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Im a professional by day with an alternative sexual side when the business attire comes off. Sometime I feel a little like Clark Kent in disguise and unable to tell the world who I am. I also wonder which of my colleagues are friendly to the bdsm lifestyle. Im a thinker, a health nut, a video game enthusiast (when I have time). Im also a flirt, a tease, a lets get it done kind of guy and a passionate person.

Im an educated, handsome, confident, Dom.

At the moment Im looking for play and to build trust with someone. I enjoy a good Netflix marathon,, going to the gym, playing sports, and gardening. Im friendly and enjoy others that are the same. Dont be afraid to say hello. Great minds discuss ideas average minds discuss events small minds discuss people. --Eleanor Roosevelt
Basketball tonight, gym work out tomorrow, massage over the weekend. Yeah! I like that!
What a gloomy, and sour day. It makes you think twice before stepping outside the house. 
Bing hit in the face with wind and rain is not on my top ten things to do today, or any other day for that matter.  
I think I really want to explore puppy/dog training again. Something about the raw simplicity of drawing on ones own animalistic nature draws me to this play. Would really appreciate advise, or any direction in this area. Thanks. 
In Chicago this evening. Was hoping to get out and enjoy the evening. 
Nothing like true commitment, and the gym at 11:20 PM for a nice little midnight work out.
Going back to Cali...... Who wants to go?
Home Depot has Scotts mulch 4 for $10. 
Guess what I'm doing today? 
It's my birthday, it's also legs day at the gym today. :-) 
My travels take me to Atlanta in May. This time I plan on exploring the ATL. There should be some rich history to get into. I'm open to your suggestions if you have them. Thanks!

could be open to finding trouble too. 

I'm in the big easy this week.  Do I need a rental car to really enjoy New Orleans? should I rent a car if I'm staying in the heart of NO?  I'd love to get your thoughts and advice.
Orlando.... do I go out and explore you, or stay in and work?  It sounds like an easy decision but it's really not.  I'm open to suggestions. 
Going to be a road warrior again. Seatle, Denver, Memphis, Charlotte all in the next 14 days. Wish me luck 
Coming to L.A. and San Francisco in June.
What do you do when challenged with an obstacle in the way of accomplishing a goal? You keep kicking that wall until you have a breakthrough! Happy Tuesday!
Going to Miami Tuesday. Not sure what type of trouble awaits.
Collarspace is not playing nice this evening. I can't attach a photo with my message. I'm not a happy camper.
Irvine, Houston, Las Vegas, 40 day challenge!
Now that golf season is in full swing here in the mitten state, I need to make a real effort to get out to the driving range. Maybe I play a little hooky from work tomorrow and do that. Anyone else have fun Friday activities planned?

Taboo play is so interesting on many levels. It's like an onion with so many layers to it.??Kiss my ass,? how many times has that been said as an ultimate statement of disregard and disrespect??Or golden showers, ?most understand these are abnormal desires and there comes an underlying shame that gives a Mistress power in knowing this. these acts are humiliating and humbling all at once. There is also the ification effect of being used by a Mistress who doesn't think twice about using her sub in such ways, without even blinking.?

Some get it, others not so much. I'm not claiming to speak for everyone, only observation.?

love to hear your views?


looking forward to being in Las Vegas the week of Oct 14.  

Traveling to the west coast Monday through Wednesday. Seattle here I come, looking forward to my first time out that way. Please reach out to me if your in the Seattle area, I'd love to get acquainted with the local scene.
Memorial Day, 2013. A day to plant flowers, complete ones spring cleaning and BBQ. Somehow I still want to squeeze in a trip to the gym and some play if possible. :-)
Going to be visiting the Orlando area May 6,7,8 and 9. Would love to meet people in the local BDSM community.
If you enjoy a very well written piece on submission to ones Mistress and specifically leg, and bottom worship you will enjoy the well crafted short story in the creative writing section of the collarme message board. If you read it please let me know what you think. Link to story here:

Rain rain go away come back another day.  that's right I just wished the rain away in the middle of a drought because I want to go to the Tigers game today.

Had a productive weekend, was able to hit the gym and workout chest and arms, do some cardio swimming and fit in a round of golf Saturday. I learned the best way to work on my tan is to golf in 90? weather.