Vertical Line



Hello! I'm a 43 year old, divorced father of teenagers. I am ethically poly with a mostly long distance partner, and I have been in the lifestyle for over 20 years, primarily as a Dominant, with some limited switching experiences. As a busy dad and a busy nurse I'm looking for a play partner(s) who can appreciate a busy schedule and value quality time without bs. I have a very broad range of sexual interests but my priority is to find trust, honesty and someone I'm comfortable being vulnerable with, not looking for a specific kink. I view kinks as tools towards goals of intimacy not the goal itself. That being said , here are some of my favorite areas of activities I enjoy exploring - TPE, CNC, objectification, gags, drooling, degradation and humiliation play, discipline, impact play, clamps, stress positions, high protocol, piss play, enema play, bladder control, edging, Orgasm control and denial, ruined orgasms, behavior modification.

A trip to the vending machine


I'd like to share this little experience I recently had the honor of partaking in with a willing local masochist friend. If she happens to read this and recognize herself in the story, knowing her, she would love the extra humiliation :)


We were spending some time in a hotel room together when I informed my friend that I have an exciting and cruel ordeal planned for her today.

First I ordered her on all 4 on the floor at my feet and removed her butt plug before placing it in her mouth. Next a hose and with a funnel was placed in her ass and I emptied my full bladder completely in her rectum. This warm piss enema was plugged with an inflatable plug and her ass inflated. Next I ordered her to stand and clamped her nipples painfully, finally a humming dildo slid into her pussy which was already dripping wet. I began to dress her slowly, soaking up her discomfort as the bra went over her clamped nipples and the jeans zipped up in place over the dildo and butt plug. Her eyes never left me the whole time, the butt plug still in her mouth where I had left it, I saw her pupils widening as I finally began to apply the face mask over her mouth and nose and it dawned on her that not only is she leaving the hotel room retaining a piss enema, double plugged and clamped, but she'll also be sucking on her used butt plug the whole time.


"Here are your instructions, fucktoy, now that you're properly outfitted for a walk. I am thirsty and I would like a soda from the vending machine. The bad news I have for you is that there aren't any on this floor, so be a good girl and walk up the stairs, grab me a coke and yourself a drink, then hurry back-here is my card. I don't want you using the elevator,  only stairs, and when you are back kneel at the door, knock and wait to be let in" She nods quickly in the affirmative as she begins to shuffle towards the door trying to reconcile the various sources of ovetstimulation.


I watch her with excitement as she disappears slowly down the hallway towards the stairs, each step full of anguish for my sadistic pleasure. When she returns and  I see her waiting for me obediently kneeling at the hotel door, a huge smile spreads across my face as I step aside holding the door for her to crawl in with our sodas.


I lean forward and pick her up in my arms, whispering "good girl", as I set her on the bed, pulled her jeans down and placed my tongue directly on her twitching clit, licking and sucking until she exploded under me.