Hello Kinky people. My name is Andy. As i discovered myself in the lifestyle, i learned early on that i am inferior submissive. My goal is to one day feel like a slave under the wing of Superior man or woman.  Even though i think of myself as a straight man. I learned early on that appreciating and pleasing both men and woman would make me a better submissive. I like the idea of being oral submissive, i even feel so attracted to the idea of being cuckold.  I am not a submissive who top from the bottom. However, i have more than 17 years of experience as a submissive. Even though my real life experience is limited, i am very knowledgable in the lifestyle.  i hope i hear from you. I would like to find mentor man or woman. friends are always welcome.  bows down
 Age: 36
  Washington D.C.