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We are in search of a female subslave willing to learn and serve with or without experience, we are also open to friendship and helping out newbies safely.

51 year old Dom with over 20 years experience 32 year old sub with 15 years experience, stable established couple in a poly household.

looking for someone that is serious , honest and loyal. we are open to women or couples interested in play or experimentation.

we dont expect someone to uproot and be collared in one chat session, there are some very unrealistic ppl out there.

For the right person we will spend the time needed to talk meet and get to know them and hopefully find right person for us. this is a poly household the subslave would need to be bisexual or at least bicurious, this may or may not be a live in situation it will depend primarily on the sub.

Feel free to ask questions.
Well the search goes on, we fail to see why ppl feel a need to fake adds and try leading ppl on, unfortunatly this leads us to having to change our ways anyone contacting us and wanting to know us be prepared to prove you are real and serious by webcam, phone, or by photos we ask for. sorry for all those out there that are real and serious  but i am sure you have had the same problems.
currently we have suspended our search as we are considering a pair of subs that may become a permanant part of our lives, thankyou for all your letters and support and we still enjoy talking with ppl in the fetish cummunity.