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Im a crossdresser looking for slaves. I want one to serve and worship me.

When I joined this site, I considered my self a normal sissy to find a daddy or domme, but soon I realized that serving is very far from my nature.

I want a slave that wish to give up everything and change however I see fit.

Need one that is useful and handy for my exploration.

I seek to be the unique sissy goddess. I want to be both a perfect sissy and the goddess you gotta worship.

I want to be the divine queen diva.

slave eventually needs to be able to travel or relocate, but beofre that happens, slave needs to entertain me with conversation.

My main interests

Ass worship

Sissy wirshipq

Anal sex

collar and leas

Sissification of myself


My other interests

Water sprorts

Clitty worship


Breast plays

What you shouldnt expect me to do

Topping boys

Sending pics to my subs without reason

My ideal slave types

Alphas stud with big cock

Cute sissies


Lesbian girls

2/13/2024 11:26:32 AM

I don't do cams it just doesn't turn me on at all

1/31/2024 4:07:21 AM

I changed my fetlife To sissydomme93

6/17/2023 9:25:28 AM

Planning to travel france and uk in fall 2023 for now

3/2/2023 7:57:12 PM

Where are all the submissive tops?

2/27/2023 3:34:07 AM

If you want to see more pics of mine, my fetlife is sissydommeedm

 Age: 25
 Syracuse, New York