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Hello everyone!! from those who know me. this is small young Kara in Saint Paul MN. for those who know that for years Id been searching for a real Real REAL Daddy or Momma to make me their little daughter and to take all grown up life away from me and to make me? ?now eager than ever to have all this stupid grown up life taken away from me. I am so painfully yearning for my baby girlhood more than ever. Im longing to be put back in? my diapers and to begin being breastfed again.?

Please know for anyone who might have interest, I yearn for a man or Momma who is truly ready and able to love me FIRST and can begin to take control of my life and to begin making all grown up decisions for me. Please, I want a man or Momma who wont hurt me or take advantage of me but who truly knows how to be a real Patient loving? to me. I want my baby girlhoods for real.. not cyber or online.

Oh BTW for those who have seen my pictures, my first one is of my sucking my blanket while Im resting on my sofa.? also my blanket makes me feel like im back inside Momma and I want more than ever to find a real real Momma who can help? me feel like I was born from her

?I wanted to finally ask any of you who contact me. if you dont have a real plan to get to know me or keep in touch, there is no need for you to message me. I have become weary of so many guys and women who message me and say they want to get to know me better then drop me like a stone after only one or two messages.?

Hello again all. I have come to a final conclusion that I need to mention some things to all of you. I need to ask you that only after you have read my ENTIRE profile could you Please decide if you really want to get to know me more. if your answer is an honest yes. then Please go ahead and message me and I will be joyed to learn more about you, but like so many of you, you message me the first time but then you make no effort to want to chat and to let me learn more about you. so then I ask all of you Why do you message me if you have no real intent on wanting to truly get to know me further. Guys, yes. I am small and as young as I look, but I also have feelings and a heart, so then Im going to be hurt and offended if you take advantage of me. I am in search of an honest real decent gentleman, NOT someone who just wants to talk sex with me. this is not a mere sex site or 900 site. so Please do me a favor Please think about all this before you message me, Please? Thank you! from sincerely small honest real young Kara still in Saint Paul MN. BTW if any of you leave me a nasty or rude message, I wont bother telling you that Im offended, I will just block you.

Hello again everyone! from a now more joyous Kara now more than ever before. I came to get a full understanding from a local close friend of mine that I am truly little and young. and I told her for the first time that I want my real sincere Baby girlhood and she said that was completely understandable. she said that i am even more little and smaller than I had ever truly understood and realized. but now that I have understood for real . that I have begun to come out to the world that I am truly very very little and young. and even smaller than I show in my pictures. So even if many of you havent believed me. I am coming out to the world that I deserve to be treated as young and as little as the world has always known me to be. I feel like crying at this hour, because I now know more than ever that I should have never had to be treated like a grown up. I now have full support from my best friend here in Minnesota who said it is totally appropriate that I have my real sincere baby girlhood. so again, everyone.. I am real and honest and sincere I am more eager than ever to find a grown up to pick me up from here and to begin to take control of my life for goods and for real. from a very relieved and joyous truly little small young Kara, I have always been so little AND ALWAYS WILL BE. I WANT MY REAL REAL BABY GIRLHOOD MORE THAN EVER.? One more thing for now. I know that many of you want to talk sex with me, but I truly get scared of a grown up talking sex with me, but if you feel the need to have sex with me, I ask you to not talk about it with me, as Ilong to be quietly? and gewntly taken and to begin being fondled and caressed and made love to with no discussion from me. I know I would feel happier and more proud of msyelf if onloy I could? be taken. AS I feel so young that for me to be fondled, and caressed and made love to is'nt sex for me. I want my real real baby girlhood. I have always felt that a grown up has the right to touch me without asking me. also Please know that Kara is my real real name and all my photos are truly me 100%?

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 Age: 28
 United Kingdom