Vertical Line



I enjoy the mental side of Domination; exposing the unconscious motives that drive others, and eroding the veneer of self-deceit that overlays them. Facilitating real self-knowledge and the greater satisfaction that results, and appreciating the gratitude of those I have guided. For me, the process of breaking down a psyche is only the first step towards making something better from the shards that remain.

I find most of the the physical tropes tedious; whips & chains do not excite me.
Those facts mean that most of my activity is conversational. Your profile is my starting point, but it's only the beginning of a discussion of your principles, the beliefs that you have extracted from the process of becoming who you are now... and the inconsistent, incoherent and incomplete nature of the ideology they make up as a whole.

That doesn't mean it's necessarily a process of psychoanalysis or debate, though. Humans experience much of their reality through stories, and a shared story can reveal a great deal about the symbols and meaningful associations in the minds of the participants. Roleplaying can be for both fun and profit...

I don't have a self image for reasons that should be obvious. When we establish trust I'll share photos.
Obviously you have permission to contact me - I would hardly be here if I wasn´t interested in meeting people - but don´t expect a response if you have no content on your profile. I want to have some idea of who I´m talking to.