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Pan Male Slave, 34,  Tucson, Arizona
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Submissive, military guy here in tucson seeking what all submissives seek. Strict guidance and submission to an ideal Dom/Domme. I'm just now restarting my search after being away from the area overseas for awhile. I'm stuck where I'm at for a while now. Interested and have experience in several aspects of the lifestyle to include chastity, denial, bondage/punishment....etc. I live to serve, and to show the ultimate respect for male/female authority.

I'm not here to play games like so many seem to be, so I'f what you've seen interests You please don't hesitate to contact me!











Last Online:


 Male Slave



 5' 10"

 185 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Transgender

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Journal Entries:
10/12/2010 11:24:38 PM
UPDATE:  Thank you to all who have given advice. i've decided to keep on with what i'm currently doing, finish out my career, and hopefully find happiness somewhere along the road between here and there. 

I have recently become more interested in several things.  i believe i would like to try things with a guy, but probably in a forced setting.  this isn't something i would actively seek out.  i've also been toying with a particular fantasy of being kidnapped off the street, very enticing just for the shock factor alone! 

Furthermore, i believe that i would like to try a.) ball kicking, full force, maybe even on video :)  and b.) toilet training.  starting out with golden showers and moving forward from there. 

Texas Dominants (male/female), i'm very serious about those last two, if anyone out there is interested in helping me out, please contact me!

8/1/2010 7:04:42 PM

Over the past couple of months, I've come to bear on some hard facts.  While I was once hestiant admitting to myself that I belong in this lifestyle, denying it only proves to be a disservice to myself.  I am submissive by nature, and becoming a devoted slave would be the ultimate fulfillment of my character.  I look around on sites like CM, FL (you know the one), and others and see how this lifestyle has been glamourized and publicized to the point of being trendy or some nonsense.  To me, it's so much more than a trend, or a fantasy.  I see it as a lifestyle, and when I hand over complete control to my Mistress, whenever I find her, it is a serious and conscious decision to surrender everything that I am.  To live, work, and breathe all for Her benefit. 

However, at the same time, real life comes into play.  With that, responsibilities come to bear, and I find myself wanting for drastic changes.  Things which I know I cannot afford to do, but heavily desire.  I have a short 8 years left serving our great nation until I receive a military pension.  The heart wants what it wants, but I know the logical decision.  Stay the course.  Be patient.  So, rather than scouring the internet for a perfect Mistress who would relocate, I'll let fate take the reigns.  A true slave must know patience.  While I wait, I will strive to perfect myself, and once my bondage to our nation is fulfilled, I will be able to fully become the individual I know I am now. 

In the meantime, I do seek guidance, and education, as well as lasting friendships with those of you here, who are willing to provide it.  I do travel to Dallas/OKC quite often and would love to see what there is in the lifestlye. 

My one question remains however, to all of the Dommes out there, in your mind, would an extra 8 years make a difference to you.  Taking on a slave at 30 versus 38? 

12/11/2009 3:27:15 PM

i think i've come to a crossroads in life.  After thinking to myself for quite some time, i know now that this lifestyle is very much a part of who i am.  Sometimes i just want to consider relocation to a more populated area, which would basically forfeit my military career.  But with 8 years left, i know that i really shouldn't.  The search for a Mistress continues, but Wichita Falls is a desolate place.  Work intervenes. 

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