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with extreme cruelty and awareness i confess my platonic love. slipping at your feet as a shad
Male Slave, 40,  Wilton Manors, Florida












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 Male Slave

 Wilton Manors 


 Willing to Relocate

 5' 6"

 154 lbs


 Middle Eastern



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Dominant Female

Dominant Transgender

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with extreme cruelty and awareness i confess my platonic love. slipping at your feet as a shadow buried under your heels polished by my weeps of tormented slave and you always smiling look at me with contempt humiliating this love my love for you Mistress doesn't mean any more for you than a dog's, and dogs are kicked ( slap of Bloody truth )

  I thought the darkness of the night is immense until I experienced the darkness of your  absence that torture me day and night until the fainting ...




                                    My Love , My Dream , My Sun

 in my eye lowering at Your feet
i see myself chained to Your ankles
bathing in Your smile
thanking for that leash You pull
locked to my collar.

in my breath hardening at Your presence
i ear myself praying Your attention
begging Your spanking
moaning Your whipping
kissing Your hands
for every stroke You offer me.

in my hands opened on the floor
i touch my obedience to Your every wishes
laying at Your feet
caressing Your shoes
kissing Your heels



on my bottom pushed up and offered
i feel my shame violated for Your joy
stuck for Your use
excited in my deepness
happy to be Yours

on my sex hard as a rock and eager
i feel the drops of my chained desire
testifying my devotion
burning my soul
crying for joy

on my lips wet for desire
i taste the pleasure of Your gift
kissing the ground You walk on
licking your sweat
sucking what you throw

on my fingers running on that keyboard
i hope to have the force to give You
how much i love and adore You
and what i'm ready to do for You.

                                                 Stefano Re 2000

                      My Unique Mistress , Owner & Goddess .



Journal Entries:
6/6/2016 9:40:55 AM
Deeply submissive, fiercely seeking to be owned,used,punished and extremely humiliated verbally & physically, real SOS

12/14/2012 3:52:16 PM


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