“…and the sea will grant each man new hope…” -Christopher Columbus

This is a quote that strikes home to me in my love life. Each new relationship is an undiscovered sea where we each explore the width and depth of possibility together. The past, is the past, it cannot harm, it may only inform our passions and joys towards the future. There will be seasons of storms as well as the affirming dawn of the sun over the water’s edge, but these things will be weathered and enjoyed with and through the eyes of our lovers. Even in worse of sea storms there is a naked, beautiful explosion of lust for life.

Above is some of my philosophy which I hope you can share, understand, and possibly relate. Alongside this belief I am also a particularly Dominant man in my relationships and enjoy being able to continue that power exchange with the woman I am find. My hope also wishes her submission to living and thriving in the bondage of our desires together.

If these ideals describe you, send me a message.

If you wish for these ideals to describe you, send me a message.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, send me a message.

If these thought simply pique your curiosity, send me a message.
I welcome discussion and desire, all relationships start in the same place…friendship.

Note: I am poly, married to a wonderful woman. I am seeking a sub for a D/s relationship that will be 1 on 1 as a major person in my life.
9/19/2011 6:42:19 AM

I recently had to part ways with a wonderful girl looking to join me as a submissive. She isn't on Collar Me, however she is a beautiful person and I hope her current plans work out for her.

I am open again to finding friends and submissives that would like to talk. After spending so much time speaking to just one person I would like to expand my circle of friends and would like to be a new influence in another person(s) life. 



 Age: 34
 Omaha, Nebraska