested in developing a relationship with me.

I hope this has helped you get a better feeling about who/what I may be looking for in a longterm relationship. Add a little

dash of interest in aspects of metaphysical practices, some pagan ideals, and an affinity for motorcyles and things may just

roll your way. I am looking for a more service-orientated partner who is open to moderate to hard play. A person who has a

willingness to learn, and has the intention of keeping the passion for their roll in a D/s relationship.-March 26th, 2007-

Well, I am relatively new to the Lifestyle and believe it to be much better than any sort of vanilla relationship today. Must have the right dynamics and understandings between the two people involved. This is a *must* in a D/s relationship, and would be ascertained early on in the relationship. Tough, yet to be the best the relationship can be, both parties *need* to know their place in the relationship. Looking forward to it, myself, and taking a girl with me on the journey.


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3/24/2007 5:51:44 PM
In the process of constructing a more informative intro, for you all.  Stay tuned.

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