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Back after a short break.. 33 year old single mum, with real life experience as a sub to m
Female Submissive, 33,  West mids, UK












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 Submissive Female

 West mids 


 5' 4"

 140 lbs






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Back after a short break..

33 year old single mum, with real life experience as a sub to men.

But this profile is to give me an online platform to explore some of my darker desires with women. To exploit my feelings of inferiority and inadequacy I have towards other women.

Humiliate, degrade, belittle, shame and embarrass me. Basically fuck with my mind. Get inside my head and use whatever you find there against me.

As much as I'd love to explore this in real life, unless you live round the corner from me it's very unlikely as I just don't have as much spare time for it as I'd like. So all I can offer is online control, tasks and communication, etc. I can chat via messaging here or KIK once we get to know each other. I can easily photo verify, as I'd hope you can too. I don't do cam but can provide photo proof of tasks done if we get to that stage.

I'm a UK size 12 so not obese but untoned and out of shape, 36B, long brown hair and about 5'4.

It really doesn't matter what you look like, your mind is more important to me.

NO MEN, THANK YOU!! I don't know why you find that so hard to understand.

Please understand that I'm a single mum so not available 24/7.

Keywords.. humiliation, embarrass, shame, body shaming, blackmail, mind fuck, emotional sadist, emotional masochist, degrade, manipulate

Journal Entries:
2/6/2018 4:56:30 AM
Housework or masturbate... tough call.. ;)

1/2/2018 2:34:34 AM
I love lazy days like this... Edging away and building up to amazing release ;)

12/22/2017 3:39:29 AM
Just a lil bit hungover... An orgasm should help! But I have family coming over soon, grr

12/13/2017 4:08:04 AM
This place always pulls you back...

8/21/2017 11:24:44 PM
I should probably update my profile pictures.. pretty sure I've put on weight :-(

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