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The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

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I dont take any prisoners! If you approach me you will do so with the appropriate etiquette and manners. The answer to 'can i be your slave' will be met with an instant block...

About me.

I am a very successful dominatrix, with 5 years of on and also offline experience.

I have successfully trained slaves from all walks of life. I will provide a list of some of the lessons I have taught !>worthwhile

I am very strong minded and intelligent and can spot a waster from a mile away. So be warned if you are not truely submissive then go and waste someone elses time!

In order to even be considered the privilege of becoming a possible future slave you must adhere to my 10 commandments.

1. Like I said no time wasters! You have to want to fully submit!

2. You must be prepared to follow commands and tasks that I state in a time I state.

3. I will check up on you and keep you in check, so no slacking I'm watching you!

4. I expect good manners at all times!

5. I completely respect that subs/slaves do have a life outside of this lifestyle, so I would prefer to be made aware of your situation from the outset, so i can adjust my schedule accordingly.

6. If you've made it this far then congratulations as you could be one of the very rare few that actually make it as one of My lifetime slaves.

7. Following the previous sentence, if you do happen to make it as being one of My slaves, then you will have to fully submit to me and me alone! I do not like to share My slaves with anyone (Except wives or girlfriends).

8. If you want to gain My attention then tell me about yourself, and what you like.

9. And finally I am very open minded and not easily shocked, so can provide a slave/sub with all their personal needs.

Now for some of the things I am an expert at...



Denied Orgasm.

Ruined Orgasm.

Tease and Denial.


Verbal Humilliation.

Forced Bi.

Humiliation. (Public and Private)


And many more.....

I will also go on cam to prove myself (If I think you are going to be worth my time)

So if you think you've got what it takes to be worthy of My precious time then contact Me If not then dont bother!!!

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