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Hetero Male Dominant, 34,  Seguin, Texas
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I do believe that communication is what makes a relationship if you cannot do that then move on.  I will not be hurt again.  Just because you think you have something if it is not emotional then you have not a thing.
body style and looks have nothing to do with anything.  Also if you are not willing to respond to a real statement no matter how many lines then you do not want to know someone you want to be entertained.











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 Dominant Male



 6' 2"

 250 lbs






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Submissive Female

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Journal Entries:
5/9/2009 4:59:16 PM

Responsibility is the beginning of domination I receive what I want but I am responsible for not only your pain but your feelings give them to me and We will make you more.

5/9/2009 2:36:21 PM
so as I see there is no truth to the need for communication I have no interest in a slave that has no need to talk about anything but her ass and We have no interest in a slave that does not understand the gifts she has been given.   Now if you are someone who needs constant reasurance then do not bother if yo are a slave that wishes to be owned by people who can love and care and be owners then please contact us because you are in short supply

8/2/2008 9:26:36 AM
Well all is well out here a the ranchette.  Horses are doing well but it always seems there is more to do.  Have enjoyed to turning this old corn field into a comfortable home for ourselves and animals.  Still on the lookout for a girl who wants to get away and needs a good family to be a part of.  This process will take a lot of time as we are picky not about looks but in attitude and understanding.  If you love animals and want a strict but caring couple to serve then drop us a line.  Will give yahoo address upon request.


7/13/2008 10:17:16 AM
Well we fond the one horse the My girl has dreamed of owning a Palomino and We found her as a baby and can watch her grow into the Beauty we believe she will be.  I am posting the Arabian and the Palomino for your viewing pleasure.  If anyone out there is interested in being out here with us and the horses drop us a line.

7/3/2008 2:21:50 PM
Well as I have the properties basically figured out and are now working with horses We have decided to be a little more active in the community and have a few more parties out here. Love to hear all what’s going on with everyone if ya’ll get a change drop a line. Posting a few pics of the new animals. Enjoy

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