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Hetero Male Dominant, 45,  Northwest NM, New Mexico
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Single father, tall, reasonably fit artist, stable, seeking committed submissive for a balanced relationship.
More interested in homebodies than party animals at this stage in my life.I work from home for the most part, and I have children so you can't run around naked all day.

I have a number of active interests, a wide range of interests and hobbies. Not particularly sadistic, but I'm pretty open minded and willing to try new things.I don't happen to believe that being physically and/or emotionally submissive means you need to surrender your individuality or your self.I am looking for a submissive woman who can be a spiritual equal and an intellectual match.Message me if you want to know more, and we can get to know each other, or search the forums, I post regularly, and will exchange pics on demand.

Friends also welcome.












 Dominant Male

 Northwest NM 

 New Mexico

 6' 4"

 190 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Female







 Wind Surfing

 You wearing my collar

 Rear End Play

 Placing you on a leash

 Obedience Training

 Science Fiction




 Coffee Shops




 Horseback Riding



 Blindfolding you




 Liberal Politics


 Alternative Music

 Blue Grass


 Classical Music

 Folk Music


 Punk Rock Music


 Rock Music



 Curious About:


 Renaissance Faires






 Victorian Lifestyle

 Hard Limits:



 Construction Expert

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Journal Entries:
10/11/2009 7:53:23 AM
This is a new profile, I am the artist formerly known as amaros - turns out that's the name of some pedo organization, who knew?

Fact is, you'll have to convince me if you're under 45 or thereabouts - I have a Vasectomy, and I don't wish to keep anyone from their reproductive destiny.

I've been questioned w/regard to what I mean by "spiritual equal".

I am interested in spirituality and belief, and I enjoy lively discussions on the subject.

I don't have anything specific in mind, a shared interest is more  than adequate, and if you happen to subscribe to a particular belief system, I'm always interested in learning more about it.

It's not a hard limit; I don't discriminate if you're agnostic or atheist - I'm not a Theocrat, in fact I'm a radical empiricist - but knowledge is necessarily limited by perception, and I believe we're all entitled to our beliefs. 

Maintaining an open mind is important to me is all, which also covers the intellectual part.

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