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1/1/2010 6:24:08 AM
a fanfreakingtastic new year to all :D

12/24/2009 2:29:28 PM
merry xmas to all :D

11/12/2009 12:26:19 PM
yay happy birthday to meee

11/7/2009 5:23:13 AM
today i was called fake and imature, cause i wouldnt let a guy cut my arms and legs off. And ofcourse then kill me slowly after that. Lol well if that makes me fake, so be it. 

11/4/2009 1:10:12 PM
moved into a new apartment, yay. Altho still total chaos, cant wait to get everything in order

8/25/2009 9:45:22 AM
i like being happy and i refuse to let small things take that away, oh yes i will be jolly, more jolly then freaking santa

8/14/2009 3:00:22 PM
aahh last weekend before starting my new job. I do look forward to getting a normal rythm in my day again. To actually done something before 2 pm, and then there is the good old dread of getting up at 6 am everyday, i hate alarmclocks, each and everyone of them. Very much so mine, i got this wonderfull clock that is a kitten, that the worst song/meowing noice in history, but it does get me up. So now i am gonna enjoy the crap out of the weekend while i can, yay

8/1/2009 4:40:15 AM
is unemployed for 17 days, woot

7/26/2009 3:16:52 PM
going back to work after vacation tomorow, damn time goes by fast when having fun, oh well will be nice to get back and have some sort of rutine again, and trying to change my day rythm to somewhat normal.

7/24/2009 4:04:37 AM
finaly some summer weather, and  just on the day having a parkparthey, damn good timing

7/23/2009 12:34:26 PM
been to art shows and such today, getting a bit of brain food, and some coffee as well. so not a bad day at all

7/22/2009 1:54:27 PM
how come nice summer weather never match when i have summervacation, darn. well bring it on rain, i am still going to enjoy the crap out of my days off. things seem pretty damn good lately. joy

7/8/2009 3:05:14 PM
has started her summervacation, that deserves a freaking hughe wooohhooooo

6/1/2009 3:07:26 AM
oh it is fabu sunshine and warmth like it should be july, wooo. and to top it of its a free day, oh sweet fabu monday, gotta enjoy it while i can. 

5/18/2009 3:55:25 AM
uploaded a new pic, will be up in 72 hours or so. yes that is me blond, no i didnt colour my hair, the blond was just for one night only look. 

5/10/2009 7:23:18 AM
i want the spring weather to come back, i am tierd of rain. rain isnt a good reason to go outside on a lazy sunday.

5/7/2009 12:27:23 PM
who knew that being somewhat geeky, knowing how to use paint program on the comp and whop ass in copy/paste could give so  much glory at work, oh yes another proud day :D hehe

5/3/2009 10:32:47 AM
mm nice and lazy sunday with ice cream, sunshine and everything :D

5/2/2009 6:41:18 AM
i am pretty my neighbours know and hate when i am home alone, since i have never really learned to listen to music any other way then really loud

4/19/2009 8:08:18 AM
gotta love the spring, sunshine, silly birds who aparently have no sence of what the time is, and no more snow, makes me jolly :D

1/1/2009 3:51:38 AM
yay happy fabu new years

12/24/2008 5:40:36 AM
happy xmas
hope santa brings me something cool, since i surely have been a good girl and everything

12/21/2008 9:45:43 AM
oh yay likes her new hairdue

11/12/2008 6:19:23 AM
yay happy brithday to meeee :D

10/20/2008 5:49:57 AM
added some new pics, they will be up in a while, i hope

10/10/2008 11:35:10 PM
is realizing how going out and working the next day is oooh such a bad bad bad idea.
silly work party

10/4/2008 2:23:13 AM
is feeling more wicked and ready to party then i have  in a real long time, i am pretty sure the new sound system that will surely make us the hate subject for all the neighbours is helping along with that feeeling, hehe

9/21/2008 11:06:41 AM
things are going real good, the work is great and i luv living in oslo.
altho somehow the money just seem to diesaper here, wierd stuff, hehe.
but the leather skirt and latex boots was oh soo worth it.:D

7/31/2008 12:59:20 PM

new city, new place, new job, new roomie. oooh this will be interesting.

7/25/2008 7:05:22 AM
oh det difficulties with finding an aparment that wont make me totaly broke each month.
only about a week to go before i start working at the new job and all, well the training part at least. starting to get a bit stressed out, yes yes yes

7/5/2008 11:58:56 AM
oh moving to oslo next month, if someone feels like buying me an apartment let me know, lol

6/11/2008 5:54:20 AM

the nett in my apartment is the spawn of satan, so if i dont reply for like 2 weeks thats why.

5/14/2008 10:03:34 AM
added some new photos, even one of my hair now, lol. should probably show in a week or two.

4/15/2008 4:21:55 AM

cut my hair yesterday, oh so wierd. but i think it is good. just gotta get used to it and all. il try and post some pics soon.

3/5/2008 3:04:08 PM
ooh finally all fabu healthy again, after 3 loooong months, woooooo.
so all i gotta do now is stay that way.

2/4/2008 5:55:03 AM
oohh i saw korn yesterday. they are so insane great live. a man that looks that good in a kilt is dangerous, hehe
but oh i am soo tierd. next time im  brining a chair. lol

1/27/2008 8:08:31 AM
ugh this month has been so dull. i so hate being sick and all. but looks like its going to get better next month, yay.
and then im back to make the streets of norway unsafe yet again, lol

1/1/2008 2:24:11 AM
yay happy new year and all

12/23/2007 3:26:24 AM
oh home for the hollidays, fun stuff.
merry xmas all:)

11/13/2007 5:10:01 AM
oohhh jey happy birthday yesterday to meee:D

7/23/2007 12:00:16 PM
oh back to work and all, im pretty sure my bed miss me when im away, hehe
  and where on earth has summer gone?

7/4/2007 9:45:34 AM

oh finally summer vacation:) all good if just the crapy weather would stop.

upploaded some new pics.

4/24/2007 7:38:05 AM
oohh finally got nett where i live, wuhu

12/26/2006 4:04:42 AM
merry x-mas

11/12/2006 4:11:57 AM
ooohh happy birthday to meee

10/12/2006 9:31:21 AM
silly comp thats messing with my pics, but il try and fix it

10/9/2006 8:27:51 AM

oh where does the time go. birthdays everywhere. what to do,what to do.

8/26/2006 2:30:11 AM
ah yes collarme works but nothing else.

4/12/2006 11:18:31 AM
my comp is all insane so i cant get on collarme. so it might take a while before i answer mails and such.

11/21/2005 10:15:11 AM
yay happy birthday to me. only one year to go..

10/23/2005 6:47:54 AM
jey my comp and nett is working again. so i hope that it will manage to stay that way

8/22/2005 11:15:51 AM
well i have moved now
my nett havent been working and my comp has beeing a bitch. so sorry to all for not answering messages. and not getting msn/yahoo yet.

8/8/2005 12:03:56 PM
oh less then a week untill im moving. moving upp north to trondheim with my best friend. this will be interesting.

7/14/2005 2:15:01 AM

wooohooo(running around with my arms upp in the air) todays a goood day :D

7/4/2005 9:19:35 AM
my mp3 player is broken. today suck more then any other:(((

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