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Hetero Male Slave, 44,  Germany
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Hello Stranger, please read this profile carefully before you answer. I am slave in nature but this not necessarily mean that I like to make friends with whoever feels she/he is dominant regardless of this other person to whom I surrender. To be slave does not necessarily mean that I am not picky and it does not mean that I do not care about who dominates me. First, I am looking for a girl or for a woman. You may be lesbian. I dont care, because to my understanding sexual action is not a necessarily part of a relationship. I am here to maybe find a soulmate or some one to exchange ideas and views of points about the lifestyle and about myself being a slave and maybe of Yourself being a dominating person. But please, I am not interested in males. Neither transgendered or transvestites. You may think that I am bit too traditional about this, but...I am really only interested in female beings. I am quite old, but looking younger. I am interested in contradictions. Thus, ideally you are younger than me. Well, this might me my weak point, but I cant change it, because the date of my birth was not decided by me. (smile) But, if you can accept my weak point (my age), I will have a lot to offer to you as friend with whom you can talk about anything and who is willing to let you know about my feelings. I am not interested in real meetings. I wont exclude this absolutely, but it is definitely not my goal to find a partner for real life just now here in this blog. You may be in a relationship or you may have some other slaves. Or you may be married and have a vanilla life. I dont care much about this. Maybe later we will meet one day, who knows...,but if you are seeking for a real slave, I am not what you are looking for. Please only contact me for exchange of ideas and to write about feelings from our worlds. This may also become something like a diary which we will share together between us. I might have a strong tendency in being slave, i.e. in Dominance/submission part of BDSM. Pain is only second and being submissed does not mean that the person who dominates me must give orders or that you have to punish me in order to make me your slave. To me, being slave is a natural aspect of life. In order to being a slave, there is no need to dress up or make it become a "play". I am just a slave. I am myself. I cant change it. It just happens. How could I be someone else? I am being interested in being cuckold. 你可以用中文给我写信。我以前曾经在中国很长时间生活过。再说,我很喜欢中国的文化。 因为好久以前已经开始跟中国文化接触的原因,所以我思想被改变过。虽然我在西方出生,不过我思想里面我是中国人。皮肤是白的,不过我想法是中国人的思想。:-) Besides, I am fascinated about chinese culture. I speak/write fluently chinese, so you may write in chinese. Any asian girl or woman is very much appreciated. Please dont let you misguided to think that I am complicated. If you know me better you will find out that I am real simple. 我很简单,不过我和别人不一样。因为我和别人不一样,所以有些人以为我很复杂,不过,这是不对的。我只和别人不一样而已。我不复杂,我简单。比如说,我是西方人,不过我心里和西方人不一样,我心里感觉我是中国人。我好像不是西方人,不过我又不是中国人。再比如说,我是男人,不过我感觉好像我不是男人。我也不是女人。哪我是谁? 别人怎么说我,我觉得不对。我不是这种人。早以前这种感觉让变成很糊涂,很难受,感觉不踏实,不过慢慢习惯就没问题。假如您更好了解我的话,您能发现我很简单。









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