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Hetero Female Submissive, 27,  Southern ohio, Ohio
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.while i may not be a masochist in the way most would prefer...i do still get quite sticky wet when brute force is used against me....slap me to the ground...choke me out...put me over your knee...hold me down. pull my hair. this is the stuff im made for...a hot hand against my cheek as youre pushing yourself on me....yes!!! my favorite things are fear. rape play. breath play..roughhandling. bondage.. . i am a sweet girl but i love to fight back...this profile is being made for play purposes only. i can host evenings and weekends. can sometimes travel on weekends. ...mssage me. **i have pics but cannot post due to the nature of my job. will send per request** I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, but overall a caregiver, a submissive, obedient and true with an insatiable appetite for mental and physical servitude....i have the tendency to be somewhat argumentative and Bratty, but living the past 8yrs vanilla changes some people; and i dislike the changes I've seen in myself. I have been fully aware of my submissiveness and need to serve since i was in my very young teens....a daddy is ideal for me but I've noticed that without a firm, strict, controlling, protective man on my side that I will never be at my full potential. I am a good girl, a real girl, with dreams and aspirations....i work hard but still struggle, i wear my heart on my sleeve, subjecting myself to more emotional pain and suffering that any one person should ever endure. ideally i wish for long term, i am completely monogamous and try my best not to be with married men...i am not into death, dismemberment, bodily harm, scat, children's play, cages.... .....please, take your time to message me, i love harder and more true than most could imagine....just be patient with me, bare with me, and for god sakes, tell me im wrong when im wrong!! I am 5ft7, thick curvaceous figure at abt 227lbs. Short black hair, brown eyes, white smile, big booty...luscious lips, 46ddd, i wish to be bred once or twice more....i wish to be collared, i wish to be property....












 Submissive Female

 Southern ohio 


 5' 7"

 205 lbs



 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

 Lives For:


 Hair Pulling (Expert)



 Bondage (Beginner)

 Housework Service

 Hypnosis (Beginner)

 Mental Bondage (Beginner)

 Needle Play (Beginner)

 Role Playing (Beginner)




 Eye Contact Restrictions (Beginner)

 Fisting (Beginner)

 Gags (Beginner)

 Humiliation (Beginner)

 Knife Play (Beginner)

 Speech Restrictions (Beginner)

 Vibrators (Beginner)


 Breast Play

 Objectification (Beginner)

 Curious About:

 Anal Play (Beginner)

 Begging (Beginner)

 Body Worship (Beginner)

 Cages (Beginner)

 Corner Time (Beginner)

 Shibari  (Beginner)

 Strap-Ons (Beginner)

 Watersports (Beginner)

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Journal Entries:
5/7/2013 10:09:52 AM

really needs to work on her pain tolerance.....sigh..relaxing is a chore ..i need some new breathing /harnessing techniques.

9/22/2012 3:51:55 PM
It is 6:48 on saturday september 22nd and I am on my way home. waiting for a Dom or Master to message me...I have all night and into the morning to be abducted, raped and played with....more than one, okay. But no women this time. I need cock and use. Where am I to meet you? :))

7/28/2012 10:01:27 PM
could use a thorough beating.....

7/12/2012 10:34:17 AM
yes i am looking for real time use....asap....tonight is definately open...message must be raw. rough. and in need of a nigg....:)

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